The WatchSpot Live Overview: Watch videos with friends

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WatchSpot Live Overview

The WatchSpot Live is a FREE messaging and video streaming app available for Android. It lets you watch free Live streams hosted somewhere else on the web, with your friends in full sync. The Watch Spot Live allows users to chat and watch movies and videos with friends and family. 

They also have an android TV application named WatchSpot TV that allows users to play content directly from the mobile app without any screencast or without having to touch the remote.

Features Of WatchSpot Live Mobile App & WatchSpot TV

WatchSpot Live Mobile App

  • The application supports an IPTV playlist so users can buy subscriptions from any IPTV service provider of their choice and enjoy it either on their mobile device or android tv application.
  • This allows users to watch live tv and sports together with their friends and family even when they are not physically together.
  • It allows users to enjoy ad-free youtube and background playback of youtube videos, which means the user can enjoy youtube videos while using different apps.
  • Basically, the application has a feature to surf the internet from within the app and play content present on other websites. If the app is capable enough to extract the video from that site then the user will get a pop-up asking him/her to add the stream to live chat. Doing this will enable the user to watch that video with their friends.
  • It allows users to watch movies present in Google drive in sync.
  • Users can also share videos from Facebook or youtube live and watch them together with their contacts.
  • It’s completely free.

WatchSpot TV

Are you tired of operating your android tv with a tv remote? WatchSpot TV is an application that allows users to play content directly on their android tv without having to touch the remote.

It supports IPTV playlist so users can buy subscriptions from any IPTV service provider of their choice and enjoy it either on their mobile device or android tv application.

Currently, Miracast and Chromecast are two available solutions in this domain but in the case of Miracast the user’s privacy and video quality are compromised since the entire phone’s screen will be displayed on tv including all personal messages (which the user might receive at the time of casting) will be displayed on the tv screen, for everyone to see and also the user can’t use their phone while casting and also the video quality and frame rates will suffer.

Google’s Chromecast solves these issues but it is a paid solution and it does not support IPTV playlists, which limits the user from watching live tv channels, for example, live sports.

The WatchSpot Live is completely free and most likely will always be free. I feel operating an android tv via the remote is like operating a handset from the 90s. Simply put it’s bad and there has to be a solution for it.

Pros and Cons

WatchSpot Live Mobile App


  • It allows users to watch free streams hosted on the internet, be it movies or web series, the user just needs to find the right website where the content is available, and if the application is capable enough it will extract the video and do the rest for you.
  • Enables ad-free youtube
  • Supports IPTV playlist and network stream so users can enjoy live tv with their friends.
  • Enables background playback of youtube videos
  • Allows users to watch anime content from sites like gogoanime with their friends.
  • Its completely free
  • Allows users to watch video content together in group chats or video calls.
  • Users can buy a subscription from any IPTV service provider and enjoy it via the app. In today’s world, we buy multiple subscriptions in order to access content on different OTT platforms. Having a single IPTV playlist subscription will allow the user to watch over 10000 Live Channels +40000 VOD TV Shows & Movies 4K FHD HD Channels Premium Channels which supports all Devices


  • The user will have to install an app on their device, which I guess cannot be helped.

WatchSpot TV


  • Play content on the big screen directly from the phone without any screencast
  • No longer typing via remote which is an absolutely 3rd class user experience
  • Supports 8k videos
  • Use your phone freely after starting the desired video on the android tv
  • Its completely free


  • Can’t think of any. Would have definitely resolved them or at least would have tried to resolve them I could think of any cons.

How to Use Watchspot live & WatchSpot TV?

Users need to download and install the mobile app/android tv app from the google play store in order to enjoy Watchspot live on their mobile device/android tv respectively

Please Watch this small demo video in order to get a better understanding of the product

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