Best Online Websites To Watch Hindi Movies Legally [Free & Paid]

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Last Updated on May 9, 2022

It’s not always that you can go out to watch your favorite Bollywood movie in the theatre. Sometimes, the circumstances really do not allow you and you end up missing the movie that you were really paranoid about.

Best Online Websites To Watch Hindi Movies Legally

The online platforms have made it easier for audiences to view their favorite movies from the comfort of their home.

This might not give you the same experience that you get in a theatre and in some cases, you might even have to wait before the movie is taken down from the theatre to be able to watch it online, but sometimes, this is the only choice you may have.

Taking the example of the pandemic, where stepping into the cinema to watch your favorite flick was not even possible in dreams, megaprojects were released on online platforms.

Now that things have come back to normalcy, people have become accustomed to the online movie viewing experience. 

When watching movies online, it is very important that you only use the platforms that are not involved in the illegal releases of the movies on the platform, not only is copying the movie and exhibiting it a punishable offense stated by the Indian law, but you are also indulging in intense disrespect for the efforts of the cast and crew.

We have researched and made a list of the Best sites to watch Hindi movies legally. Hopefully, this will add to your entertainment quotient.

Happy binging!!

Thing To Note Before you start streaming

There are certain points that you should keep in mind before you start streaming movies on an online platform. 

Here are the things that you should absolutely remember.

  • Whatever platform you visit to stream a movie, always make sure that the platform does not indulge in any illegal activities when it comes to providing movies on their platform. If you are suspicious, it is always advisable to stay clear of that particular platform.
  • Make sure that while streaming the movie on the platform, you do not try to copy the movie or replicate the source material intended for the purposes of distribution. This is sure to get you in legal and moral trouble.
  • Make sure that the site you are on is scanned properly for viruses if you have never heard of the platform before. Most of the viruses on people’s devices come from an illegal movie downloading platforms.

After making sure that you have read and understood the points above, you can proceed to the next section where you can access the list that we have prepared for you through research and comprehension.

List of Websites for Legal Movie Streaming

1. Amazon Prime Video

Starting with the list, we are going to talk about the bigger players in the market. One of them is Amazon Prime Video which is neck-to-neck in competition with NetFlix.

Amazon Prime Video

Why Amazon Prime Video

  • Amazon Prime Video regularly collaborates with bigger sharks in the industry to acquire movies for their platform. Some movies are released in the theatre first and some of them are Amazon exclusives. 
  • Amazon has the capital to be able to fund creative projects and help the makers to gain a worldwide platform for their release. This leads to an increase in quality cinema in the market.
  • You can watch for free for 30 days through their 30-day trial period. You just have to add your card details and you can cancel anytime you want.
  • The subscription rates of Amazon Prime Video are comparatively lower if you look at the prime competitor in the market which is Netflix.
  • Amazon Prime Video subscription is not a deal for the movies only, it comes bundled with the other Amazon Prime benefits like Amazon Prime Shopping and Amazon Prime Music service along with many more benefits. On other platforms, you are only paying for the movie experiences with no added benefits. In this way, this is one of the best deals available in the market.

2. NetFlix

 Talking about the giants in the market, the list cannot be viable without adding Netflix. If you are into quality content and follow all the trending shows and movies, you most likely have a Netflix subscription.


Why Netflix?

  • Not only Hindi movies but you can find some really great content here in terms of quality.
  • There are some Hindi movies that are now under the Netflix banner which you may not be able to find anywhere else.
  • Netflix produces a barrage of original content which is directly released on the platform and you will not be able to find the content elsewhere.
  • The interface of the app is very easy to maneuver and user-friendly.
  • You can share a single subscription with the other members of your family. However, this particular feature leads to a lot of losses for Netflix hence, it may disappear in the future.
  • You can also watch Netflix on your TV. There are special subscriptions available for that purpose. 
  • If you are sharing your Netflix account with someone, you can create different profiles so that you do not have to keep wondering why your movies are not at the same place where you left them.

