Things You Can Do With Web Stories For WordPress

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Web Stories is an interesting part of future browsing; they are an easy graphical form of information where users can grab information and knowledge in their interest without too much reading.

Web Stories are very much similar to Instagram and Facebook stories. And to promote Web Stories, Google Just launched a plugin called “Web Stories For WordPress“.

So here we are going to tell you the thing you can do with Web Stories For WordPress.

What Are Web Stories

What Can You Do With Web Stories For WordPress?

Easily create Web Stories: Soon, you will see a new content type in the Google SERP called “Visual.” Like images and videos, Visuals will also be added as a separate section. With the plugin, you can easily create stunning Web Stories in easy steps without any kind of coding or technical skill. You just have to be a little creative.

Use In Plugin Media Or Upload From Local Storage: The plugin has some really amazing collection of media, you can use them for free for your Web Stories, or you have the option to upload your own from your local storage.

Support Monetization: Content Creators can also make money out of their Web Stories. These Web Stories will support Full Page story ads from Google Ads.

Support Affiliates Links: Along with Ads, users can also add Affiliates or any other kind of Promotional Links, but they are allowed to just add only one.

Sharable & Embeddable: You can create and publish Web Stories as an individual, or you can embed them to the Post or page.

What Is The Future Of Web Stories?

For now, there is very limited information about the Web Stories, and can not say anything with 100% surety. But it is something important for Google, and maybe that is why they are working on a plugin to support their mission.

And for sure, these stories are going to the part of Google SERP like Images & Videos for some particular type of keywords. So this is a good opportunity for the content creators to drive some traffic and user attention.