How To Fix If TCL TV Is Not Power On?

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TCL TV Would not Turn On

It becomes a kind of headache when you are turning on the TCL TV but the screen remains black, you try hard with your remote but it won’t turn on.

In such a scenario you get stuck and wonder what can be the solution and reason for this problem. In this post, we are going to tell you possible troubleshooting to fix if TCL TV Won’t Turn On.

Reasons Behind TCL TV “Won’t Turn On”

  • Your TCL TV remote battery is expired.
  • Your TV has a Faulty or damaged power cable.
  • There can be some issues with the power wall outlet.
  • There are dust particles on the vents. 

How to Fix If TCL TV won’t Turn On?

Fix 1: Use Power Button on the TV

  • If your TV is not turning On suddenly then there can be some issue with your Remote.
  • Change the battery of the remote and try to turn on the TV, If it is still not working then there is something that is blocking the sensor of the remote from sending signals to the TV.
  • Use the Power button on the TV to turn it On, if it is working then there must be a problem with your remote.
  •  You can find a physical power button at the back of the TV, on the side panels, or in some cases, there can be a touch button on the advanced TV.

Fix 2: Check If The TV Status Light Blink:

  • TCL Tv comes with an indicator light which is placed at the bottom middle bezel.
  • The status of light tells the situation of the TV, It can be On, Off, or blinking at moments.
  • SO when you are using the remote and the light blinks that means it is receiving signals from the TV. if not blinking then it is not receiving the signal.
  • To check the status of the Tv, you can press any button on the remote, if the light blinks then TV is on and working fine, and you should try another troubleshoot to fix the black screen issues.

Fix 3: Check All Cord Connections:

  • You need to check the connectivity of the Power cable to the outlet and TV, if they are not properly connected, plug them properly and securely.
  • If they are connected properly then try to plug in the cable into the new outlet to check the power supply.
  • While you are performing the given steps, make sure that all other power cables connected to your TV are connected properly and correctly.
  • You can unplug every cord and then plug them back to confirm their positions and connectivity.
  • Look at your HDMI cord properly because if they are not connected properly they create most of the problems.
  • Once you have checked all the cords and connected them properly Turn on the TV to check if all the problems are resolved or not.

Fix 4: Power Cycle The TV

  • Power cycle simply means draining out all the electricity from your TV and capacitor to give it a fresh start.
  • Unplug the power cable from the wall outlet.
  • Now press the power button of your TV, (Not on the remote) press and hold it for 2 minutes.
  • After two minutes, plug in the power cable to the outlet.
  • Now turn on the TV to check if it’s working fine.

Fix 5: Select the Correct Input Source:

  • Sometimes TV doesn’t turn on due to an incorrect input source, so grab up your remote and correct your input source.
  • To check your input source, it doesn’t matter if you are using any streaming device, DVD player, or cable setup box, just make sure that your TV input source matches the number of HDMI ports being used.
  • Use the below-given methods to choose the correct input source.

Method 1: Via TV remote

  • Grab your remote and turn on the TV.
  • Now press the source button on your TV remote.
  • Now choose the input source as per your device being used on your TV.

Method 2: Correct input Source without Remote

  • Again turn on your TV.
  • Now look for the menu button on the TV and press it to open the menu.
  • Now you can use the volume button to navigate the Source option on TV.
  • Once you have selected the desired source, press the menu button to give the command and change your input source.

Fix 6: Reset the TCL TV

Note: While following these steps remember one thing, it will remove all the external apps, accounts, and data of streaming devices and you need to log in again to your accounts before using it.

  • Turn on your TV.
  • You can find a “reset” button on the back of the TV, it seems like a little hole at the back panel, usually found next to, or above the USB or HDMI cable.
  • You can use a paper clip or pen to press this button while pressing hold it for 30 seconds to reset the device.
  • Release the button after 30 seconds, wait for 1 minute then turn on the TV.
  • If the problem remains unsolved, try to press the reset button multiple times without holding it, do it for around 30 seconds.

Fix 7: Clean the Dust Out Of Your TCL TV

  • Dust and dirt like small particles can get accumulated in your TV’s vents and play a major role to disturb your TV.
  • Electronic devices come with very small and sensitive connectors to transfer command, power, and data, so if there is any dust in these items, then it can prevent your cables from transferring data or other commands to the device.
  • To get away with dust, you can use cleaning tools, like Vacuum cleaners, blow dryers, and air cans.
  • While cleaning the dust, be careful and clean all the points and ports because extra force can damage small parts of the TV.
  • Once you cleaned all the dust, also make sure to keep it away from areas having maximum chances of dust.
  • Now turn on the TV and check if the problem has been resolved or not.

Fix 8: Contact TCL Support

If you have tried all of the above-given methods and yet your problems are not resolved, then you may need to contact TCL support. TCL support will help you with expert and skilled electricians.

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