3. Hotstar

After the collaboration with Disney, Hotstar has now become Disney+Hotstar and now you can find the best of both worlds when it comes to this platform.


Why Hotstar?

  • You can find a wide range of Hindi movies on the platform. The platform is tied to the Star TV network, you can find movies that are supposed to be released through Star Network when it comes to the TV.
  • Recently, Hotstar has followed in the footsteps of other big platforms and started to produce originals on the platform.
  • After the association with Disney, now you can watch exclusive Disney movies and shows with the subscription of Disney+Hotstar
  • There are some movies and shows on the platform that are totally free of cost. You can watch the free content without paying a dime and access this just through normal registration.
  • You can find movies in 8 different languages. This is highly representative of the diversity in India. Hindi is not the sole language in the country and therefore, you can watch movies in different languages.
  • The cost of this platform is relatively cheaper when compared to the other two platforms mentioned above.
  • You can also watch sports on this platform which you will not be able to find on many other platforms.

4. Voot

The platform is the brainchild of Viacom18 Studios. The studio is really popular in India and they have been successfully running a network of channels on the television.


Many of the shows that are really popular in the Indian market are from the Viacom18 studio. Naturally, there are huge expectations from the online platform as well.

Why Voot?

  • You can very well watch some exclusive Hindi movies on the platform but apart from that, you can also find movies in several other Indian languages. The diversity quotient on the site is really high.
  • You do not have to worry about any legal issues with movie streaming on Voot as all the movies are backed by the Viacom18 network. Everything on this website is legally acquired.
  • You can also watch many different TV shows with a subscription to Voot. these shows range from the telecast of their television shows as well as originally produced content.
  • There are also some movies on the platform that you can watch for free with just registration on the platform. 
  • There are many platforms that you will see on this list that do not have a mobile application. Voot, on the other hand, can also be accessed on a mobile app.
  • You can also access Voot on your TV by connecting the platform to your TV. granted that you have the technology on your television.

5. SonyLiv

The ownership of SonyLiv is with Sony Entertainment. The reliability of the platform cannot be questioned at all when there is a backing of a reliable company like Sony. The platform is great to watch Hindi movies.


Why SonyLiv?

  • You can watch a plethora of Bollywood movies on the platform. There is a huge collection of movies that before the app was launched were telecasted directly on the television. Now you can watch all the movies owned by Sony Entertainment at your convenience without waiting for them to be telecasted on TV.
  • There are many genres on the website which make the platform user-friendly and movies easy to find.
  • There are many original shows that are being produced by Voot that you can only access on this platform and nowhere else. However, to be honest, the quantity of such shows on this platform is less but there is almost no compromise with quality.
  • There is no necessity to pay for a subscription on the platform. There is also some free content on the platform. You can always purchase the subscription if you want to access the exclusive content.
  • The subscription of the platform is not so expensive when you compare it to other platforms in the same line.
  • You can access all the shows that you see on the Sony Entertainment Network on the SonyLiv app. Most of these shows are for free.
  • You can also access SonyLiv on the app. There is no need to log in to the website if you want to watch the content on SonyLiv.

6. Eros Now

Talking about the older players in the market, we can talk about Eros Now. this platform has been in existence since 2012.

Eros Now

There are many movies that were available to stream online on the platform when the other platforms were not even in existence.

Why Eros Now?

  • You can watch many movies on the platforms for free and there is very limited content on the platform that you will need to pay for.
  • You can access a 14-day free trial on the platform where you can watch all the content for free. Even the exclusive content can be accessed for free.
  • All the content on the platform is legal and comes with the backing of reputable Eros Now company.
  • If you are comfortable with watching some ads while you are watching movies, you do not need to pay anything for watching the movies.
  • The interface of the website is user-friendly and you can search for whatever movies you want with a dedicated search bar.
  • You can stream movies in good quality and do not have to settle for pirated prints.
  • You also have the option to watch Eros Now content on your TV with the recent developments on the platform.
  • The subscription on the platform is dirt-cheap.

