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Wave.video Overview

In this day of digital age, one cannot deny that making content online for entertainment or video marketing has become a trend.

In particular, creating videos for different video-sharing platforms has helped marketing firms and online content creators to increase their online engagements. 

For most business owners, creating video content for their brands and posting them online can make potential consumers aware of their brands, which may eventually lead to an increase in sales.

In fact, according to the survey by Think with Google, nine out of ten viewers have discovered a new product or brand through YouTube. 

On the other hand, video content creators maximize video-sharing platforms to earn money through the number of viewerships, the number of subscribers, and the creation of sponsored content.

Most businesses and video content creators use a promo video maker to produce their content – may it be for entertainment or video marketing. 

At Wave.video, an accessible and easy-to-use promo video maker, one can create a high-quality video for brands or online content and receive video solutions – all in one platform.

What Is Wave.video?

At Wave.video, video creators can enjoy a one-stop video platform that offers online video solutions for personal content or video marketing.

But unlike other video solution platforms that only offer video editing, Wave.video offers five different video solutions – video editor, live streaming studio, video recorder, video hosting, and thumbnail maker. 

Moreover, Wave.video has an extensive range of pre-made images and videos made by their highly qualified teams of artists, graphic designers, and illustrators. Video content creators can use these ready-made images and videos for their own videos. 

Key Features Of Wave.video

As mentioned, Wave.video does not only offer one video solution but five! It is truly the one-stop video solution for creating videos for your social media platform or business. Listed below are some of the key features Wave.video offers: 

1. Intuitive and Effective Video Editing

At Wave.video, video creators can edit their videos online with a complete set of editing tools that are easy to apply. With just a few clicks, one can trim, resize, crop, apply templates, insert text, and change background colors. 

Moreover, Wave.video takes pride in its auto-captioning tools. Auto-generated captions and customized subtitles can help a video be accessible to all and improve SEO. Also, one can add background music and voice-overs through its video editing tools. 

2. Tailor-Made Live Streaming Studio

With Wave.video’s Live Streaming Studio, video creators can invite and reach their audience in real-time. According to Statista, in the U.S. alone, 63% of people aged 18 to 34 have watched a live-streaming video on social media. Thus, live streaming can be the next best thing in video content creation. 

Through Wave.video, streamers can customize live streams with no coding required. Then, they can also broadcast live or pre-recorded videos to multiple platforms simultaneously. Moreover, the audience can view live streams from different angles through the multiple cameras and screen share features. 

3. Web-based Video Recorder

Video content creators can also enjoy the web-based video recorder on Wave.video. As they record intro videos by talking to their audience, this feature greatly benefits them. Furthermore, they can also invite guests and add custom layouts while recording. 

After recording a video/audio or capturing an image, video creators can immediately edit, host, download, or even live stream the created content for viewers to enjoy. 

4. Safe Video Hosting Solution

At Wave.video, users can also upload their videos and images into a safe and secure video hosting server, which can reach the target audience.

One can even add a password to a particular video for protection. Also, video creators can easily personalize the video player to match their brand or viewers’ style. 

Lastly, with this promo video maker, creators can track their video analytics – a vital factor in strategizing marketing campaigns and reaching target engagements. 

5. Instant Thumbnail Maker

In order to gain clicks and engagements, video creators must bet on a good and catchy thumbnail. Fortunately, Wave.video has artistic and catchy thumbnail templates, layouts, clips, and images to create a thumbnail that will surely leave an impact. 

The online video editor can also remove the background from a photo, so one can easily insert it through the thumbnail.

Pros and Cons Of Wave.video

Like any other video solution tool, Wave.video also has its pros and cons. To guide beginners or professionals in using Wave.video, here are some of its pros and cons: 


  • Wave.video is cost-effective since it offers five video solutions in one platform.
  • Templates and layouts are customized to leading social platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. 
  • It contains more than 2 million stock assets and templates for the Free plan and more than 200 million for the Business plan.
  • This promo video maker provides how-to guides and other resources for effective video content creation. 
  • Video tools are user-friendly, and the UI interface is easy to understand. 
  • Pricing is affordable and reasonable compared to other video solution platforms. 


  • The Free plan only covers 2 million stock assets and templates and the trial version of online video editing, live streaming, and video hosting. 
  • It requires an internet connection. 
  • There are bug issues from time to time. 
  • Watermark is visible for Free plan video editor users.

How to Use Wave.video?

To use Wave.video, one needs to sign up first and select the best plan according to the video content the creator wants. The plans available are Free, Streamer, Creator, and Business. 

Wave.video is not only limited to its online video editor, but other video solutions are available as well. The guide below shows how to use Wave.video whether for beginners or pros:

Video Editor

  1. After creating an account, upload the video clips to be used for creating or editing the video. 
  2. Add necessary text, layouts, transitions, images, clips, and other design tools. 
  3. Insert music, voice-overs, audio, and captions. 
  4. Make necessary adjustments, such as resizing and formatting the file, to match the guidelines on a specific platform. 
  5. Save the file to the account or download the file after rendering. 

Live Streaming

  1. Set up the live stream studio by customizing backgrounds and layouts.
  2. Enable multiple cameras and screen shares to let the audience see different angles and enhance the watching experience. 
  3. Invite guests to create a collaborative and exciting live stream.
  4. Click and drag the chat box anywhere to converse with the audience conveniently. 

Video Recorder

  1. Set up the video recording by clicking ‘Video Recording’ on the My Project page. 
  2. Invite guests and choose appropriate layouts, backgrounds, and sound effects. 
  3. Record the video. Once the video recording ends, the file will be saved in the My Project folder. 
  4. After recording the video, choose whether to edit, download, share, host, or live stream it.  

Thumbnail Maker

  1. Upload or choose the video that will be used for the thumbnail. 
  2. On the timeline, pick the frame that will be exported as a static image.
  3. Click on the ‘Publish’ button and select ‘Current frame as image’ option. 
  4. Download the generated thumbnail and set it as the thumbnail for a video.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

If I signed up for Wave.video, do I get all five video solutions? 

Yes, signing up at Wave.video means you can enjoy the online video editor, video hosting, live streaming studio, video recorder, and thumbnail maker. Moreover, you can enjoy millions of assets and templates available on this promo video maker. 

How much should I pay to use Wave.video?

You can check out the pricing of Wave.video through this link

What are the video formats supported by Wave.video?

Wave.video supports almost all kinds of video formats, such as .mp4, .webm, .wmv, .avi, .mkv, .mov, .m4v, .m2ts, .mts, .ts, and .tsv.

Am I violating copyright laws when I use the available images, music, and templates in Wave.video? 

No, since their teams of artists, graphic designers, and illustrators made the library of stock images and videos for their clients. 

How many guests can I invite to my live stream? 

It depends on the subscription plan, but the maximum number of guests you can invite is nine. 

What social media platforms does Wave.video support?

Wave.video can produce videos for almost all social media platforms, but it usually caters to Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. 

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