How To Fix Ticketmaster Error Code 54113?

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Ticketmaster Error Code 54113

When you try to book tickets through Ticketmaster, it gives you a 5 minute window to book your tickets before it releases them.

If the transaction does not go through in those five minutes, your seats are released and the and you get the Ticketmaster error code 54113. There are many reasons why you might experience this error code. Some of the reasons include cookies and cache issues, slow Internet connection, and many others.

We will discuss all the reasons for this error code in isolation so that you can make a better decision about what is suitable in your particular situation.

Let’s get into it without any delay.

How to solve the Ticketmaster error code 54113?

To make sure that your transaction goes to win the five minute window that Ticketmaster offers you, you need to make sure of a lot of things. These important things include checking your internet connection, checking your cookies and graphics, checking your devices date and time, and checking if you are using a proxy server.

We will discuss all of these in detail so that you can get a better insight of what issue can  be solved through which solution.

Fix 1: Check your Internet connection

Let’s start with the simplest issue. We’re trying this solution first to make sure that the Internet connection issue is out of the way when we try out more complex solutions.

If your Internet connection is not stable, you will not be able to use the Ticketmaster app or website depending on whatever you are using to book the tickets.

A simple way to cheque your Internet connection is to launch Google and search for Internet speed meter. You will see a list of websites named as Internet speed meter. These sites send pings to your network. Depending upon the response time of the pings, the Internet Speed Meter tool determines the upload and download speed of your connection.

If you find that your Internet connection is a problem, talk to your Internet service provider about changing your internet plan or solving any other inherent issues that might show up with your network. Once this issue is out of the way and you’re still facing the problem, we will move towards the next solutions on the list.

Fix 2: Clear the browser’s cache and cookies

When you repeatedly open the Ticketmaster site, some information gets stored in the form of cache data on your browser so that you do not have to repeatedly enter the same information every time you log on to the website.

However, if you do not lean this data on regular intervals, there will be too much data piled up. This data piles upon the working memory of the browser. It leads to slow response time from the web browser. This is the exact situation that you do not want when you only have a 5 minute window to book your tickets before they’re released.  

Clear the cache memory of your browser and this issue will be solved. Here is how you can do this.

  • Launch your device settings.
  • Click on the option, “More Tools”.
  • Click on clear browsing data.
  • You will get two options. The first one being selection of a time range and the second one being clearing of the data for all time which deletes everything.
  • You will see check boxes next to cashed images and files and cookies, and other site data. 
  • Add a tick mark to these check boxes.
  • Click on Clear data.

This is it. Your issue will be solved.

Fix 3: Clear Ticketmaster app’s cache and data

If you are using the Ticket Masters app then you can clear the cache and data from the app settings.

It is for the same purpose for which we deleted the cache data from the browser’s memory. But it is also for the purpose that sometimes the cache data that is stored on the app’s memory can get corrupted. This can cause problems with the app’s functions. 

Either way, the solution is to clear the app data. You can easily do this by following the steps down below.

  • Launch the device’s settings.
  • Select Apps.
  • Now find Ticketmaster on the list of the apps.
  • You will see Ticketmaster settings.
  • Click on Storage.
  • Click on Clear cache.
  • Now click on Clear data. This step will help ensure that the corrupted files are removed from the system.

This is it. The issues that were present due to the app data or the corrupted files will now will be removed.

Fix 4: Check the date and time for your device

When you’re trying to book tickets on the Ticketmaster app, the timing of your device is a big issue. 

If the date and time on your device is not set correctly, it will not be In Sync with the date and time on the Ticketmaster app. This is the issue that shows up when the date and time is not correctly configured on your device.

If you have set the date and time manually, you can change it to the date and time being set automatically which will be correct to the last second. The other option that presents itself is to manually correct the date and time of your device. Either way, this is a simple issue to solve.

Fix 5: Make sure that you’re not using a proxy server

Ticketmaster takes identification of the IP address of the device that is trying to book the tickets very seriously.

This also helps in the identification of the person that is trying to book the tickets. If you are using a Virtual Private Network or a proxy setting on your browser, Ticketmaster will not be able to identify your IP address. In this situation, the platform reserves every right to reject your ticket booking.

Shutdown all the processes related to a Virtual Private network or a proxy setting. You can follow the steps that we have mentioned down below to change the proxy settings on the browser.

  • Launch the browser settings.
  • Click on Advanced.
  • Click on System.
  • Click on Open Proxy settings.
  • Now check if any proxy settings are enabled, you can disable them here.

Fix 6: Logout of other sessions

If you have logged into the same Ticketmaster account from many different devices, there might be another authentication error.

To avoid this issue, you should log out of all the other devices that are using the same Ticketmaster account. This will help prevent any confusion on the authentication of your account. You will noe be able to book the tickets on your device.

Fix 7: Contact the Ticketmaster support team

We have mentioned all the solutions that have helped other users get rid of this issue. If none of them has worked for you, then the only solution that presents itself for you is to contact the Ticketmaster support team.

You can raise a support ticket with them and they will personally follow the issue so that you can make your payment and book your tickets. You can also find some alternate solutions on the user forums, but we have mostly mentioned all of them here.

To Conclude

The Ticketmaster error code 54113 presents when you are trying to book tickets on your device.

This is a transaction time out issue. We have mentioned all the solutions that can help you get rid of this issue and we’re pretty confident that one of these solutions will be able to help you get rid of the issue.

We hope that this was a useful resource for you. Keep following for more technical advice.

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