How To Fix TSN error code 246008?

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Last Updated on December 23, 2022
TSN error code 246008

The Sports Network or TSN has gradually become really popular streaming platform for streaming sports.

The best thing is that they have dual functionality in terms of the website as well as the app. This helps when you want to switch devices according to your convenience.

However, the users are facing streaming errors on the app as well as the website. This is seen in the form of the error code 246008. This error code is motley seen on the Chromebook. Users are also experiencing a black screen when they encounter this error code.

In this article, we are taking a look at how to fix TSN error code 246008 in detail. 

The streaming decline on the platform can be explained with the help of many different reasons. Naturally, we need to take a look at each of them in detail to make it easier for you to decide on a fix.

Let’s dive into it in the next section.

How to solve the error code 246008 on TSN?

The Sports Network streaming decline on the app as well as the website can be an issue with the internet connection or the server. 

However, it is important to discuss all the reasons as it is difficult to comprehend at the first glance what exactly the issue is when you receive the error code 246008.

Fix 1: Are you watching in the USA?

As you are aware that TSN broadcasts content for Canada, therefore, there are certain limitations for the platform in other places.

If you are using the platform in the USA, you will need to make use of a Virtual Private Network to watch TSN content. There are certain copyright rules in the USA that prevent the use of TSN streaming without a VPN.

Switch to a VPN and preferably set your server location to Canada for the best experience on streaming.

Fix 2: Use the platform in the developer mode

Before you use this fix, make sure that you understand that using the platform in developer mode for a long time can be risky.

Therefore, it is advised that you back up all your device data beforehand in case you lose some data in the process. 

When you start using the developer mode on the Chromebook, you can use the features of ChromeOS that are the latest and not out in the market yet. 

This is the reason that you can access some of the features of TSN on the dev mode and not elsewhere.

Here is how you can switch to Developer mode on Chromebook. 

  • Sign in on the Chromebook with the owner account
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on the Settings menu on the right.
  • Click on the option named Chrome OS
  • Click on the option Additional Details
  • Navigate to Channels and click on Change Channel
  • Select the Developer Channel
  • Click on Change channel to confirm your choice
  • Since you are selecting the developer mode, an update will be downloaded on the Chromebook.
  • Restart the device

This should solve the issue as it has for many other users on the platform.

Fix 3: Use the guest mode

If you cannot use the platform with the chrome account that you have made, you can access the platform through the guest mode.

To switch to the guest mode on Chrome, here are the steps that you need to follow.

  • Launch the Chrome browser
  • Click on the Profile icon on Chrome that you will see at the top right corner
  • Click on the option Guest
  • You will now be browsing Chrome through a guest profile.

This can help with the issues that are related to the Chrome profile that you are using.

Fix 4: Check your subscription for TSN

If you are watching TSN on a subscription and trying to browse on-demand content, you need to make sure that you have an active subscription.

If the subscription has lapsed, you will not be able to watch any on-demand content on the platform. This might result in a black screen and the error code 246008.

Once you renew your subscription, relaunch the platform and check if the issue is solved.

Fix 5: Check the TSN server status

When too many users log in on the platform at the same time, the server might crash and cause issues with the streaming on your device.

Check the status of the server to see if the server is up and running. If it is not, you will need to wait for a while before the server is running on full functionality. This can only be solved by the developmental team at TSN. 

Therefore, wait patiently for the same.

Fix 6: Check if you have the updated version of the app

If you are facing the error code 246008 on the app, you must check if the app is updated to the latest version.

If it is not, your problem might be due to this fact. Immediately renew the version of the app to the latest update. This might solve the issue if the error code was the result of an app bug.

Fix 7: Check the internet connection

Talking about one of the generic solutions, your weak internet connection could cause issues with many of the websites you visit.

TSN might be just one of them. You need to check the speed of the internet connection and make sure that it is enough for comfortable streaming. If it is not, switch the internet connection or internet plan.

Fix 8: Contact TSN support

If none of the above solutions have worked for you, you will need to have a one-on-one conversation with the TSN support team.

They will help you by checking on their system if you have any defaults on the app account. Any issues on the website will also be communicated to you. 

You can also visit the user forums where users frequently ask queries about the error codes. You might find some great advice that is user-based.

To conclude

The error code 246008 on TSN does not have a lot of information available online. This can cause a lot of stress for the users who have just encountered the error code.

We have managed to dig for some treasure in the terms of the fixes for the error code. 

Hopefully, these solutions were able to help you with the issue. Keep following for more technical advice.
Happy Streaming!!

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