7. Airtel XStream

This service is available to individuals who have an active Airtel connection. Without an Airtel sim or connection, you cannot access this platform.

Airtel XStream

The platform has also collaborated with Amazon Prime which is a great prospect in terms of getting the benefits of two in one.

Why Airtel XStream?

  • If you have an Airtel sim or connection on DTH, you can access the services for free. All the content on the platform including exclusive movies is free with your connection.
  • There is content in many languages. You can get access to movies ranging from Hindi movies to all the other regional dialects.
  • You can also access Airtel XStream on TV and on the mobile application developed by the platform.
  • You can also download the movies on the platform to watch without an active internet connection.
  • Since the association with Amazon Prime, you can also watch movies that are exclusively only available on Amazon Prime Video. 
  • In addition to the movies, you can also watch originals, web series, and more on this platform that comes free with your Airtel subscription.

8. MX Player

MX Player entered the market when there was cut-throat competition in the market in terms of online video streaming platforms. There were many giants in the market and it was hard to make a place.

MX Player

MX Player has due to its marketing strategies made it to the big leagues in online streaming. Let us see why.

Why MX Player?

  • The platform is available for free on the play store as an app but you can also access the platform through the website.
  • The player has evolved from a video player and therefore, the interface of the platform is designed to give you a top-notch video streaming experience. This is something on the platform that has gotten special attention.
  • The full-screen mode on the platform for watching movies is designed in a way to incorporate every feature that you may need for a better experience without letting the features crowd the screen and become a distraction. This is not the case with many other platforms in the market and if you want more features for video playing, you will be more often also distracted by the features.
  • MX Player has the most benefits in the form of technical prowess. Therefore, another advantage of the platform is also a technical one. The platform supports almost all the video formats so that you can enjoy the movies without any problems if the format of the video is slightly different.
  • MX Player provides you with most of the original shows without you having to pay anything to watch them. This is rare with the other platforms where you will need to pay some money to watch at least the exclusive content.
  • There are many movies on the platform and also shows, all of the content is legal and you do not have to worry about getting into legal trouble with copyright infringements.
  • There are many languages on the platform when it comes to the content distribution on the platform.
  • There is a dedicated watchlist option where you can save the movies to watch later if you do not happen to have the time at the moment.

9. YuppFlix

A slightly lesser-known platform on the list, there is a possibility that you might be reading about this platform for the first time. This platform, however, has a great collection of movies for legal viewing.


Why YuppFLix?

  • You can access the platform not only on the website but also on the apps that are compatible with both Android and iOS.
  • You can also access this platform on your Smart TV. the subscription that you pay for, allows you to use the platform on 1 Web Browser, 2 smartphones, and 4 Smart TVs. 
  • You can watch for free for a 14-day period before you decide to pay for the platform subscription. This allows you to back off without the loss of any money if you are not happy with the platform.
  • There are movies available not only in Hindi but also in many other regional Indian languages.
  • You will find many exceptional movies promoted on the platform that you may not be even looking for. This is helpful in getting exposure to the lesser-known but deserving movies.

10. ZEE5

With the backing of reputable ZEE Entertainment, this platform is a good choice to watch movies online. There are some exclusive movies on the platform that you can only access through this platform.


Why ZEE5?

  • There are always discounts available on the ZEE5 subscription through the ZEE5 platform itself or the platforms that partner with ZEE5. Hence, you can save a lot of money if you choose this platform.
  • There are some exclusive movies and original shows that you can only access with a subscription to ZEE5.
  • In addition to movies, you can also watch all the shows that are aired on ZEE Entertainment platforms.
  • You can also access the shows from partners like ALT Balaji and many more
  • You can watch Pakistani TV Shows through the Pakistani channel Zindagi.
  • By buying a subscription, you can use the platform on five different devices. This is a great benefit as the other platforms are now reducing this number to one or two at max.

