How To Fix Ubisoft Error Code 17004?

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In this article, we are discussing the Ubisoft error code 17004. This error code indicates that there is an issue with the connectivity on your server and device. There are many reasons that can be attributed to this error code. This is a generalized Ubisoft game error that you can face on any one of the games that have been launched by the company.

Usually, you will also see this error with a message that says failed to connect to the game servers. Please check your Internet connection and try again.

How to get rid of the Ubisoft error code 17004?

Fix 1: Check your Internet connection speed and stability

Since this error code is attributed to connectivity issues with the server, the first thing that you need to check is the Internet connection speed and stability.

If your Internet connection speed is not reliable, you will not be able to maintain a constant connection to the server, which is one of the main conditions for playing any game through the Ubisoft client.

To check if your Internet connection speed and stability are optimal for gameplay on Ubisoft, you need to Google Internet speed meter.

Run a test for your current network connection. If you find out from the report that the Internet connection speed is slow and it is not stable, then you need to contact your Internet service provider to help you with this issue. 

However, before you decide to contact the Internet service provider, also see if you’re using a mobile network. If you are using a mobile network, then switch to a wired network. This usually helps improve the speed and stability of the Internet connection.

Fix 2: Check the block list of your firewall or antivirus program

The network firewall and antivirus on your device are usually the safety measures that are in place to make sure that there are no malicious programs that your device connects to.

However, in some cases, these programs overreact and also block the connection to secure websites and games like Ubisoft.

To check if the firewall or the antivirus has blocked your connection to Ubisoft, you can check the block list of both programs.

If you see Ubisoft on the list then remove it. Also added to the list of exceptions so that it does not get blocked the next time you’re trying to launch it.

Fix 3: You have downloaded a corrupt Ubisoft game

When you’re trying to play a Ubisoft game, it is not only important to have a great connection to the Ubisoft server, but it is also important that you have downloaded the game without any corrupt files in the database.

Usually when you are downloading the game, this is when the corrupt files get into the database. These gotta files can cause a problem with the launching of the game, sometimes immediately and sometimes after a while.

To get rid of this issue, you can delete the entire game and then reinstall a fresh copy. Not only will it get rid of all the characters from the database, but will also add any missing files that are essential for gameplay but do not occur in your database.

Fix 4: Check the status of the server

To maintain a connection with the Ubisoft server, it is also important that the Ubisoft server is not facing a downtime issue.

The service usually goes down when too many players log in at the same time. This causes traffic congestion and the server is not made to handle such huge amounts of pressure.

To check the status of the server, you can log into the player forums where other players will let you know if the server is experiencing downtime at a certain region or entirely.

To get a more technical report Google down detector and type Ubisoft in the search bar. Now you will see a real-time report with outages in all the regions that are facing downtime.

If the server is down, you can only raise a support ticket and wait because there’s nothing on your end that can help solve the issue.

Wait for a while and then come back later.

Fix 5: Restart your device

Too many conflicting programs in the background of your device can cause problems with the Ubisoft games.

It can also hamper connectivity which is the main reason for the error code 17004 on Ubisoft. A simple way to get rid of this technical snag on your device is to restart the device. If you see that there are some issues on the device that cannot be immediately solved then you can also switch to a different device.

Fix 6: Update the network drivers

The network drivers on your device are very important in maintaining connectivity to the Internet and different servers.

If the network drivers are not updated, they can mess with different network settings on your device. 

When you face connectivity issues on your device in a regular fashion, then you should check for the latest update on the network drivers.

If you find the latest version, install it immediately. Now relaunch the game and see if you are able to connect to the server.

Fix 7: Give Ubisoft Connect administrator permissions on your device

Sometimes the Ubisoft servers do not get enough permissions on your device to run the game that you are requesting.

In this case, instead of switching on each individual permission, you can give Ubisoft Connect administrator permissions on your device. It will take whatever permissions are required and will be able to provide you with the gameplay that you are requesting. 

We suggest that you do not do the same with other programs on your device that you cannot trust. This is because an untrustworthy program can cause major damage to your device with administrator permissions.

However, Ubisoft Connect can be trusted and you can give it permission so that you can experience uninterrupted gameplay.

Fix 8: Contact the Ubisoft support team

We have mentioned all the solutions that can help you get rid of this error code. If you are still not able to connect to the Ubisoft servers, then you need to contact the Ubisoft Game Support team.

They have a great support ecosystem that allows you to raise support tickets and track them till your issue is resolved.

You can also visit the player forums for UV software. You can ask the same question to other players and they will help you with the solutions that they applied when they were facing the same issue that you are facing right now.

In conclusion

The Ubisoft error code 17004 is a connectivity issue with the Ubisoft server. We have mentioned the different reasons why this error code can show up and we have also mentioned the appropriate solutions with them.

Hopefully, we were able to help you eliminate the error code and now you are able to connect to the Ubisoft server again without any interruption.

Keep following for more gaming and technical advice. Happy gaming!!

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