How To Fix If Insignia TV Remote not Working?

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After a long day at work, when you finally reach home and get all cozy on your couch to get a load of your favorite TV shows and soaps. Then, a malfunctioned or faulty TV remote would be something enough to kill your whole vibe all at once.

troubleshoot If Insignia TV Remote Not Working

Now, obviously you could control your TV manually by controlling it from the TV set itself. But, I am sure that is not what you want at all. Especially, when you are all tired from work and just want to laze around with just your TV and “remote”.

So, if you are somehow using an Insignia TV at home and it is your Insignia TV remote which is not working and giving you a tough time. Then, you are definitely at the right place to find solutions, needed to fix the issue of your Insignia TV remote not Working.

common reasons Why Insignia TV remote not Working

Moreover, in addition to solutions, we will also be looking at as well as discussing all the various reasons due to which such a problem can arise in the first place.

This way not only will you have a better understanding of what might have actually happened but also figure out ways to fix the issue much more efficiently and effectively as well.

  • TV needs to be reset and isn’t connected to the remote.
  • Remote needs to be repaired to your TV.
  • Remote’s batteries are disconnected or dead.
  • Water had gotten inside the remote.
  • Remote has been dropped too many times and is broken inside.
  • Something is blocking your TV’s receiver.
  • Remote has been exposed to high heat, damaging electronics inside.

Top 5 ways to fix “Insignia TV remote not Working Problem”

In the following section, we will try and have a look at all the possible solutions out there with the help of which you should be able to fix the issue or even issues prohibiting your Insignia TV remote from working properly.

Fix 1: Try Resetting your Insignia TV remote

Reason: There may be times when there might be a problem with your battery or the connection between your TV remote and the batteries inside it due to some kind of circuit malfunction or casing problem. For this try out the following method as shown below.

One of the most non-invasive and easy steps out there, would be to try resetting your Insignia TV remote. For this fix, all you need to do, is simply follow the three steps as listed below:

  • Firstly, take out the batteries off the remote. 
  • Then, wait for at least 5 minutes. 
  • Lastly, put the batteries back in the remote and try using it.

In most cases, this simple method should be enough to fix the particular issue and get your remote working just fine.

However, it is advised that once you take out the batteries off your remote, try them out somewhere else to see whether the batteries are actually working or not. 

This way you will be sure that there is no problem with the batteries but rather something wrong with the remote and battery connection. 

Fix 2: Try Resetting your Insignia TV set

Reason: Sometimes, your Insignia TV set and your remote might not be synced properly. Due to which your remote might not be able to communicate properly with your TV as it should. In such a situation, try using the method as shown below.

Resetting your Insignia TV, just like what we had seen earlier, for the fix above is actually quite simple and easy as well. The following method, involves a few simple steps which are as follows:

  • Assuming that your TV remote is not working at all, you will first need to download the Insignia TV remote onto your smartphone devices.  
  • For android users, you can search for the Insignia Remote App on Play Store or directly click on the following link to download the app.
  • Similarly, for iOS users, you can either search for the Remote App on Apple store or directly download it from the following link provided.
  • If for some reason, the downloaded app does not seem to work as well. Then you might have to reset your TV manually with the buttons placed on the side or at the back of your TV panel. 
  • Now, either with the TV remote app on your smartphone or the buttons at the back of your TV panel, try to navigate to the “Settings option on your TV home screen.
  • Next, from the Settings option menu, go to and click on the “System” option.
  • Once you are inside the System menu screen, look for the option, “Reset to Factory Defaults”, and click on it.

After all this is done, give your TV some time to reset back to its Default Factory Settings. Once the process is completed, if there is no other technical or hardware problem with either your TV or remote, then your remote should work fine. 

Fix 3: Try Resetting your Insignia TV with Power Button

One other way, using which you can reset your TV quite easily is by holding onto its Power Button for at least 10 seconds or more, depending on when the screen changes. 

This method might work or might not depending upon which Insignia TV model you have at home. But due to any reason if you cannot follow the method as shown earlier because of faulty remote apps or absence of buttons on your TV set. Then you should definitely give this method a try.

Fix 4: Try Cleaning both TV remote and TV ‘sensors’

Reason: Depending upon what type of sensors your TV remote or TV is using, even the slightest barrier between your TV remote and TV can prohibit them from communicating signals properly. 

For those using remotes with new point anywhere IR sensors, there is not much need to worry about any kind of obstructions before your remote and your TV, as it is not a big deal for it. 

However, if you are using a remote with the older RF technology, then even the slightest obstruction or misdirection can give you a hard time controlling your TV with your remote.

So, if that is the case, then either try cleaning the front of your TV and remote sensors with a piece of clean cloth for any kind of dust or dirt that might have accumulated all this while. 


See if there is any kind of object or things obstructing the line of sight from your TV remote to your TV sensor. And if so, then try to place the object somewhere else and see that no obstruction is present before your remote sensor and your TV sensor. 

Fix 5: Try Pairing your Insignia TV Remote (once again)

Reason: At times, due to some software reasons or other kind of technical issues, your TV remote and TV might stop pairing the way it used to in the past. In such cases, simply pairing both devices together after a reset as shown above can fix the problem in no time. 

Now, there are three different ways in which you can go on pairing your remote device to your Insignia TV. You can try any of the following methods, based on whichever you find convenient. 

#Method I

For this method, all you need to do is “Press & Hold” your remote’s Power Button for at least 30 seconds, till the pairing process takes place. 

#Method II

For those using a more recent and updated Insignia TV remote, you should be able to find a pair button placed at the back of your remote, inside the battery compartment. Simply, open the battery compartment, find the pair button and then “Press & Hold” on it till the pairing process takes place.

#Method III

In the following method, you will need to “Press & Hold” on three buttons at the same time. These are the back button, left navigation button and the Menu button. Press and Hold them for at least 30 seconds for the pairing process to take place. 

NOTE: For all the methods as described above, it is necessary to keep in mind that at all times when trying out the above methods, your Insignia TV remote should be facing straight to your Insignia TV sensor.

Fix 6: Calling in Tech Support or Changing Remote

If nothing else seems to work, then you might as well try calling in help from Insignia’s tech support. This is the last resort you should resort to, if you feel like all the solutions mentioned above have failed and there is just no way for you to fix the particular issue. 

You can either call in for a replacement of your TV remote or ask them for their guidance on what or how to troubleshoot for the problem you are facing. 

If it is a technical and hardware problem, then they should send their technicians to fix the particular issue or take your TV set, fix it and send it back from the manufacturing warehouse itself. 

If you can do without TV for a few days and would not mind taking your time off your TV soaps and serials for a few days, then this should be the most permanent solution out there for any and all kinds of problems arising from either your TV or your remote.

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