11. Bigflix

Another legal movie platform where you can watch the Hindi movies from the comfort of your home.


You might not have heard much of this but the platform is backed by Reliance entertainment and is reliable.

Why BigFLix?

  • You can use the platform without any second thoughts because it is backed by reputable Reliance Entertainment. Hence, you can make sure that you will not be scammed in any way if you decide to pay on the platform.
  • You can enjoy a one-month free trial on the platform before you decide to actually invest in the platform. You can back out of the platform subscription without any loss of money if you do not like the experience on the platform.
  • You will find regional movies in addition to the Hindi movies on the platform.
  • You can use the platform on mobile, TV, and the website.
  • You can pay a minimal fee for the ad-free experience in addition to the  HD Quality streaming option
  • There are many movies on the platform and you do not need to pay for the entire subscription. You can also pay for the movie that you want to watch.

12. JioCinema

This is the brainchild of Jio as is also clear by the name. The platform is reliable and you can watch many movies at your convenience.


Why JioCinema?

  • Exclusive movies in the market are now being released on the platform along with their release on the other OTT Platforms
  • The platform is absolutely free for Jio users and is included in the price that you pay for your connection. There is no extra fee that you have to pay to access any content on the platform.
  • There are more than 10k movies on the platform in various languages on the platform as of this day.
  • The interface of the app has very useful features added like the option to resume watching from where you left. This allows you to take a break from the movie that you are watching and start with the same scene when you decide to return.
  • There are also more than 700 shows on the platform in addition to the movies. This is a win-win situation in every way possible.
  • You can access the platform on the official website or the mobile application at your convenience.
  • The content on the platform is available in 11 languages. The diversity quotient on the platform is high.
  • In some movies where they are different language dubbing options available, you can also switch the audio to the language of your liking.
  • You can download the content to watch later offline without the need for an active internet connection.
  • The subtitle quality on the app is also very appealing.

13. Hungama Movies

This platform not only offers you movies but also has a huge collection of songs on the platform for you to enjoy. There are many more benefits of watching movies on this platform.

Hungama Movies

Why Hungama Movies?

  • Although the platform is not absolutely free, before diving in for the entire movie experience, you can take a 10-minute free trial of the movie to make sure that the movie is to your taste. You can continue with the paid subscription if you like the choices offered.
  • Watch a collection of Hindi movies and also enjoy the music on the platform with a single subscription.
  • You can try the free 30-day subscription to the platform before you invest for the long haul. If you cancel before the next cycle starts, you will not lose a single penny.
  • You can also download the movies and songs on this platform to enjoy later without an active internet connection.

14. Spuul

This is a one-of-a-kind platform on this list. The on-demand video platform, lets you pick out the movie that you desire. The app is based in Singapore and has a variety of choices.


Why Spuul?

  • You can select movies across different genres and languages. There is a variety of content in that respect.
  • The platform is also available in the form of an app. In the long run, the app has become more popular than the website.
  • There is an option to choose from the free movie selection on the platform if you do not feel like paying.
  • The app is free to download.
  • You can also choose from the option of paying per view for the movies that you are watching on the platform.
  • The experience of streaming videos on the platform is very smooth as reported by the users. There is almost no buffering while watching the movie and you also have the option to pause the movie in between, exit the platform and come back to resume from the same scene again.


There are many websites on the internet that claim to give you a seamless movie streaming experience.

However, not many platforms are legal and you could get in serious trouble for watching the movies and downloading them if the platform that you use for this purpose has acquired the movie illegally.

There is also a very big security risk for your device if you are using some unreliable platform for the streaming of your movie. Not only will you risk all your sensitive information, but also risk the functioning of your device. 

The list that we have made above, is for the benefit of the audience. All the websites on this list are tried and tested to be safe and legal.

However, we still request you to scan the websites for any malicious software before you start downloads on the website.

We sincerely hope that the list was helpful.

 Happy Movie Watching Movie Buffs!!

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