How To Fix Traeger grill error code LEr?

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Traeger Grill Error Code LEr

When thinking about automated machines, there is a stereotype involved that says they can never be better than traditional machines in terms of function.

In the terms of grills, we can understand this as electrical grills never being better than the wood-fired ones. 

But with the Traeger grills, you can shed this stereotype as it combines technology with convention in a beautiful way.

The versatility of the grills from this company also comes in handy when you are looking for many functions in one. But still, the device is not issue-free. After all, no machine can be.

With the advent of intelligent devices, it has become really easy to identify the issues with your devices. Whenever there is something wrong with your device, you can identify the issue with the help of an error code.

Traeger Grill also provides you with error codes.

In this article, we will discuss how to fix Traeger grill error code LEr. We will discuss what issue the grill points out when the error code comes up and some advice from other users as well.

Let’s get the grill rolling on that one.

What does Traeger grill error code LEr mean?

Since every error code has a specific meaning to it, it becomes very important to understand the root cause behind the error code.

So, what does the grill point out when you see the error code LEr?

LEr means that your Grill has a Low Error Reading. The temperature on the grill is very important for optimal function. Hence, you will get this error code reading when the temperature of the grill drops more than 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

You will see this error code if this temperature drop stays for more than ten minutes and the grill shuts down.

How does Traeger grill error code LEr happen?

Many different problems can cause the Traeger grill to display the error code LEr. When we make a list in this section, you will be able to identify what is the problem with your grill.

Here are the issues that can cause your grill temperature to drop.

  • There are little to no pellets in the firepot
  • There are too many pellets in the firepot.
  • The chimney height is inappropriate.
  • The weather outside is not suitable with the wind being too strong.
  • You are using poor-quality pellets
  • Your induction fan is malfunctioning
  • The ambient temperature is too low.

These are some of the reasons that you can be behind the error code Low Error Reading on your grill.

We will discuss the solutions in the next section where we will also discuss these issues in detail.

How To Fix Traeger grill error code LEr?

Well, since now we are not clueless about where to start after already making the list for the probable reasons, we can move forward to the fixes.

Also by analyzing the list above, you might be already in the know about what you need to look at.

Here is the list of solutions that you can try to fix your grill before you need to dial in and call a technical support person for help.

Fix 1: Take a look at the weather

The grill is weather sensitive and if the ambient temperatures drop too low, or the winds are blowing too strong, you will need to take special measures to make sure that the grill works fine.

You can try solutions that include moving your grill to a place where it can be secluded from the strong winds. 

If you can keep it in a place with a little bit of insulation while still having enough ventilation, you may be able to use the grill to its full potential.

If none of this is possible, unfortunately, you will have to wait till the weather is suitable for the grill to work.

Fix 2: Take care of the firepot

The firepot is the essential element of the grill and a lot can go wrong with it fast if you do not take care of the equipment.

Make sure to clean the firepot at regular intervals so that you do not have problems with buildups.

If you have recently faced problems with your firepot, clean it and then start the grill again to see if the issue goes away.

Fix 3: Check the RTD temperature sensor

This is a great tool to make adjustments according to the temperature and keep the grill functioning to its full potential.

However, if the RTD shows signs of damage, you will frequently get error readings which is not a very good position to be in.

There are two things that you need to take care of when talking about the RTD sensor.

  • The temperature sensor should not be chipped or bent. This will not allow for the measurement of an accurate reading.
  • Make sure that the RTD sensor is not touching any other part of the grill. If you do find that this is happening, you should remove the sensor from the contact immediately.

Fix 4: Check the Chimney placement

The chimney placement for the grill is very important. A slight difference from the recommended placement can be a disaster for the grill.

The recommended official measurement for the difference between the chimney and the chimney cap is a thumb’s height.

It is also important to ascertain that the chimney has not been blocked by any buildup. If you do find some blockages, you can take care of them by easy cleaning.

Fix 5: Check the Induction fan

By now you must have taken note of the fact that all the different components of the grill are as important as the grill itself. Even if one part goes out of place and the whole machinery will stall.

If you cannot hear the fan, your grill function is not optimal. If the fan makes squeaky noises, then there is a buildup in the fan that needs to be cleaned.

These problems with the fan can usually be avoided with the regular cleanup.

Fix 6: Use the P setting

There is a P setting, also called the Pause setting on the grill. You can use this to your advantage when the grill is working with low ambient temperatures.

You can adjust the number to be lower than usual when the temperature of the surroundings is low.

Fix 7: Contact the Customer Service team

Some issues run too deep in the machinery and you will not be able to solve them without the help of a professional that knows the machine to the atom.

In this case, you will need to contact the official customer support team.

Here is where you can contact them, Resources for Customer support.

This site will get you all the resources that you need to contact the customer support team.


Traeger grill is a great tool for your grilling needs and even more than that. However, it comes with its share of problems.

Thankfully, they have assigned different error codes to each trouble and you can easily understand what next steps to take when you find an error code flash on the screen.

We have discussed the error code LEr in this article and included all the fixes that you can apply to get the grill running again.

We hope that our little effort helped you out in a pinch. See you soon with some other technical advice.

Happy Grilling!!

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