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Being financially sound is obviously the best thing for any person or company. However, there may be times when a person or company has to see and experience ups and downs.

Ups are obviously something that needs no advance planning or precaution. But, on that same note if you have a good plan to overcome the downs. It is never a bad idea or a bad deal.

Best Financial Analysis Software

To enable you and your company, deal better with such pitfalls coming your way from time to time. Having a good financial team, equipped with a good Financial Analysis Software is something you just cannot ignore and must have at all cost to make life easier and better.

And since you are already here reading the following article on the “Top 10 Financial Analysis Software” for the year 2022. I believe it is safe for me to assume that you already know the importance of a Financial Analysis Software and are just looking for the very best to be used to plan and carry out your company’s finances better. 

Best 10 Financial Analysis Software

So, without any further ado. Let us have a look at all the top amazing Financial Analysis Software out there for the year 2022, with the help of which getting your finances streamlined and working smoothly should not be a problem at all. 

1. Casual

Pricing Range:

  • Free Plan – $0
  • Startup Plan – $250 per month
  • Business Plan – Pricing may vary as per Requirements

Perfect for new upcoming startups and entrepreneurs looking for a more reasonable and budget friendly finance tool to get even the most difficult of finances done.

The Casual Finance app comes with mainly three packages that include a Free Plan, a Startup Plan and a Business or Enterprise Plan, ideal for large scale businesses. 

The free plan comes with 5 models and scenarios, along with 25 + category items and Google Sheets Integration plus CSV upload, making it extremely easy for beginners to try out the app and figure out whether the app is suitable for them or not.

The free plan is ideal for individuals as well as companies in their very early stages. Whereas, the Startup and Business plan are for fairly large scale companies and operations. 

2. Jirav

Pricing Range:

  • Starter Plan – $250 per month
  • Pro Plan – $850 per month
  • Enterprise Plan – Pricing may vary as per Requirements

One other very good finance and business planning software tool out there, ideal for both small and large scale businesses would be Jirav.

With features and functionalities, allowing easy import and export of data from third party apps like Google Sheets and Excel, analyzing data may seem rather very simple and convenient with the following app.

Similar to the Causal app, even for Jirav, there are mainly three packs which you can avail. The Starter Plan, the Pro Plan and lastly the Enterprise Plan.

3. Jedox 


  • Offers a 14 days Trial version
  • Pricing may vary as per Requirements

If you are a Finance professional or someone carrying out large scale operations for other firms, then this app is perfect for you.

With a reputation of the app being used and loved by over 3000+ companies that include big boys like Canon and Benz, the Jedox app undoubtedly can handle large operations without much worries.  

4. Fathom


  • Starter Plan – $44 per month
  • Silver Plan – $225 per month
  • Gold Plan – $325 per month
  • Platinum Plan – $575 per month

Coming with an absolute sleek and beautiful interface, the Fathom finance tool is undoubtedly one such tool, ideal for almost all kinds of financing tasks such as analysis, reporting and forecasting based on the data being provided in real time data with easy syncing among various CSV platforms. 

There are mainly four plans which Fathom offers its users, namely, the Starter Plan, the Silver Plan, the Gold Plan and the Platinum Plan. where the Starter Plan only supports upto 1 company at a time, the Platinum Plan on the other hand supports upto 50 companies. 

5. Limelight


  • Pricing may vary as per Requirements

Allowing you to carry out tasks like budgeting, forecasting and reporting on a large scale, the Limelight finance analysis tool is perfect if you are looking for something cloud based.

Being completely set up on a cloud interface, this gives users freedom and flexibility to work remotely from anywhere around the world. 

Moreover, with the amount of integration that the tool has to offer its users, decentralizing and centralizing your various sources as well as teams onto a single platform provides easy and smooth collaboration among members. 

6. Budgyt


For Profit

  • Easy Plan – $399 per month
  • Plus Plan – $699 per month
  • Pro Plan – $999 per month

For Non-Profit

  • Easy Plan – $299 per month
  • Plus Plan – $599 per month 
  • Pro Plan – $899 per month

Does not matter whether it is a simple profit and loss analysis or a more complex one. With Budgyt, you are easily able to analyze and streamline it all, quite easily and efficiently.

The Budgyt tool too, just like the Limelight app, is completely cloud based and can be accessed and worked on remotely from anywhere around the world.

The tool is ideal for use in almost all kinds of small scale as well as medium sized businesses out there belonging to various niches such as healthcare, community businesses, religious institutions, NGOs and so on, requiring only basic financing analysis and reporting.

Likewise, even the plans which have been offered by the app can be divided into two major sections. i.e. the Profit plans as well as the Non-Profit plans based on the type of business you are dealing with.

7. Data Rails


  • Pricing may vary as per Requirements

For those comfortable working on only Excel and do not want to shift elsewhere, the DataRails app is perfect for them. With DataRails importing data straight from Excel and vice versa is just too easy and smooth.

Once you create your data sheet on Excel just the way you prefer, next you can import the same data onto rails to carry out further analysis and reporting on it. 

8. Prophix


  • Pricing may vary as per Requirements

Ideal for large organizations and companies, the Prophix app is an all in one finance app allowing you to carry out even the most complex of operations such as collecting data, consolidating it, reporting as well as forecasting where your finances might be headed.

Prophix is one of the oldest in our list today and has more than 30 years of experience providing its service to over 3000+ customers all around the globe. 

9. Acetrys


  • 1 App Plan – $55 per month
  • 10 Apps Plan – $325 per month
  • Volume Licensing Plan – Pricing may vary as per requirements

Another very cool and wonderful cloud based finance tool out there, with the help of which carrying out operations such as collecting data, processing it as well as analyzing it can be quite easy and interesting at the same time.

In addition to that if you are a power BI user, then that can’t be any better. With Acetrys playing with Power BI as well as all BI models is just too promising to simply ignore. 

Now, talking about the pricing or various plans which Acetrys has to offer its users. It is rather a little confusing. This is because Acetrys plans, unlike most other apps and plans out there, don’t follow the more conventional approach.

Rather, the plans are distributed as 1 App Plan, 10 Apps Plan and Volume Licensing App Plan. Here, the 1 App license means that you are only allowed to use the purchased app on a single system for only one company.

Whereas, on the other hand with 10 Apps plan, you can use 10 Apps per company and system.

10. Industrius CFO


  • Free Plan – 0$
  • Business Owners Plan – $49 per month
  • Business Advisors Plan – $129 per month
  • Custom Solutions Plan – Pricing may vary as per Requirements
Industrius CFO

From running different types of finance reports, to reviewing your Business Scorecard, to checking the probability of getting a loan approved and running valuation reports for your company.

You can do it all with the help of the Industrius CFO app. With databases comprising over a million businesses, the app is suitable for even carrying out research work on studying risk management and minimizing the risk of loss when it comes to your business.

The app comes with mainly four plans, namely the Free Plan, the Business Owners Plan, the Business Advisors Plan and the Custom Solutions Plan.

The free plan obviously consists of the minimum of options to choose from whereas the Business Advisors plan and the Custom Solutions plans priced highest, comes with all the premium options to choose from.

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