Which Is Better Android keyboard? SwiftKey Or Gboard | Unbiased Comparison

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A keyboard is one of the most important things people consider nowadays. In the last few years, so many things have changed about Keyboards.

When you have a better keyboard, you don’t feel uncomfortable while typing, and it makes our work easy.  Now there is a significant no. of apps released every year, especially for Android to improve the performance, facilitate, and helps to get a better experience.

SwiftKey vs. Gboard | Which Is Better?

• Intro Of Gboard And Swiftkey:

The mail difference between SwiftKey Or Gboard is that Swiftkey is from Microsoft and was released very early in the year 2010 while Gboard is from Google and was released in 2016 for Android and iOS devices.

However, both apps are available in the play store and are free to download. They are getting updated periodically with many new and exciting features. Both provide excellent quality of data privacy to the users. 

We will be seeing the two most famous and commonly used keyboards for Android SwiftKey and Gboard and try to understand which one is better.

• One-handed Typing:-

Gbaord is a lot better than SwiftKey in single-handed typing. When you are using Gboard, you can easily switch the option and can type from one hand. You can change the direction of the keyboard and come out of one-handed typing just by a click. You can also change the keyboard position at any place you like; you can keep it high, keeping it low. 

But in swift key, it’s different; if you want to launch one hand typing, you have to go to setting and change it, and again if you’re going to use the full keyboard, you have to go to setting and change it. So it makes it very complicated for users to access. So if you are on the one hand, typing Gboard is better than SwiftKey.

• Multiple Language Typing:-

One fantastic thing about these keyboards are, they have more than 500 languages. In SwiftKey, you have the option to type in five words at the same time. For this, you have to swipe the space bar, and you will come across all the different styles available. 

However, in Gbaord, you can type in 3 languages, but in this, you can write text in any language, and it will change it to the required language. 

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So, in this case, Gbaord is better if you want to talk to foreigners or people staying in other countries.

• Word Prediction

Word prediction is any of the keyboards to guess the word you are going to type next beforehand. In this, it uses past information and helps users to type fast. In this case, SwiftKey is better as it remembers the word faster than Gboard. So if you write something once or twice, it will retain the name, and next time when you type something similar, it predicts and give words in suggestion. However, for Gboard, you have to type numerous times for it to remember texts.

So, in this case, Gboard stinks, and I consider SwiftKey to be the best.

• Search Engine

We all search for something or the other while typing, sometimes while chatting, we discuss some excellent restaurant and want to check out. In this case, both the keyboards have options available for searching. 

However, when you are using Gbaord, it has a customized Google search button on the left where you can search very fast, and you can share links directly.

However, in SwiftKey, there is a Bing search where you have to change the search engine to Google. It also opens the new window and occupies more space for searching, making it more complicated in switching the windows. 

• Themes

People are freak in terms of Themes, and they like trying different things for their typing.

When it comes to theme, in SwiftKey, there are more than 350 themes, backgrounds, and styles available. You can also customize the background by adding pictures or texts of your own. 

On the other hand, Gboard has limited themes available. Still, again we have the option to customize the issue by adding pictures, text. Also, we have the extraordinary features of adjusting the buttons according to the size we want. 

So for the theme, I think again, Gbaord gives a better option.

• Emoji And GIFS

We all use GIFS and emojis to express our emotions while texting. Both the keyboards provide attractive options in this, and it makes it highly competitive in this.

In SwiftKey, we get the option of emoji while texting some words related to it. If we want to replace the text with that emoji, we can click on emoji and use it. 

However, in Gbaord, you have to go to the emoji search tool, if you want to use it. However, sometimes even in Gboard, you get suggestions for emoji, but it’s not that consistent. Also, in SwiftKey, you can make emojis with your pictures and save it for use further.

Both provide a wide range of options for emoji and GIFS, but SwiftKey is a little better because of image editing features.

• Translation

When it comes to translation, we need to have keyboards which are efficient in translating job. However, from the survey and personal experience, I feel both are equally better and helps in translating seventy-plus languages.

In Gbaord, it utilizes Google translation for translating, which gives high accuracy. On the other hand, SwiftKey uses Bing for translation and provides perfect accuracy.

However, one thing which makes SwiftKey better than Gboard is its ability to translate even when the user id offline. SwiftKey works collaboratively with Microsoft translator also and hence translate texts even in office condition.

• Accents And Special Characters

When it comes to using accents and special characters, we all use them sometimes. When you are using SwiftKey just by holding the key, you get all the other options available, which is hidden. And if we want to use it, we can change it in setting and use it. 

However, in Gbaord, pressing the key doesn’t show the hidden accents, and you can see it only by going into the settings.

So, in this case, SwiftKey is the best option as it fast and easy to access.

• Conclusion

However, from all this research and review experience, Gboard is safe, easy to use, and slightly faster and has advantages in Niche. 

Both the keyboards have almost the same features; they differ from a few small things. Also, everyone is different, so their preferences and choices. 

Everyone has numerous needs and requirements; that’s why Swiftkey can be useful for one but not for others. Similarly, Gbaord can be helpful for some people but can give a different experience to others.a

The beneficial thing is that you have both the options available for free. So the professional suggestion will be to download both the keyboards and use them to understand which works for you and let us know in the comment box below about your experience.

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