What is ARRISGRO Device? And What To Do If You Find An unauthorised Device?

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What Is ARRISGRO Device

Looking at the devices connected to your Wifi, sometimes it might be confusing to see the mention of the ARRISGRO device.

It might lead you to believe that some unauthorised people now have access to your Wifi and this can be very upsetting when your router is password protected and you have taken all security measures.

We can tell you that if you see the mention of the ARRISGRO device on the Wifi network, there is no need to worry.  But what is the ARRISGRO device? We will explore the answer in the next section.

What is the ARRISGRO device?

An ARRISGRO device refers to a device manufactured by the Arris group. They are generally used as a wireless bridge to receive and transmit signals in the 5GHz band.

This is a great device to use for connecting to the internet. However, if you are looking at an ARRISGRO device on your router connections without even having an Arris group device, it can indicate a problem with your router or maybe a network access breach by some unknown device.

Why do I see an ARRISGRO device on my router?

If you own an ARRISGRO device, then you have little to worry but if you do not own one and are still looking at the device name in the router connections, it might be a little confusing. Many reasons can be given to explain why this is happening and based on that, solutions can be derived. 

Let’s see why you are looking at an ARRISGRO device connection.

Reason 1: You own an Arris group device

In this scenario, the only thing that you need to look out for is that the device connected to the router is your device and not someone else’s.

For this, you need to identify the device on the router and compare it with the name that you have set for the device you own. If you see more than one device connected and you have only one, this is also the indicator of an unauthorised device connected to your router.

Reason 2: There might be a software glitch

Sometimes, the software glitches in the system can cause some strange network connections and it is no one’s fault. You just need to reset or reboot to get rid of the issue.

Reason 3: Your Wifi Password is compromised

If you have set a password that is too easy to guess or you accidentally slipped the password to someone you may know, you will see unauthorised network connections on your router.  This can also happen with no fault of your own when someone hacks into your network.

What can you do If You see ARRISGRO device on my router?

So what can you do to make sure that any unauthorised device is not connected to your network? We will discuss the solutions in this section.

Fix 1: Check the names of the devices connected

To confirm that the device connected to your router is not yours, you need to check the serial numbers and the name of the device connected. If you do not recognize the device, then the connection is unauthorised and you can get to remove the device from the network.

This becomes even easier when you detect an Arris group device on the router but you do not own any Arris group device. In this case, the ARRISGRO device is not yours.

Fix 2: Reboot

Now let’s move to the easiest solution of all. Reboot the device. This might eliminate all the software glitches that are causing your device to get connected to unauthorised devices.

Here is how you can proceed with rebooting your router.

  • Remove the power cord on the router and disconnect all the power sources. Make sure to disconnect all the cables from the router.
  • Take a pause for a few seconds to give time for the device to disconnect and get into a null state.
  • Connect all the cables on the router again.
  • Connect the power source to the router.
  • Switch on the router again.

This should get rid of the software glitches on the device. If this still does not solve your problem, we can move to the other solutions mentioned in this section.

Fix 3: Download an external software

You can install manager software on your router that can be easily found online. This software will manage the devices connected to your router and eliminate the devices that have not been authorised by you.

Fix 4: Check if your Wifi Password is compromised

If you suspect that the device you are using has been hacked or the password that you set on your device has been compromised, then the most viable step to take at that moment is, to change the Wifi Password and connect all the devices again with the help of the new password. 

This will help you eliminate the device that was not approved by you in the first place.

Fix 5: Check your MAC address

If you are a tech-savvy person or like to go on the internet to find ways to make your devices function to their full potential, you might be aware that some people change their device MAC addresses for extra safety.

While sometimes this can make the device more secure, sometimes this can also cause network problems by adding random names to the devices that you have connected.

This can cause a lot of confusion and if you are facing such problems, you should try and change the MAC address settings to default and see if that helps.

Fix 6: Choose the right security protocol

Setting a password for your router is important but it is also important that you choose the right protocol for the connection.

If you are facing problems with unauthorised connections on your router, change the protocol to the WPA2-AES security protocol to equip the network with the best security.


These solutions are compiled from the solutions that the other users have tried and tested. One of the solutions on the list may surely solve your problem but just in case it does not and you think that there is some major issue with the device that you own, contact a professional right away because it is always better safe than sorry.

We hope that the blog was helpful in solving your problem.

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