how to unmute siri When Siri not talking back to you?

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Unmute Siri When Siri Not Talking Back To You

Is Siri not speaking out for responses on the iPhone? And the Siri replies only displayed on the screen? If yes then in this post I am going to tell you how to unmute Siri When Siri is not talking back to you?

Why Is Siri not speaking out for responses on the iPhone?

  • Don’t disturb is enabled on the iPhone.
  • iPhone is in mute mode.
  • There is any temporary glitch with your iPhone.
  • This is happening because of an iOS bug. One such bug was reported after the release of iOS 14.5, and many IOS users reported that the issue is also continuing in iOS 15 too!

How To Fix When Siri is not talking back to you?

Fix 1: Check if Do not Disturb Is enabled

As per the IOS default settings, Siri will stay silent if Do not disturb is enabled. So check your iPhone if Do Not Disturb is enabled, and if you find it enabled then please consider disabling it.

Fix 2: Check If Your Phone Is Muted

  • Check your phone if it’s muted because as per the IOS default setting Siri is set to automatically mute itself when the iPhone is in Silent mode.
  • If your iPhone is in silent mode then please put your phone out of silent mode.
  • But if in case you want to keep the silent mode, and still want to use Siri normally then you can change the Siri settings to always speak out. This way Siri will work normally even while your phone is in silent mode. To do this go Settings -> Siri & Search -> Siri Responses. After that, you have to choose Always under the Spoken Responses category.

Fix 3: Reboot iPhone

If your phone is not on silent mode and all the SIRI settings are properly configured then there may be some temporary glitch that will be causing the issue.

The best way to fix any temporary glitches with your phone is to restart the phone.

To perform a quick restart for your phone, and check if Siri is working fine or not.

Fix 4: Ask Siri To Unmute Herself

In online communities, many people mentioned that they fix the issue by commanding Siri to mute itself.

Simply command Siri: “Hey Siri, can you speak?” or “Hey Siri, I can’t hear you!”

Once you will command Siri there are two main possibilities.

  1. Siri will respond that its volume is too low. In this case, command Siri to make the volume high.
  2. Or Siri will automatically start sounding loud.

Fix 5: Switch to another voice or accent

As I said this problem of Siri being silent started appearing more frequently after the release of iOS 14.5. And switching to another voice or accent fixes the problem for many users. So we will suggest you to do the same.

  • Go to Siri’s settings.
  • Then under “Siri Voice” change the accent.
  • If it doesn’t fix the issue then keep changing the accent for two-three times, and check if it fixes the issue.

Fix 6: Re-Enable Bluetooth

A user in the Apple Community mentioned that re-enabling the Bluetooth fixes this Siri issue for him. As it will not take more than a few seconds to try this troubleshoot so you should definitely try this too.

  • Turn off the Bluetooth.
  • Then wait for around 10 seconds.
  • After that, Turn On the Bluetooth.
  • Check if the issue has been resolved.

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