Voice-Swap.AI Overview: Transform Your Vocals into Iconic Singers’ Voices

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Voice-Swap AI Overview

Voice-Swap.AI is a new AI tool in the market that helps you change your singing voice by using a powerful AI. With this AI tool, you can easily transform your vocals and will sound very similar to a professional singer.

Voice-Swap is designed with the aim to help producers, artists, and writers by making the creative process more flexible and exciting. If anybody doesn’t want to use their voice on songs then they can use featured artists’ voices offered by the Voice-Swap.

Voice-Swap partnered with different artists to make their AI model voices available on the platform so anybody can use them for their songs.

In simple language, Voice-Swap AI helps you to legally clone artists’ voices to make songs. If you pay for the license you are free to use those songs publicly and can also monetize them.

Voice-Swap.AI Key Features

Voice-Swap.AI has many amazing features which makes it an outstanding tool to transform vocals into the voices of iconic singers.

1. Voice-Swap.AI gives access to a wide range of voices

Voice-Swap.AI is a subscription-based model. The users can also have access to free demo sessions. You can even share and monetize the voice-swap-generated audio easily just by buying a license which is a very easy and straightforward process.

2. Free Trial

Voice-Swap.AI provides a free trial of 60 seconds in which you can choose any one of the artist models. This feature helps the users to ensure whether they want to continue with this software or not. 

3. Voice-Swap.AI supports different languages for audio

On Voice-Swap.AI, the user can transform their voice to any language. This amazing feature allows the artists to reach an international audience. Language is no longer a barrier. 

4. Easy process to get a License 

Buying a song license is a very complex process and includes a lot of paperwork, but  Voice-Swap.AI prioritizes the user experience by making the process to apply for a license simple and easy. There is a fixed-price license dashboard which allows the artists to go through the music licensing process very easily and quickly. 

5. Collaboration with Artists

With Voice-Swap.AI, you can directly collaborate with iconic artists. The artists respond within 48 hours and if they accept, you can collaborate with them. There is a feature called ‘Request Consultation’ through which you can also discuss collaborations with artists.

How Voice-Swap.AI Works?

Using Voice-Swap.AI is very easy, you are just required to choose your favorite featured artist and upload your wav file, and you are all done. Once you are done with uploading your wav file, you just need to wait for around thirty seconds and you will have your song from your artist of choice.

For the first-time user, Voice-Swap is offering 60 seconds of free audio credit, you can use this credit for any of their artist models.

Once free credits are gone you have to purchase any of their subscriptions to continue using the Voice-Swap to make songs.

Also, keep in mind that Voice-Swap has the ability to transform Your Vocals into a beautiful voice but you are required to have some skill to have perfect results.

For more clarity on how Voice-Swap works, you can check out this official demo video.

How Much Does The Voice-Swap Will Cost?

To use the Voice-Swap models you have to buy Audio credits, you can choose from their different subscription plans. In case you are unable to use any of your credits then it will roll over to your next month.

Voice-Swap offers subscriptions under three plans,

  • Beginner: $5.99 per month for 10 minutes of audio credits.
  • Pro: $9.99 per month for 30 minutes of audio credits
  • Ultimate: $29.99 per month for 90 minutes of audio credits

Note: in case you need more credit over your subscription then you have the option to buy extra credit without upgrading the subscription. And for more information about Voice-Swap pricing visit here

Voice-Swap pricing

FAQs about Voice-swap.ai

How does voice-swap.ai work?

Voice-swap.ai is an AI tool which can efficiently develop authentic vocal models. The process to use voice-swap.ai is very easy and straightforward. The first thing is just to sign up on their website. You can go through a free trial, and once you make up your mind you can choose the suitable subscription plan. This way you can easily integrate the selected voice into your music project.

Is Voice-swap.ai legal?

Voice-swap.ai is definitely a legal platform. It follows all the legal guidelines.

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