Best Tech News Websites & Blog of All Time

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Technology has become a huge and important part of our lives. There is no denying the fact that we are so dependent on technology as a population that it is hard to comprehend what would happen if someday all this was to be taken away?

Best Tech News Websites & Blog

However, all the technology in the market is not useful. Some of them are launched but do not serve the purpose that they were intended for. Some of them also have better competitors in the market. 

Who decides though, what technology is useful and what technology did not deliver exactly what it had promised? Technology News.

With the advent of the internet, the advice about technology has also taken the advantage of technology to go online.

There are many sites on the internet that take about the new launches in the technology world, what technology was launched as a revolutionary change, and what technology completely missed the mark.

Reviews are also extremely important in this day’s economy. Technology is expensive and people do not like to buy technology without sufficient reviews in the market.

In this case, also, the first reviews come from the technology enthusiasts that post on the tech news sites and blogs. Sometimes, even before the official launch. 

Tech companies also understand the importance of these reviews and they are always very interested in organizing events for tech reviewers before their important and anticipated launches.

In this article, we have combined the list of Best Tech News Sites of all time. You can be sure to find some really reliable options on the list for your next updates.

Thing To Keep In Mind Before moving ahead

Since in today’s day and age it is very important to look for technology developments and reviews online, there are many sites available for the same purpose but before basing your purchases on any of the site reviews, there are some points you should remember.

Here is what you should keep in mind.

  • Make sure that the site you are following is reliable and has been around for a while. This makes you assured that the site si snot a scam and all the news that you have been following is reliable.
  • Conduct your own research before you go ahead with just blindly purchasing the products listed on a tech news site. Sometimes, the blogs are sponsored and the reviews will not be as honest as they should be because they are paid. Make sure to look for sponsored labels on such articles.
  • Make sure that the site you are visiting does not favor a particular company and does not try to push their products on you through their articles. There should be a variety in the content of a good tech review company this is what makes the website reliable in all respects.

After reading and understanding all the points above, now you can move to our next section if you are looking for a starting point on the Tech News Sites.

Best Tech News Websites & Blog of All Time

1. TechCrunch

Based in SanFransisco, this website has been around and reliable since June 2005. There is a lot of reliable information that you will find on this website and it is also trusted by many.


Why TechCrunch?

  • You can follow the latest updates on technology all around the world. This news site is one of the first to write about any new tech in the market and most of the others just follow suit.
  • You can also find news about what is brewing in the start-up world and Silicon Valley. 
  • Their technology updates shed light on the founders and integral members of the start-ups. If you are a founder yourself or looking to start a technology start-up, this website will give you many important updates that will be really useful for you in the long run.
  • The website is really active and publishes around 7 posts a day which is a huge number when you think about it.
  • There are also events conducted on the platform that will help you connect with technology enthusiasts and companies all over the world.
  • The interface of the site is really user-friendly and all the articles are managed in different categories to make it easy for you to find the most relevant ones.

2. Engadget

This website has been around since 2004 for technology news and reviews. The site is designed as a web magazine and the interface of the website also corresponds to this.


Why Engadget?

  • If you are bored with the interfaces of sites that look monotonous, this website is designed as a web magazine and it is interesting to read.
  • There is daily coverage of posts on the platform with a steady traffic of around 8 posts daily. This is great in terms of new updates and the latest news. With such a high volume of articles every day, you can make sure that they are updating their website each day.
  • You will find the articles about many technology giants like Google, and Apple and what new advancements are they bringing to the technology world even before you will hear about their product launches.
  • There is a dedicated team on the platform so that you can make sure you are not getting just one person’s opinion. There are many reviewers, technology journalists, and technology enthusiasts all contributing to the platform.
  • There is a dedicated Tomorrow section that includes the updates for the future of technology like Space missions, AI, and much more.
  • There is also a podcast section on the website that you can explore.

3. Techmeme

This is a relatively simple interfaced tech news website when we compare it to others on the list but their main purpose is to provide you with the most exciting news and updates as soon as they are heard in the market, sometimes even before they are heard in the market.


Why Techmeme?

