How to Fix Ticketmaster Error Code u201?

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Ticketmaster Error Code u201

Today, Ticketmaster has easily become one of the most sought-after platforms for finding tickets as well as selling tickets for any kind of event and shows online. And although, the interface as well as support for most part is speckless and well upto-date on the part of Ticketmaster.

There may be instances however, when problems in the form of errors and bugs may just show up when you least expect it to come.

And since you are already here reading the following article on, How to Fix Error Code u201 Ticketmaster?”. My guess is that you must have already faced a similar error and are looking for ways to solve it. 

Why am I seeing the Error Code u201 on Ticketmaster?

If you are seeing the following Error Code u201 error message on your Ticketmaster app or profile page. Then, chances are that there is something wrong with your credit card details, slow internet connection, cache data or simply because the server at Ticketmaster’s end is down.

How to fix Ticketmaster Error Code u201?

Here, I have explained to you all the popular and widely used fixes out there, with the help of which you should be able to solve the issue and get rid of the error code u201 on your own.

It is advised that you try out the fixes one after the other or in combination with one another to see what best works for you.

Fix 1: Check your Credit Card Details

One very common and widely seen reason behind the Error Code u201 to show up on your Ticketmaster account would be due to wrong credit card details being provided during registration or when a new card is issued and you haven’t updated your details. 

And so, if that is the case. Then, having your payment details updated, should help you solve the error if it has been caused due to that.

Fix 2: Check your Internet Connectivity

Another reason why the following u201 error may show up on your Ticketmaster accounts would be most probably due to issues or problems with your Internet connection. 

In such cases, you will need to first check the status of your internet connection network at home. You will need to check whether your internet connectivity is stable and running properly. 

If you are connected to a wireless network. Then, you can try connecting a different device and open up a different browser to check for the status. 

However, if you are using a wired network. Then, looking for any damage to the wires or network device and connecting with a different device and streaming through a different browser as above, should help you check better, whether a network issue is present due to any physical damage or hardware malfunction. 

For some reason, if there is an issue with your network device in itself. Then, depending on whether it is a very critical issue or one that can be solved easily. You can fix it by following any of the steps as mentioned below. 

Fix 3: Disable any VPN service or app

Having a VPN service or app enabled on your device, can be one of the major causes of such an error to occur on your device. If a certain server or location you are tunneling through is not allowed or banned by Ticketmaster. Then, such errors may occur more frequently than you would expect. 

So, if that is the case. Then, it would be a good idea to disable such VPN services or apps overall in order to avoid such errors from showing up when trying to login to your Ticketmaster account.

Fix 4: Disable any Third-party Browser Plugins

If you have any third-party plugins installed on the browser you are using to login to your Ticketmaster account. Then, it would be best to try disabling them while logged into Ticketmaster. 

There may be times when certain browser plugins in your respective browsers may cause such an error to occur whenever you try to login to your Ticketmaster account. And hence, to avoid any such situations arising from such plugins. It would be best to just delete them or disable them.

Fix 5: Clear or Delete Cache Data

Although cache data becomes really handy when it comes to loading pages and apps faster. There are times when this kind of data can bring more harm than benefit.

Hence, in such cases it is always better to clear up cache data from time to time, so that you can avoid such errors from happening in the future. 

To delete cache data from the browser, you can follow the steps as mentioned below.

  • For any kind of browser out there, the very first place you will need to go to is its History.
  • You can go there by going to the Settings option and then clicking on History
  • Once you have the History page opened in front of you. Find the option to Clear History or Clear Browsing Data, and click on it. 
  • Inside it, select the options such as Cache and Cookies. Then, hit on the OK or Clear button option. 
  • Once your browser’s cache data has been cleared out. Try logging in fresh to your Ticketmaster account and check whether the error is resolved or still persists. 

To delete cache data of app from Android

  • First go to your Android device’s Settings option and click on the Storage option.
  • Next, browse down and click on the Other Apps option. 
  • Then, from the list of apps listed. Click and open the Ticketmaster app.
  • Lastly, click on the Clear Storage and Clear Cache option to delete your app’s cache data from the device. Then, simply launch the app once again, login and see whether the error still persists or not.

Fix 5: Uninstall and Reinstall the Ticketmaster app

If nothing else seems to work for you. Then, for android or iOS users, using the Ticketmaster app can try uninstalling and reinstalling the Ticketmaster app on your devices, to start anew and get rid of any temporary bugs or issues which might have arisen in the previous installed version. Once the app is successfully uninstalled and reinstalled back, check and see whether the error still persists.


Hence, in this way to solve and fix the Error Code u201 on Ticketmaster. You can follow the given methods like checking and feeding correct payment details, checking your internet connection, disabling VPN apps, services and Browser plugins, clearing up cache and reinstalling the app

And if for some reason, even after following the above mentioned solutions. You are unable to fix the issue. Then, there might be a more serious problem involved. For which, it is best to just directly contact Ticketmaster’s official Customer Support and ask them for help. 

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