VistaCreate Overview: All-in-One Graphic Design Tool for Businesses & Individuals

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VistaCreate Overview

If you are looking for an online graphic design tool to create quick designs without special skills, VistaCreate is a perfect choice. VistaCreate (formerly Crello) is one of the most popular graphiс design tools with over 2 million users.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy or have a design degree to start creating stunning designs for individual and business needs. VistaCreate offers thousands of pre-made templates for social media posts, ad banners, logos, ebooks, blog posts, invitations, presentations, and more.

In this article, you will learn the critical features of VistaCreate for designing visual materials and figure out how this tool can be helpful to you.

What is VistaCreate?

Adobe Photoshop is also suitable for creating all sorts of visuals, but it’s much more complicated and requires a solid design background. 

VistaCreate is a perfect online designing tool for everyone who doesn’t have designer skills or experience. It is more than an image designing tool that allows you to create everything from a simple Instagram Story to an invoice or presentation for business. 

Who is the target audience of the tool? VistaCreate is suitable for small business owners, online entrepreneurs, marketers, and bloggers. Even a free version of the tool allows you to create stunning designs on the go. 

Depending on your needs, you can start your design from scratch or use one of the thousands of templates. But, first, let’s take a closer look at VistaCreate features.

Key Features of VistaCreate

If you are a newbie to VistaCreate, they offer quick video tutorials on using the tool. Among the videos, you’ll find lessons on removing background, creating a logo, or working with a team. Although, let’s review some critical software features worth your attention.

1. Ease of Use

When you log in to VistaCreate, it says: “Create any design,” and literally, this is true. You can use the search field to find a pre-made design suitable to your needs, such as a layout for presentations, invoices, logos, or social media posts. Choose a template you like and customize it: change colors, background, texts, images, shapes, and more.

2. Access to Templates

One of the best VistaCreate features is a library of over 50,000 pre-made design templates in a free plan. They add new templates from professional designers to the software every day.

All you need to do is decide what kind of design you need and choose whether it’s a podcast cover, an invoice, or a Facebook post.

3. Add Text to a Photo

Images with the text help you tell your story and engage your audience. You can use VistaCreate to add beautiful text to photos or edit an existing template.

If you upload your picture, you can choose one of the pre-made typography layouts. It means you don’t need to beat your head about font combinations. 

Simply upload your image (or choose one from the VistaCreate library) and click the Text icon on the left side of the screen. Next, select typography style and edit the text or add your text over the image.

4. Access to a Huge Photo Library

VistaCreate offers over 1 million free stock photos in their free plan. You can use these photos for any project, including commercial purposes. 

When you work on your design, click the Photos icon on the top left side of the screen. You can use different keywords to find a good photo for your project.

6. Apply Photo Filters

When working with photos, you can crop, flip, and add filters to them as you like. Click the “edit image” button on the top, and you’ll see a menu with different photo filters.

I also like that VistaCreate can immediately show you the colors of the image so you can place different designs on top using suitable colorings.

7. Add Objects

Other features that I love on VistaCreate are Objects. They offer a vast library of different objects and shapes to make creative designs, such as lines, icons, arrows, gradients, labels, and more. 

You can access objects by clicking on the Objects icon on the left side of the screen. Then, scroll down or use the search field to find your desired shape.

8. Font Library

VistaCreate has an extensive font library under the Text icon. Here you’ll find typography templates that you can customize. 

Or add your text, resize it and change the font. Besides, VistaCreate allows you to upload your fonts using regular .otf file types. It’s like Photoshop, but more leisurely and in a browser.

9. Add Music to Photos or Videos

Under a Music icon on the VistaCreate dashboard, you’ll find songs sorted by genres that you can add to your photos or videos. As you know, social media posts with music are more engaging, so you can quickly find a particular sound on VistaCreate. 

Choose among Summer, Retro, Bass, Focus, Chill, Disco, Drum’nBass, Folk, Hip Hop, House or Pop genres to pick a perfect song for your visuals. 

10. Animate your designs

Set your creations in motion on VistaCreate with a snap of a finger. You don’t need any special skills in animation to add motion to your social media posts. 

For example, you can animate logos or Instagram Stories to grab your followers’ attention on social media.

Pick one of the existing templates in the VistaCreate motion collection and create stunning designs. You’ll find these features under the Animation icon on the dashboard.

11. Post Directly to Social Media

When you create a design for a Facebook page or Instagram Stories, you can publish it directly from VistaCreate.

You don’t need to save this file on your computer and then send it to your smartphone to publish on social media; post it directly from the tool.

Unique VistaCreate features

I’d name a few of the unique features of VistaCreate: Background Removal and Stickers maker. 

1. Remove Background

Background removal is a new and one of the most popular VistaCreate features now. You can remove the background on any image and make your subject stand out in a second.

Besides, this nifty feature allows you to design trendy collages by combining modern and vintage photos.

2. Stickers Maker

With VistaCreate, you can design your sticker and print it to decorate your laptop or create custom Telegram stickers. These stickers can also be used for Instagram Stories. 

You can make a sticker from your photos and surprise your friends with a unique personalized postcard. In addition, stickers can help make your business cards or printed materials stand out. 

Finally, it’s a handy tool for creating tutorials. For example, you can illustrate key points with stickers and then add text blocks.

VistaCreate Pricing

The pricing plan on VistaCreate is pretty simple: just $10 per month to use all their extra features, such as Stickers Maker, Resize feature, team account, unlimited storage and premium support. In addition, you’ll save 23% if you purchase a yearly subscription.


As you see, VistaeCreate is a powerful designing online tool that allows you to create stunning, eye-catching designs in your browser. We are impressed by the possibilities of the accessible version of VistaCreate, but the paid plan also has its advantages, such as Stickers Maker. So should you buy a premium plan? It all depends on your needs and the graphic design projects you create.

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