  • A relatively simple interface will greet you at the site and everything is right where you need it.
  • There are more than 12 posts published on this site each day. You can make sure that the news on this platform never gets stagnant. There is always fresh material to follow.
  • There is a newsletter that you can subscribe to so that you do not miss any updates even when you are not visiting the site regularly.
  • There are a lot of technology events on this site that you should not miss if you wish to meet other technology enthusiasts in your field.
  • There is also an active discussion about how technology is influenced by culture and also the other way around. This is reflected in the articles that are published on the site.
  • Techmeme gathers content from all around the world and then presents to you the most reliable information that you can trust.

4. The Verge

This is not so much an exclusive technology site. There is also a focus on the art and culture all around the world but still, the technology section on this site is really reliable and updated regularly.

The Verge

Why The Verge?

  • This platform offers you long-form content with in-depth details for those who are detail-oriented. Hence, you can also use this site for research as they make sure to include everything that they can find on the topic at hand.
  • They have a huge following on social media too in addition to the website hits. This proves the reliability of the website. The people trust it.
  • In the technology section of the website, you can find dedicated sections on different technology companies like Microsoft, Google, and many more. This will help you follow through with all the advancements in these technology giants.
  • You can also find a section on dedicated technology reviews on this site where you can conduct your research on what products should you buy next.

5. The Next Web

With a huge following on social media handles to prove its popularity, this site has been around for some time now. It is also counted as one of the most important online publications about technology news.

The Next Web

Why The Next Web?

  • There is a dedicated section on the most popular articles on the site. This makes you aware of the articles and blogs that others are following all over the world.
  • You can also find business news in addition to the technology news. They also offer a combination of both when you read their articles on the business of the big technology giants in the market.
  • The site is regularly updated and is highly reliable. It has a huge following on social media which also counts toward the reliability factor of the site.
  • The interface of the site is easy to navigate and is really user-friendly.
  • They have a newsletter that you can subscribe to. You will get this once a week so it does not spam your inbox but will also include all of the important information that you may have missed by not visiting the site.
  • They have a section on crypto which is booming right now and everyone wants to dip their feet in it. You might as well take out time to be well-informed about the same.
  • Their section on tech careers will inform you about the new hiring trends in the industry and what new positions have opened up.

6. Digital Trends

Based in Portland, Oregon, this website provides you with the news about digital trends all over the world.  You can look to this site for tech reviews too that are reliable.

Digital Trends

Why Digital Trends?

  • This site has reliable tech reviews that are popular due to being unbiased. On most review sites, you will not find many reviews that you can place your trust in because they are generally sponsored. This site, however, is reliable in this regard.
  • You can learn tricks about the technology that you use every day but may not have any idea about how to use it more efficiently.
  • The site interface is easy to navigate and everything is designed to be in the right place.
  • There is a section where you can get to know about upcoming technologies in the market. If you were to open the site today, you will find information about the 5G technologies all around the world. Where they have been launched, where are they testing, and where accommodations are needed for the said technology.
  • You can also find tips and tricks on gaming if you are a gaming enthusiast. There are many shortcuts and software you may not know how to utilize to make your experience better. This can be changed with the research on sites like these.

7. The New York Times Technology Section

The New York Times is a very reputed newspaper and when they launch a website, you can make sure that that will be reliable. They have a dedicated section on technology with some amazing features and updates.

The New York Times Technology Section

Why the New York Times Technology Section?

  • The first and foremost reason for trusting this platform is the backing of a giant news company that is the New York Times. They only provide you with reliable news that is tested with sources before it is served to you.
  • You can be sure to find the latest news in the technology sector by visiting this website. 
  • You can find many articles about the technology giants in the industry that you may not find anywhere else because of the top sources that the New York Times can afford.
  • There is a dedicated team of competent individuals on the platform. You can make sure that they curate only the best stories for you.
  • There are dedicated articles on the analysis of technology all around the world, what is launched is beneficial or not, and what effect will a particular technology have on the world. All these important questions are answered in the blogs on this website.
  • There is a huge volume of fresh news on the platform as they publish more than h4 posts every day in this section alone.
  • You can follow this platform to take part in engaging conversations about the newest advancements in the technology sector.

8. Ars Technica

The website has been around for more than a decade and has been relevant in the technology space since the beginning.

