How To Fix Ticketmaster Error Code u533?

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Last Updated on July 31, 2023

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Ticketmaster Error Code u533

The Error Code u533 usually occurs on the Ticketmaster while purchasing a ticket from the Ticketmaster or while making payment. This error simply indicates that the command which enables the customer to buy a ticket is currently not available.

You may face this error while adding the ticket into the cart or while making payment. 

If you are among the users who are facing this error while booking a ticket from Ticketmaster then stick to this article to fix this issue.

How To Fix Ticketmaster Error Code u53?

Fix 1: Log Out and log in to Your Account

As we all know this issue takes place while booking a ticket, so the first thing you should try, is to log out from your Ticketmaster Account, and re-login.

  • Go to your profile on Ticketmaster.
  • scroll down and select the Log out option and wait till the account is logged out.
  • Then quit Ticketmaster.
  • Wait for around 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Then relaunch Ticketmaster and enter your login credentials to re-login your account.
  • Now check if you are still getting the error or not.

Fix 2: Clear The Cookies and Cache of The Browser

If you have the stack of cache and cookies stored in your browser History then you might face this issue.

So we will suggest you to clear your browser cache & cookies and then try buying the ticket from Ticketmaster.

If you don’t know how to clear your browser cache then depending upon your browser you can google the exact steps to clear the cache.

Fix 3: Ensure single-device login

You might face error code u533 if you have logged in to multiple devices simultaneously.

So check if you have logged in to any other device. If yes then log out from that device and then try making the purchase with Ticketmaster.

Fix 4: Update Ticketmaster

If it’s been a while since you have updated the Ticketmaster app then it is suggested that you should update your application to experience the uninterrupted services of Ticketmaster.

  • Go to the app store on your phone.
  • Type Ticketmaster in the search bar.
  • Once the Ticketmaster icon appears, click on it.
  • Now check if it shows you an option “update”, if yes then click on it.
  • Wait patiently till the application update completes.
  • Open the app once the update completes, and re-login to your account.
  • Now check if you are able to book a ticket now.

Fix 5: Call The Seller

It has been observed that the error code u533 occurs on Ticketmaster if there is something wrong with the seller’s account.

One of the users has claimed the same on Reddit and he got the solution by calling the seller.

If none of the above-given troubleshoots helped you then you can call on this number: 888-731-4111 and speak to the anti-fraud team for assistance.

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