How To Turn On/Off Wi-Fi Assist On IPhone?

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In this post, I am going to tell you how to turn on/off the wifi assist on your iPhone. I am also going to let you know when and why you should use the wifi Assist. 

Anyone with iOS 9 and later can use wifi Assist to automatically switch to cellular when he/she has a poor wifi connection. And for more Smart Device guide please visit here.

We use cellular data or wifi to consume the internet on our phones. Suppose you are using the internet over wifi, but the wifi network is not good. In this case, you can enable wifi Assist to automatically switch to cellular data without any manual action. This way, you will not face any kind of interruption while using the internet. Also, as your wifi network gets fixed, your phone will automatically switch to wifi.

Previously when we faced any trouble with the wifi, we were required to manually turn off the wifi and switch to cellular data, but with wifi Assist, you can automate it.

To Turn On/Off Wi-Fi Assist On IPhone, go to your phone Settings -> tap “Cellular” or “mobile data -> toggle on/off wifi Assist.

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How To Turn Enable/Disable Wi-Fi Assist On iPhone

How To Turn On/Off wifi Assist On iPhone?

Note: Given steps will not apply to the iPhone 4 or the iPhone 4s. Also, by default, Wifi Assist will be on your device, so if you don’t want it, then simply disable it.

  • Go to your phone Settings
  • Tap “Cellular” or “mobile data.”
  • Scroll down, and toggle on/off wifi Assist.

How to check how much data wifi Assist has been used?

Some people have reported that their wifi assist is using so much data, so follow the steps given below to check how much data your wifi Assist has used. 

  • Visit your phone Settings
  • Tap “Cellular” or “mobile data.”
  • Scroll down to wifi Assist.
  • Just under wifi Assist, you can see data consumed by the wifi assist.

When Should You Turn Off The Wifi Assist?

Wifi assist is really a helpful feature, especially nowadays when people are working remotely. Suppose you are doing any important task on the internet over wifi. In such a case, Wifi Assist can help you get a smooth internet experience even when your wifi faces any issue.

But there is a drawback of wifi assist too, suppose you are streaming something over the wifi, and your wifi suddenly gets stopped. If your wifi assist is on, then your phone will automatically switch to the cellular data without you noticing and will drain all of your mobile data.

So if you are not doing any important tasks and just streaming or having fun on the internet, then I will recommend turning the wifi assist off, because if your wifi gets stopped for a long period of time, then you will lose your data without you noticing.

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