How To Fix If Chromebook keeps turning off by itself?

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It can be really bothersome when you are working on your Chromebook and it shuts down in the middle of your work, you switch it again and it shuts down.

troubleshoot if Chromebook Keeps Turning off By Itself

Now you must be thinking, if it’s fully charged or not, you plug it in to charge and it shows it has a battery. Now you must be thinking if it is a hardware issue or software issue.

In this post we are going to provide you possible solutions to fix if your Chromebook keeps turning off by itself.

How to Fix If Chromebook keeps turning off by itself?

These are ways to check and fix your Chromebook, if it’s shutting down randomly. Let’s see how to do it one by one.

Fix 1: Update your Chromebook

  • Launch Chrome.
  • Go to menu and click on “About Google Chrome”.
  • Check if any update is there, if available install them.
  • Restart your Chromebook and see if it’s fixed or not.

Fix 2: Do a hard reset

  • Turn off your chromebook from menu.
  • Let it shut down completely.
  • Press and hold the refresh button.
  • While holding the refresh button, press the Power button.
  • Meanwhile, press and hold the refresh button, to let your Chromebook boot up.
  • Leave it, when you see the Chrome logo on the screen.
  • Check if it still shuts down frequently.

Fix 3: Use Guest Mode

  • Guest mode is like using your Chromebook without apps and extensions.
  • It can be considered incognito mode for Google accounts
  • You can launch incognito mode, by “logging out” of your primary account, and then clicking on ‘Guest’ button on the login screen (it should be at the bottom left)
  • It won’t ask you for any account to log in, you can use it the way you use your chromebook regularly.
  • Check if it still shuts down randomly.
  • If it’s not shutting down, that means you must have installed any app or extension which is bothering your system.
  • You can find the culprit and disable and delete it from your main account and then re-log in to your primary account.

Fix 4: Check the cable and connector

  • Check if the Led indicator is lit up in amber color if it’s charging.
  • You can also check charging status, by clicking at the battery percentage in the notification center.
  • Check your charging cable is properly connected.
  • Battery cable can get loose and chromebook cannot detect the battery in such a situation.
  • Disconnect and connect the cable, while looking at the led light.
  • Get it checked at the repair shop, if you couldn’t find any issue by yourself.

Fix 4: Replace the battery if needed

  • Once you have checked the led, wire and connector and they all work fine, that you have an issue in your battery.
  • All batteries degrade with time, so replace it, by yourself or get it done by a repair shop.

Fix 5: Check If It Is overheating?

  • Chromebook usually turn off if they overheat.
  • Once they pass the threshold temperature, they will instantly turn off to save the battery.
  • It also turns off to cool down internal components.
  • It can happen by playing games for long, or when you run multiple resource hungry apps.
  • Dust also stops cooling your laptop, so get it cleaned to let it work fine.

Fix 6: Power cycle your Chromebook

  • Use your Chromebook until the battery drains out.
  • It will turn off when the battery will be 0%, Low battery.
  • Do not charge it for the next 6 hours, let it sit.
  • After 6 hours, plug in the Charger and charge it 100%, Let it charge one hour after 100 % battery.
  • Unplug the charger, switch it on and use it normally.
  • Check if it’s working fine.

Fix 7: Powerwash your chromebook

  • Sign out of your Chromebook.
  • Now press and hold CTRL+Alt+shift+r.
  • Click on Restart.
  • When options appears, select ‘Powerwash’>Continue
  • Follow all the steps and sign in to your account.
  • As you have just reset your Chromebook, the account you log in with, will be your Primary account.
  • Once you are done with Powerwah, Follow the instructions to set up your Chromebook.
  • Check if the problem is finished.

Fix 8: Contact Manufacturer

If you are still unable to fix your Chromebook then you might contact your manufacturer, or visit the service center.

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