How to fix unarc.dll error code 1 fitgirl?

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unarc.dll error code 1 fitgirl

If you are facing the following unarc.dll error code 1 fitgirl while trying to install games from fitgirl repack, and need a solution to fix it. Then, you have landed up in the right place. 

Here, we will be discussing everything there is to know about the error message, from why it is caused to how to fix it, so that you can install your repacks and games the proper way and enjoy them.

Hence, if you are facing the above mentioned unarc.dll error code 1 error message while trying to download and install a game from fitgirl. Then, chances are that the error you are seeing up on your screen is a result of a corrupt game file during installation or an incomplete installation. 

There might be glitches or bugs too which may show up during an abrupt shutdown of your system of the game application. However, these causes are very rare and may not be the primary reason in most cases. 

Having said that, now when you have to solve the following issue, the solution to fixing it is rather quite simple and are as follows:

How to fix unarc.dll error code 1 fitgirl?

Fix 1: Re-install the game

Uninstalling the game completely and then reinstalling it back would seem to be one of the most convenient and safe options out there to fix the issue.

There are other options as well like downloading dll files from third party sources or websites. But, it is important to note that doing so also has its own pitfalls and you may be prone to malware if such files are not retrieved from trusted sites or sources.

Hence, it is important that you install the game properly and completely to avoid the other methods explained below.

Fix 2: Check hash on torrent

If you are downloading the game from torrent, then an incomplete download of the game files might also result in the following error message eto show up at the time of installation. 

If that is the case, then check the game’s hash file and see which parts have been missing. If any files are missing. Then, run a fresh torrent download or simply download the missing files.

Fix 3: Download dll files

For this method, you will first need to download the ISDone.dll and Unarc.dll files from a third party source or website. 

Then, once the files have been downloaded, go to the drive where your OS is installed. In most cases, it should be the C: drive. 

Inside the drive, click and open the Windows folder inside which you should find the System32 folder.

Open the System32 folder and paste both the dll files there. 

If prompted with the dialog box, whether you want to replace the files in the destination, do so and grant the permission. 

Next, head back to the Windows folder and then from there, click and open the SysWow64 folder. 

Inside the folder, once again paste the dll files. When prompted with the replace the files message, grant it the same way as had been done for the previous case and your error should be fixed. 

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