How To Fix TicketMaster error code 5005?

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TicketMaster Error Code 5005

Excited about the new concert in your city but do not have time to go and book tickets in person? This is exactly what Ticketmaster helps you with.

Let’s face it, nobody has got the time in today’s climate to get off their work and spend their entire day standing in a line waiting for tickets and why should you even have to go through that when there are so many platforms offering you the ticket booking at home.

What could be truly disastrous in this scenario though is the situation when the last tickets are about to sell out and you experience an error. 

Since the application works with a complex connection of servers that need an active internet connection to work, there is always scope for error. This is when you will run to the internet for answers on how to solve the problem that you are facing.

In this article, we will understand what is error 5005, and how to fix Ticketmaster error code 5005. We will also discuss in detail the factors that lead to this error so that it is easy for you to identify your exact issue.

What is Ticketmaster error code 5005?

The error codes on Ticketmaster signal you that there is a problem with some particular part of the online machinery. The error codes point directly towards the part that is the cause of the malfunction.

If you receive an error code 5005 on Ticketmaster, there is a problem with the payment on the platform. There could also be an issue that is related to the Settings on the platform.

Of course, many reasons may contribute to this issue that may not be connected to these two issues but if you get this error, the most common problems to look out for are the two mentioned above.

In the next section, let’s see what can cause this error.

What factors lead to error 5005 on Ticketmaster?

Many factors can get the Ticketmaster platform to stop responding on your device and start glitching in the terms of payments and settings. 

In this section, we will list the issues that can lead to the error code on your device.

  • You have a poor internet connection.
  • The card you are using is not recognized by the platform.
  • You have logged in through many devices at once.
  • Your card information is not updated on the platform.
  • Your browser is not updated.
  • The TicketMaster server is down.

These are the causes for the error 5005 on the platform. Let’s discuss the fixes in the next section.

How To Fix TicketMaster error code 5005?

As we have seen the probable causes of error 5005 on Ticketmaster, it is time to discuss all of them in detail and then see what is actually in your hand when it comes to getting rid of the error.

Fix 1: Your internet connection is slow

There are many reasons for the internet connection not being optimal for using a platform. All these reasons have different fixes as well.

Let’s discuss some common causes of internet failure so that you may know where to look when this happens to you.

  • The internet service provider is experiencing downtime.
  • The router or modem has a hardware or software issue.
  • The connecting wires are not securely attached or are broken.

Here is what you can do when you face these problems.

  • Contact the internet service provider because if the problem is originating from their end, you cannot do anything except raise a support request. 
  • The router and modem should always be updated to the latest firmware. If there are any other issues with these devices, a simple restart can help solve them. When nothing works, you can try the good old factory reset if you are okay with the settings going back to the factory setup.
  • The connecting wires are a very important part of the internet connection if you are using a modem or a router. Sometimes, people do not pay proper attention to the same and end up with wires that are broken. Not only do these affect the internet connection, but also cause a safety concern. Always check your connecting wires regularly and if possible, install a cord protector over them.

This is a guide to solving the basic internet problems that you might have. If these issues are causing error 5005 on your browser, then it will be solved as soon as the internet connection comes back.

Fix 2: The card you are using is not recognized by the platform

As error 5005 mainly signals the payment problems on the platform, your problem may be with the payment option that you have chosen.

The card information when not saved with the platform in advance can cause the platform to not recognize your card.

If you use a card regularly for payment on the platform, make sure that you look into the option of saving your card for easy checkout. 

Also, if you see this error often, check to see if the card you are using has some problems with the bank.

Fix 3: You have logged in through many devices at once

If you are using many devices to use the platform at once, this can confuse the server about the information overload from many devices at once.

This will lead to many errors but in most cases, error 5005.

Make sure that you have not left the platform as logged in on some other device as well. If you have forgotten to log out and do not want to check all the devices, you can simply go to the Settings and then check what devices the platform is being accessed through.

It will make it easier for you to find the other device and log out.

Fix 4: Your browser is not updated

The browser that you are using to access the platform can cause issues with the sites you visit if it is facing troubles on its own.

Make sure that the firmware of the browser that you are using is updated and that there are no malware or safety concerns for the browser.

You can make sure of the safety concerns for the browser by conducting an anti-virus scan regularly.

Also, make sure that you clear all the cache and cookies on the browser if you are facing an error on the platform.

Fix 5: The Ticketmaster server is down

There is always a possibility of everything being fine on your end but the Ticketmaster server has crashed.

This does not happen a lot considering that people literally hoard the site when there is a major event and kudos to the platform for that but sometimes, crashes do happen.

In this case, you can contact the support helpline on Ticketmaster after making sure that the server is experiencing downtime. You can make sure of this through a simple Google search. There are also many websites available that detect downtimes on popular websites.

When this happens, you can make sure that the technical team at Ticketmaster is working to eliminate the error as soon as possible on a very serious note.

Fix 6: Contact the support helpline

When nothing else has worked for you and you feel that you cannot identify the issue, you should contact the customer support helpline on the platform.

They usually deal with a lot of error messages on a daily and can give you a custom solution based on your specific issue. 

When nothing else works, customer support is your best bet.


Error 5005 on Ticketmaster signals an issue with the payment or settings on your account. We have tried to include all the tried and tested solutions that have helped others in the same shoes as you.

We hope that this information was helpful. Keep in touch for more such technical advice.

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