What Is A Gimbal? And Why You Need A Gimbal To Enhance Video Quality?


Conventionally, a gimbal may be defined as a kind of pivoted instrument or device where an object mounted is able to rotate on just a single or multiple axis, depending upon the construction of the device. 

However, today in modern times, we have a somewhat different definition for a ‘gimbal’. With the recent advancements in science and technology, gimbals today are not just limited to gyroscopes or compasses, but have also managed to make their way into more general and wider fields like filming and photography.

Today, gimbals are more commonly known as those types of device or instruments with the help of which one can shoot as well as record some really smooth and stable high-quality videos easily and effortlessly without having to carry or manage any kind of heavy machinery or so, but just the gimbal. 

What is Gimbal

And hence, if we need to define a gimbal again in a more modern way, then it may be described as any kind of tool or device which employs motors as well as sensors to enable camera devices to roll and shoot stable and smooth videos even when in motion

What are some other things you can do with a Gimbal?

Now, that we have seen what a gimbal today actually represents or can do, I guess it won’t harm if we looked and talked about a few other things too which a gimbal has to offer along with stabilization and smoothness. 

A Gimbal Is Portable

One of the first and foremost point which makes a gimbal so lucrative I would say is the portability and size. There had been a time when in order to get the perfect stable shot, filmmakers and videographers would have to carry some really heavy machineries. And then, with the introduction of gimbals all that is possible easily and effortlessly without having to break a single sweat.

A Gimbal Itself Is Mountable

Suppose you do not want to carry your gimbal. What do you do? Simple! Just mount it to a different platform. 

Well, this is one other feature which I would say has accounted for a gimbal’s intense popularity. Most gimbals today, if not all, come with the provision to be mounted on a number of platforms or surfaces such as cars, bikes, helmets and even surfboards, making recording videos more fun than ever before.

20 Ways To Use A GIMBAL

Here is cool youtube video which will show you the uses of Gimbal in many ways. So you can find how Gimbal can really enhance your camera photography.

A Gimbal Can Enhance Your Recording

Apart from the very basic function of stabilizing your recording, a gimbal may come with some other recording features too such as different modes of shooting, editing software as well as different kind of zoom modes to help enhance and enrich the quality of your video overall.

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