How To Fix Tinder Error Code 50000?

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Tinder Error Code 50000

For those of you facing the following Tinder Error Code 50000 on your Tinder apps. The following article should be able to answer you with the best solutions out there to help you fix the issue on your own. 

Now, usually whenever you see the following 5000 Error Code show up on your Tinder apps. They may happen due to a number of reasons such as a server issue, a device problem or an app glitch or bug. You may also see the following error if there is some or the other kind of login issue, which may be because of a server problem or wrong credentials or some kind of network problem.

Fixes For Tinder Error Code 50000

Fix 1: Check server status

The most important step to starting off with troubleshooting the following error on your Tinder should be checking Tinder’s server status. 

This way if it is a server issue and there is nothing wrong on your end. Then, you can just wait it out till the problem gets resolved at the server end itself. 

You can look up the status of the server over here

However, if the servers are up and running fine. Then, you can assume that there may be something wrong at your end itself. If so, then you can follow the solutions as shown further below.

Fix 2: Restart or Power Cycle device

One of the easiest and simplest of solutions out there with the help of which you should be able to get rid of the error if it is something temporary and caused due to a small glitch would be to power cycle your device. 

To power cycle your device. All you need to do is simply restart all your devices or reboot them and check if the error still shows up when trying to use the Tinder app.

Fix 3: Update App

One very common reason as to why such an error might occur would be an outdated app. If you too are running an outdated app. Then, such an error might come up, if it runs into a compatibility conflict with the device firmware. 

Hence, in such cases, updating your app is the best solution out there to solve the following. 

Depending on whichever platform you may be using the Tinder app on. You can either head to Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store and update the app from there, just like you would update any other app. 

And once updated, launch the app and check if the error still occurs.

Fix 4: Clear App cache

There may also be times when unnecessary data being stored in your App cache may lead to the following error turning up, if there is a conflict between your old data and new data being generated by your app. 

Here, clearing up your App cache should be the best possible solution and you should be able to get rid of the error.

To clear app cache for Android OS, you can follow the steps as shown below:

  • Go to the Settings page, by clicking on the Settings app or the gear icon.
  • Then, head to the Apps section and click on the Tinder app icon. 
  • Under the app info page, head to the Storage & cache option and click on the Clear Cache option on the next page. 
  • Once the app cache has been cleared, check to see if the error still shows up when trying to use the app.

For iOS, refer to the following steps:

  • Head to the Settings option page from your Homescreen.
  • Then, scroll down and click on the Tinder app icon option. 
  • Next, to the bottom, toggle on the Clear (Reset) app cache on next launch option.
  • Launch the app, login to your Tinder account and check if the error still persists.

Fix 5: Check and Change Date & Time

If your device date and time is not set properly. Then, such an error showing up on your Tinder app might be a common thing to deal with. 

Hence, it is very important that your device date and time is always set according to the place or region you are in. 

Now, since it is difficult to cover up the steps to change date and time for all devices out there. To make things a little easier for you, I have listed out few of the most popular platforms out there and provided links to guide on how to set date and time for each respectively below:

Fix 6: Disable VPN 

Having a VPN app or service enabled on a device where you are trying to use Tinder might also lead to such an error showing up, if your current location is set to some other place else instead of your current location. 

Hence, it is very important that you keep such a VPN app or service disabled at all times, whenever using the Tinder app to avoid such errors popping up on your screen.

Fix 7: Uninstall and reinstall the app

If it is a glitch or bug within the app, causing the following error to occur. Then, uninstalling the app completely from your device and having it reinstalled again should help to solve the issue.

Simply, uninstall the Tinder app from your device like you would normally for any other program or app. And then, install it back from your respective app stores as you had initially. This way you should be able to solve the issue for simple bugs and glitches.

Fix 8: Contact Customer Support

If none of the solutions as shown above work for you to help you solve the issue. Then, it would be a good idea to directly contact Tinder’s Help Desk and discuss the problem with them.

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