How To Fix Virgin Media (Virgin TV Box) Error Code w02?

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The W02 error code with the Virgin TV Box indicates the signal issues, and the error appears while watching any channels.

The error says “W02, there is the problem with the signal on this channel.”

If you are currently having this error on your Virgin TV Box then below we are going to provide all the possible workarounds to resolve this error code.

Virgin Media (Virgin TV Box) Error Code w02

How To Fix Virgin Media (Virgin TV Box) Error Code w02?

Fix 1: Check For Connections Issues

First, you need to make sure that the TV box is correctly connected or not.

  • First, go back to your TV Box and check if the white cable is correctly connected to your TV and Virgin Media wall socket or not.
  • Then from the wall socket follow the white cable back to the splitter to check if the white cable is properly connected to the splitter or not.
  • If the TV box is connected to the Hub, then check if the white wire which is going into the Hub is tightly connected or not. And also make sure that the Hub is in the upright position.
Virgin Media (Virgin TV Box) Error Code w02

Fix 2: Reboot Your TV Box

If all the cables are properly connected and the error is still coming then you need to reboot your TV box.

To reboot your TV box simply power it off and then wait for a few seconds. Then after waiting for a few seconds power back your TV box.

Fix 3: Contact The Support Team

As per the official information shared by Virgin Media, the above-given suggestions should fix the error code w02 but if not then you should contact the support team.

To contact the support team you can visit here.

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