How to fix Vudu Error Code 56?

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Vudu Error Code 56

I believe there is no good reason for me to bore you with the details of Vudu. Since, you are already here reading the following article on, “How to fix Vudu Error Code 56?”.

I am guessing that you already are a dedicated subscriber of Vudu in the US or Mexico and looking for a quick fix ASAP, so that you can get back to enjoying your favorite TV shows and movies. 

In the following article, we shall be discussing everything there is to know about the Error Code 56 in Vudu. From What can be causing the Vudu Error Code 56 to Ways to Fix the Error Code 56 on Vudu, we will be covering it all. 

Hence, without wasting any more time, let us dive straight into the root cause(s) of such an error to show up as well as ways to solve the following error.

Why is the Error Code 56 showing in my Vudu?

If you ask me what is the best way to deal with a problem, then I would say it is by first knowing about the origin of the problem can we deal with a problem much more efficiently and effectively. 

Similarly, even in the case of the Error Code 56, this should be the first thing which needs to be considered if you want to solve the error with ease and convenience. 

Now, the reason why Error Code 56 might show up on your Vudu account in the first place, would be mainly due to network issues

Here, this network issue might happen due to a number of reasons. There might be a problem with your network device, or fault in your PC, or it can be a server issue at Vudu’s end. 

And depending, upon what the origin of the problem be, the error needs to be dealt accordingly as shown further below in the Solutions section.

How To Fix Vudu Error Code 56?

Below, I have listed some of the best troubleshooting fixes out there which you can make use of to solve the particular error pretty much on your own and go back to streaming like usual. 

Fix 1: Check Vudu Server Status

The very first and foremost thing you must consider and check is whether the server status on Vudu’s end is operating properly or not. 

Most often, it is seen when there is an issue or some kind of maintenance going on at Vudu’s Server end. Such an error might show up on your screen, disrupting the streaming of videos on the platform. 

If so, then it is best to just wait it out till Vudu takes care of it on their end. 

To check whether the Vudu server is working ok or not. You can simply head down to their official website and get updated on any such issues happening or not. Or, you can also head to the following website, “Is it Down Right now?” to check the online status of Vudu servers.

Fix: Check your Network devices and Wires

Sometimes, the problem might not be software related, but rather hardware related. And if that is the case, then it is very important that we first thoroughly check for any loose connections or faults with the network device, to be sure that the error has nothing to do with the hardware you are using. 

Here, the easiest way of checking it would be simply to try and connect a device to your network and try browsing online with it. 

If everything works fine and normal. Then, the problem has got nothing to do with your Internet connectivity or network hardwares. 

Fix 3: Check for Firewall restrictions

Once, you are sure that the Vudu servers are working fine as well as your Internet Connectivity. Next, you can try checking whether the Vudu is restricted by any kind of Firewall in your system or not.

There may be times when a firewall service running on your particular system might restrict or stop Vudu from working properly on that specific system.  

If that is the case, then it should be limited to just a single device and you should be able to stream videos on Vudu with the same account elsewhere. 

Being said that, if that is the reason or cause for the error to show up. Then all you need to do here, is simply try to disable Firewall service on your device or mark Vudu as an exception there. 

Moreover, it is important to note here that depending upon what type of firewall service you are using, the steps to disable it or marking Vudu as an exception might also change. Hence, it is better to just search up the steps on Google to get a better walk through of the steps for the particular firewall you are using. 

Once, you do that. Restart your system and see whether the error still persists when trying to stream videos online on Vudu.

Fix 4: Update your Vudu App

If the error only occurs when trying to stream videos online on the Vudu App on a particular smartphone device. Then, the error may simply be caused due to an outdated version of the app. 

At times, it also may be due to an outdated OS version. But, that is rarely the case in most instances. Even if that is the case, then just updating the OS on that particular device might help solve the issue. 

And as for the one with the outdated app version. Here too, all you need to do is simply try updating the Vudu app on that particular device and see whether that solves the problem. 

  • To update your Vudu app, you can simply go to the app store for your Android or Apple device, and click on Update if a newer version is available. 

Fix 5: Disable Proxy or any Third Party VPNs

If you are using a third party VPN or proxy on the device from where you are accessing your Vudu account. Then chances are that the following error code has shown up as a result of that. 

In such cases, just try disabling your VPN or proxy, and see whether the error still persists. 

Fix 6: Update Drivers

If nothing else seems to work. Then, you can also try updating your network drivers just in case. Many users have reported that updating their network drivers helped them solve the error. Hence, you can also give it a go to see whether this solution works out for you or not. 

Now, to update your drivers on a Windows PC, you can follow the steps as shown below:

  • Go to your Windows search bar, type in device manager and click on it to open the device manager app. 
  • Next, from the list of devices, click on the Network adapters option to see all the devices under it.
  • Then, try updating the drivers under it by Right-clicking on it and selecting the Update driver option from the pop-up option menu. 
  • Once all the network drivers have been updated, restart your PC and see whether the error still persists while trying to stream with your Vudu account.


Hence, in this way to solve the Error Code 56 on Vudu. Based on the root cause responsible for the network issues, you can use the following methods such as Checking Server Status, Checking Internet Connectivity, Updating App, Updating Drivers or Contacting Support, to solve the error on your own. 

However, if none of the above mentioned solutions seem to do the trick for you. Then, you can try contacting Vudu’s HelpDesk directly, to ask them for their expert support. 

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