Why won’t my Android Phone charges? Try These Ways to fix charging issues on Android

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Is your Android Phone not charging properly or completely? If yes then here I am going to share some of the common fixes to resolve the Android Charging Issues.

There can be multiple reasons that’s why your Android phone is not charging, so we have to try all the possible fixes.

Why Won't My Android Phone Charges

Here are the possible reasons that’s why you are facing the issue,

  • Your Android phone software is not updated
  • There is some issue with your power outlet
  • Your Charging cable or Adapter is damaged
  • You may be using any third-party charging cable or adapter
  • There is some technical glitch
  • There is some issue with your Android phone charging port
  • Your Android phone battery is damaged

How to fix If your Android phone Is Not charging?

1. Check Software Update For Your Phone

First, check if there is any software update pending for your phone. You may be facing the charging issue with your phone because its software may need to be updated.

So simply go to your phone about the section under setting and look for any pending software update. If there is any update pending then please update it.

Once you update your phone to the latest software, restart your phone and check if the charging issue is resolved or not.

2. Try Using Different Power Outlet

Before going into serious troubleshooting, check your power outlet. There may be some issue with your power outlet.

Simply try a different power outlet and check if your phone is charging properly or not.

3. Check your Android’s charging cable & Adapter

Either of your phone’s charging cables or adapter may be damaged. So try charging your phone with a different charging cable or adapter.

If your phone is charging successfully with another charging cable or adapter then you know the cause of the issue.

4. Try Official Charging Cable Or Adapter

In many forums and communities, users mention that they were not able to charge their android phone with the third-party charging cable or adapter but when they try to charge their phone with the official accessories they find no issues with charging.

So if you are using any third-party charging cable or adapter then I will advise you to test charging with official accessories.

If you don’t have the official accessories then you can do one thing. Instead of ordering any online, just go to the nearest customer service center or any mobile accessories store, and ask for the original accessories to test if your phone is charging or not.

5. Try restarting your Android phone

There may be a minor technical glitch or any bug which is causing this charging issue with your phone.

Simply try restarting your phone and check if after that your phone charging is working or not.

6. The Issue Is With Your Phone Charging Port

if even after trying all the above troubleshooting, your phone is not charging then the issue may be with your phone charging port.

First, try to clear any dust from your charging port and check if after that your phone is charging or not.

If cleaning the dust from the charging port is not fixing the issue then try to charge your phone with the wireless charger, if your phone supports wireless charging. This way you can confirm that the issue is with your charging port.

If your phone doesn’t support wireless charging then you have to visit the nearest service centre to confirm whether the issue is with your charging port or not.

7. The Issue Is With Your Phone Battery

If none of the troubleshooting methods fixes the issue then there are chances that your phone battery is dead by now and you have to replace it.

To check if your phone battery is damaged or not, you can visit your nearest service center, or any nearest third-party phone repair service shop. If they confirm that your battery is dead then you have to replace the battery to use your phone. 

If your phone is under warranty then you should visit the official customer service center because if you go to any third-party service store then you may lose your phone warranty.

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