Vantage Robotic’s Snap Review: The World First Portable 4k Fully Flying Camera

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Snap is just small in the size but contains a big and powerful camera that will let you capture every detail. Snap is approved by the FAA to fly in public around peoples. It has a great tracking system that let snap tracks you automatically, so you just go and snap will follow you wherever you go. 

The has a flight time of 20 minutes and in comparison to the other quad of the same size, Snap has longer flight time. Not just most longer flight time, it also can fly with the top speed of 34 mph. It is very small in size so you can easily carry in a backpack and take it anywhere.

Top features

  • 4k camera
  • Very light in weight so it can be carried to anywhere
  • A high-performance battery
  • Modular design
  • Can easily control with your smartphone, DSM controller or game controller
  • With the base station, you can stream video in 4k

What You Will Get In Box

System Specification

Camera Specification

Snap Camera Specification

Battery Specification

Snap Battery Specification

Gimbal Specification

Snap Gimbal Specification

Flight Specification

Snap Flight Specification

Controller Specification

Snap Controller Specification

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