Ars Technica

You can look at many aspects of technology and analysis if you are an ardent follower of the website.

Why Ars Technica?

  • The post volume on the site is very high at about 5 posts per day. This is relevant when you take a look at how many more engaging posts they publish and all of them are updated. This makes sure that you do not miss the important news in the market.
  • The interface of the site also includes featured articles right on the home page. This helps you read about the topics that you did not actively search for but are trending in the market.
  • You will see in-depth articles about the analysis of new tech upgrades in the market and also reviews of the newly launched products.
  • The website has an active following on social media with a record number of followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This increases the reliability quotient of the website.
  • You will also learn about the business models of different tech companies and this can also help you conduct an analysis of the company if you are looking to invest. In a way, this is a good investment research platform as well.
  • Many people work together as a team to curate the content on this website so you are less likely to get a biased opinion as everyone on the team gives their input about what is best.
  • There is a participation feature on the website where you can take part in active discussions on the posts that are published on the platform. This gives the audience a say in what they are reading and also allows them to question the credibility of the published material.
  • You can join the weekly newsletter so that you do not miss any updates.

9. CNet

A huge volume of articles on tech reviews, advice, and navigating different gadgets is available on this website.


It was established in April 1998 and has come a long way to become one of the most relevant blogs on the internet.

Why CNet?

  • You can find diversity in the posts on this website. Not only will you find articles on technology reviews but in one place, you will also find advice and articles on how to navigate the technology that you already own. The diversity on the blog is very high in terms of technical content.
  • The platform has been relevant since the year 1998 and that is a long time to be in a business to gather goodwill. Hence, it is trusted by many technology enthusiasts all over the world.
  • The post volume on this site is really high. More than 20 posts are published each day. There is nothing that you can miss with this high update density.
  • There is a very dedicated team that conducts research and brings to you content that is true and unbiased.
  • There is a dedicated section each for not only the technology-related articles but all the other categories that you can find content on. Different subjects like Biology, taxes, and many more are included on the website in addition to tech news.
  • The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Their content covers the past, present, and future. You can also find articles from the time when mobiles were not in existence and alternatives were in use. It incorporates technology developments over time for you to understand the evolution of technology across ages.
  • There is also a trending section on the platform that is always buzzing with some interesting articles that you may not even think of searching for exclusively.
  • All the articles that are published on the website are written and reviewed by experts in their field. You can totally rely on them to provide you with the best content available.

10. Gadgets 360

This is a venture launched by NDTV NEtwork based in India. They regularly update their platform with exclusive news on technology and reviews.

Gadgets 360

Why Gadgets 360?

  • The site is a pandora’s box for technology enthusiasts. When you click on the link to the website, you will see that the site is very busy with all different categories of articles. You can straightaway guess from the look of the home page that they have a variety of content.
  • Even though the site is busy, it has everything organized in categories to make sure that the users are not confused about where to find the article or review that they are looking for.
  • There is a dedicated section for opinions on the website where the experts provide in-depth knowledge about the technology in the market and what are the benefits or disadvantages according to their calculations.
  • There is also a how-to section on the platform where you can find articles on how to navigate the technology that you own. This is very important because everybody is not a programmer or engineer and people might get confused at times.
  • The site is also on a mission to inform people about the newly launched technologies in the market in the sector of cryptocurrency and blockchain. You will find many articles on this site through which you can conduct your research.
  • There are also articles on gaming and what technologies could help you in gaining a better experience with your stint in the gaming world. These articles are researched very well and you will get a lot of help from them if you are a gamer.
  • The post volume on the site is around 10 posts a day which is a very high number. This helps you in getting your hands on the latest news in the market without any delays.


There are many websites in the market that claim to be the best when it comes to reviewing technology and providing the latest news. Many of these are reliable and are putting genuine effort into their work.

Some of the websites are old and reliable while some are new and need some time to establish themselves. If you are basing important and expensive decisions on the opinion of these sites, make sure that you do not just rely on one source.

Make sure to visit many different websites and then make a decision because in the end, human opinions differ and what might be suitable for one person, may not be that helpful to the next one.

 We hope that the list we have created for you was helpful in clearing some confusion for you and you learned something in the process. 

Keep following for more informative articles.

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