How To fix Ticketmaster error code 0011?

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Ticketmaster error code 0011

The convenience that TicketMaster offers is unparalleled when it comes to the purchase of tickets online. Gone are those days when you stood in long lines not leaving the line for a minute or the tickets will be sold out.

Today, you can do this from the comfort of your own home or office, or anywhere else for that matter. As long as you have an active internet connection and a TicketMaster id, your work is done.

However, what to do when you are booking some very important tickets and TicketMaster shows up with an error? 

The absolute horror is when the tickets are sold out and you are angry about missing out on your favorite event.

These are the desperate times when you will land up on pages like ours on the internet trying to find out how to eliminate the error that you saw on TicketMaster.

In this article, we will discuss how to fix TicketMaster error code 0011. We will also take a look at what is the exact meaning of this error code and what reasons can be the culprit behind this error code on TicketMaster.

What is meant by the error code 0011 on TicketMaster?

The error code 0011 shows up on TicketMaster when you try to purchase tickets. This can be infuriating after completing all the processes to look at the error code on the platform.

There can be many reasons behind this but most users attribute this error code to the browser cookie overload. 

We will look at other specific reasons and the fixes in the subsequent sections.

reasons behind the error Code TicketMaster 0011

As we have mentioned above, the most common issue that leads to error code 0011 on the TicketMaster platform during ticket purchase is browser cookie overload but, this does not mean that it is the only issue that is the problem. 

Many other reasons play their part as well. Let’s make a list so that it is easier for you to pick when you are looking for the source of error.

  • The TicketMaster server is down.
  • There is a cache overload 
  • You are using a VPN
  • You are using the extensions that are interfering with the Ticketmaster platform

These are some of the issues that can cause error code 0011 on TicketMaster while you are trying to purchase tickets.

Let’s discuss the fixes in the next section.

How To Fix Ticketmaster error code 0011?

We have taken a look at the list of issues that can be causing the error code 0011 on TicketMaster. Some users online have found out through experimentation and the suggestions from the user support how to fix the error.

We will discuss those fixes in detail here.

Fix 1: Clear the Browser Cookies and Cache

When you encounter this error, immediately log out of your account on TicketMaster. Before logging back in, clear all the cookies and cache from the browser that you are using.

This problem is quite common on both mobile and computer browsers. 

After cleaning the cookies and cache, log back in with the correct credentials. If the problem gets solved, you should regularly clean the browser cookies and cache.

Fix 2: Check the TicketMaster Server Status

Ticketmaster is a website that regularly experiences surges when new tickets go on sale for some very popular event.

Generally, the platform is well-equipped to handle the surges but sometimes, the server is either shut down for maintenance or some crashes can make the platform inaccessible.

When you see the error code 0011, conduct a simple Google search to find out if the TicketMaster server is down. Many websites detect downtimes on websites and they are also a good source to find out if a server is down.

If you find that the server is down, you can just wait for the server to come back online to continue with your purchase. Normally, this process is easy and fast because the team at TicketMaster is more worried about the issue than anyone else.

Fix 3: Browse in Incognito mode

Sometimes the browser that you are using might have extensions downloaded that interfere with the TicketMaster platform.

In this case, you will see error code 0011 on Ticketmaster.

To evade the clashes of the browser extensions with the TicketMaster platform, you can browse the platform in incognito mode. This has solved the problem for many other users. You can also choose to use a different browser with no extensions added to them.

Fix 4: Disable your VPN

TicketMaster deals with online purchases and hence it takes its security policies very seriously.

When you are trying to purchase while using a virtual private network or VPN, this may count as an anonymous purchase on the TicketMaster system. Generally, these purchases are rejected by the TicketMaster server. 

If you are using a VPN, or the VPN is running in the background, disable it for the time being so that the purchase can be completed.

Fix 5: Contact the TicketMaster support Team

If none of the options listed above have helped you, there might e some deep underlying issue that is plaguing the platform and its function.

In this case, you should directly contact the customer support team. They should be able to help you with the exact problem that is specific to your system.


The error code 0011 on the platform generally shows up when you are trying to complete a purchase.

This can be due to several different reasons that we have mentioned above. We have also mentioned the different solutions that you can apply to get back to the full function on the platform.

We hope that it provided you some insight on how to solve the problem on your own before contacting the support team.

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