Must Have DSLR Accessories You Can Not Miss For Better Experience

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Well, it does not much matter whether you are a professional photographer or just a beginner who wants to some day become a pro whether in the field of photography or videography.

Now we all know that talent along with some rigorous practice and imagination is what makes a simple mind in to a sophisticated photographer who comes with the ability to create masterpieces even with the simplest of objects and background in front of him.

But, is that all what one needs to become a pro and create pieces of art. Here, I would say there are a few other things too which come into place.

And if you go on reading further down the line, you will just know what are those other key elements out there that turns the very basic of pictures into ones which will just easily grab anyone’s attention.

And hence, without any further delay let us head straight to the part where I tell you about the Top DSLR must have accessories you must buy, to get the perfection only perfectionist desire.

Top 10 Accessories For DSLR 

So, what are the 10 most important must have things you must have in order to take some of the most epic pictures and videos? Well, they are as follows:

1. Tripod

Well one of the most basic or fundamental gadget to start with when it comes to photography and specially videography is the Tripod.

Now, for those of you who are still new to the term ‘Tripod’, it is nothing more than a stand. But, a stand which is a must have necessity when it comes to take stills and maintain angles for shots while recording.

With the help of a tripod, the need to carry the camera with your hand at all times is just going to be rare occasion once you get a tripod for yourself and your camera.

So, if you want to add this gadget onto your list, then below you will find a list of the “top 5 tripods for DSLRs and cameras”.

2. Strap

Next down the lineup of gadgets, we have with us the “Strap”. Now many would say that a strap is just an additional weight you have to handle and keep untangled while taking shots with your camera.

However, when it comes to safety and security of your most beloved DSLRs and cameras, then I would say the strap attached to your camera is the first line of defence against any kind of mishaps while handling the camera.

Something like slip of hand, or carelessness which without a strap attached may look very catastrophic for your camera. Also, it just looks more professional to have a strap hooked to your camera at all times and carrying it on your neck or even sideways if you are not the conventional type.

3. Memory Card

Now, I need not explain to you the importance of a Memory Card I believe. It is quite obvious that those of you out there who are currently reading this through must be using your smart phone device or your PCs, and it would be just silly on my part if I have to explain to you how a few extra storage space can help you out in the long run.

Hence, it would be a better idea if you carry an extra memory card or even memory cards, if you are someone who likes to click a lot of pictures and will obviously need space to store on a single go. And if anyone is interested to get the best of memory cards, right away. You can jump to “The Best memory cards for DSLRs

4. Memory Card Carrying Case

Once you get a memory card or even memory cards for your camera, it is obviously a good idea to carry everything in a systematic and organized manner.

Not only it saves you up a lot of valuable time, but also helps keep your things safe and secured as well as increase the longevity of your cards if not roughly handled when outside the case. Thus, a “Memory Card Carrying Case”, is after all not a very big or even bad investment to make.

5. Gimbal

A “Gimbal” is one of my favorite gadgets out of all. Why? Well the answer to that would be “Stability”. With the help of gimbals not only you can capture some of the best still shots without any kind of blur or noise but also record some of the best quality videos without any shakes or wiggling of any kind.

Gimbals are not only equipped to keep your cameras stable but also provide you easy access to navigation on your camera which can make controlling at times as easy as a pie. So, if you are someone like me who is not much of a pro in keeping the camera still and stable while shooting.

Then for those of you, taking the help of a gimbal may be one of the best decisions you will make so far. And if you want to know about some of the best gimbals out there, don’t hesitate to check them out over “The best gimbals for DSLRs”

6. Extra Battery 

Batteries are a must if you are planning to go far and long. If you know that power and electricity is something of a scarcity, then keeping an extra battery cell or even batteries for your camera might not be a very bad idea after all. And we all know how “Precaution is always better than cure”.

7. UV Filters

Coming back to business again, when it comes to taking some good pictures certain things, like the amount of light, contrast of the surroundings and in fact anything which is Natural, are very of the few things which comes within the grasps of our control.

However, if you can act smartly, even things like UV lights and other kinds of lights and so can be controlled with the help of filters such a UV filter or there are even other kind of filters to give you results which you most desire.

8. Remote Release

There, may be times when you have to place yourself away from your camera in order to take shots of the rarest kinds. Say for example a cute squirrel right in front of your camera lens.

Now, it is quite obvious that something like a squirrel wont even come near your camera if it sees a huge human figure right at the back of the device. So what to do then? It is very simple actually, just use a Remote Release gadget to take care of it.

All you need to do is just disguise yourself in the surroundings and spread out till where the range or extension of your Release Remote goes to and Voila! Take the snap from a distance when the time is just right, without scaring off the specimen, which in our case is obviously the squirrel.

9. Air Blower 

On the very second last spot of our lineup today, we have the Air Blower. Although, most often may not very much seem like the most necessary or crucial element when it comes to photography, an Air Blowers magic mainly starts to take place after everything has been done and packed up. Because, after a long wearisome day of shoot, obviously like you even your camera needs a bit of grooming and cleaning.

So for those who love their cameras very much and don’t mind keeping the camera as well as the lenses clean and tidy, a good Air Blower next to you should just be fine for the job.

And I repeat, keeping the lenses of your camera as well as your camera from all things such as dust and dirt is something you just cant ignore in order to take good clear pictures.

10. Backpack

And hence, to sum it all up in the end, we have with us the Backpack whose importance in the life of photographers both beginners and pros is just something beyond questioning.

Now, if you are already carrying a camera with you for your shoots, then you will also know the importance of a backpack and you should I assume have also come to realize the importance of a good quality bag for your camera.

As, in order to keep your camera safe as well as carry everything together, one needs to have a good backpack with oneself at all times. A bag which has been solely designed for the purpose of keeping the camera as well as other gadgets safe and secured.

bagpack for Dslr

So, for those of you who have still not got yourself a backpack dedicated for carrying your camera and other gadgets, you can find yourself one handy here in “The Best Backpack for DSLRs.”

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