How To Fix Telus Error Code 500?

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Telus Error Code 500

In the Telus forum so many users have reported about the error code 500 while accessing streaming apps such as Netflix, etc.

One member in the Telus forum mentioned that the new 4K PVR units have some issues which may lead you to such errors. So if you have he new 4K PVR units then you should directly contact ​Telus support.

Also, make sure that you don’t have any pending updates for your device and Netflix. If in case there are any pending updates then please install the pending updates and then try again.

If nothing is working for you then you should consider contacting the Telus support team to report the error. We will also advise you to contact Netflix support.

We are very much sure that both parties will blame each other for the problem but as of now this is the best possible workaround to deal with this error.

To contact Netflix you can visit here, and to contact Telus visit here.

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