How To Fix TBS And TNT App Not Working On Roku?

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TBS And TNT App Not Working On Roku

Many users are getting errors while accessing TBS And TNT App on Roku and as of now, there is no official information shared by Roku that why this error is occurring.

The error is coming with the message “Oops… there was a problem. Sorry for the inconvenience!”. And the error comes with the error code 32.

Not just TBS And TNT App, Roku users are getting this error for different apps.

If you are also getting the error while accessing TBS and TNT App on Roku then in this post we are going to share all the possible workarounds which can help you with this error.

How To Fix TBS And TNT App Not Working On Roku?

Fix 1: Update Your DNS Server

During our research, we have found that the main reason behind this error is the bad DNS server being used by your router.

So try updating your router DNS server to Google DNS Server to check if it fixes the issue or not.

Fix 2: Try General Solutions

If the issue still persists even after updating the DNS server then try the following given solutions.

  • Restart the Roku.
  • Remove the app which has the problem and then restart the Roku, and after that reinstall the App.

If in case none of the solutions help you resolve the error then try contacting App support.

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