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If you own a Samsung ice maker and your ice maker keeps freezing up, you will find this article very helpful. There can be various reasons as to why an ice maker freezes up.

We have listed all possible reasons why your Samsung Ice maker might be freezing up along with easy-to-follow solutions for you.

Try these methods to fix Samsung Ice Maker Keeps Freezing Up,

  • Reset the ice maker
  • Checking Water Inlet Valve
  • Checking the Ice Compartment
  • Checking the Ice Bucket Gasket
  • Checking the Temperature
  • Positioning of the Ice Maker
  • Check the Water Line
Samsung Ice Maker Keeps Freezing Up

Troubleshoot To Fix If Samsung Ice Maker Keeps Freezing Up

1. Reset the ice maker

Usually, it is an easy process. There is a test button in your ice maker. If you are unable to find it, look for it in the user manual. Press and hold the test button until you hear a sound. This test usually takes up to 6 mins at the end of which you will hear the same sound again.

If you do not hear a sound reboot your Samsung ice maker by unplugging and plugging it back again. The ice production may take up to 24 hours to get back to normal.

2. Checking Water Inlet Valve

There might be a problem with the Water Inlet Valve of your ice maker. To check this out, remove the valve’s screen filter and clean it thoroughly with warm water and some soap.

Now, check the solenoid of the ice maker with the help of a multimeter. If the multimeter shows no reading, it is indicating that the valve has gone bad.

A malfunctioned valve can cause water to overfill and lead to freezing up of the ice maker. Call maintenance and support guys if this is the case.

3. Checking the Ice Compartment

Check if the ice compartment of your Samsung Ice maker has any leaks or not. Put a flashlight under the compartment and look for any cracks.

If you see light passing through it means that your ice compartment has cracks under it and needs sealing. If the ice compartment has a leak it lets humid air in which results in the over freezing of the ice maker. 

Defrost all the content and seal the cracks and wait for 24 hours before turning on your Samsung ice maker again.

4. Checking the Ice Bucket Gasket

Check the Ice bucket gasket in your Samsung ice maker. A weak or loosened ice bucket gasket might indicate that warm air is passing through to your ice maker and is causing the over freezing of the ice maker. This problem should not be ignored. You should replace the ice bucket gasket as soon as possible.

5. Checking the Temperature

Check the temperature settings of your device. Make sure temperature settings if the setting is set below 0 degrees Fahrenheit to adjust it by bringing it up to a level where it does not over freeze. Also, make sure to keep it below 10 degrees Fahrenheit because it can also cause over freezing. 

Note: Do not change the settings often because this takes a toll on the compressor and may be bad for your device.

6. Positioning of the Ice Maker

Placing the Samsung ice maker in direct sunlight or a place with variable heat can lead to the device getting overworked and over-freezing the contents.

Therefore, it is very important to place the Samsung ice maker away from direct sunlight and heat. However, if you are unable to move your Samsung ice maker, just lower the temperature settings in your device to adjust to the environment.

7. Check the Water Line

It is important to check the water line in your Samsung ice maker because if your water line is frozen it means there is no supply of water to your ice maker.

You can defrost the water line by pouring hot water over it. If this does not help you, you can remove the water line and defrost it separately. Once you have defrosted the water line, attach it back again and this should solve your problem.

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