What Is Bluestacks 4? And What Is New In This Latest Addition?

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Last Updated on April 4, 2022

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Bluestacks 4 is one of the most advanced Android emulator and it is a fifth latest released version of Bluestacks after the Bluestacks 3N which come with the some of the most advanced features.

Bluestacks 4 is best for the Android gaming fans because it is much faster than any Android smartphone where you can easily play any android games on a bigger screen with good graphic.

The biggest problem comes while playing games on the Android device is the battery. Playing games consume much of your battery and as a result, you have to stop the game to plug in charging. But with new Bluestacks 4, you can enjoy destruction free gaming on your pc for hours.

What Is Bluestacks 4

Previously the biggest problem with the Bluestacks was memory usage uses, it takes much of your memory while performing game and due to this your pc entire performance becomes slow. But in the latest version you are not going to face this issue, it comes with lower memory usage where you can enjoy trouble-free gaming or apps.

lower CPU usage is also one of the notable quality of Bluestacks 4 where it consumes very less CPU so it does not have any negative impact on your PC performance.

There are many works you can perform on Bluestacks, like You can play android apps & games, Testing apps before releasing and lot more else.

But most of the peoples use it for gaming because playing games on Android are less controllable and a limited screen size & graphics. But with the help of Bluestacks, you can enjoy the same game of a bigger screen with mouse & keyboard which gives you full control.

So Bluestacks 4 is designed to improve the overall gaming performance which was lacks in the previous versions.

What New You Can Experience In Bluestacks 4

4 to 6 times faster to Phones: If we compare it to the previous version than it is 8 times faster than Bluestacks 3 and 6 times faster than Samsung galaxy 9+. So you are going to witness a faster gaming performance.

Much simpler User INterface: The new version contains a much simpler user interface with the Bluestacks store.

A much-improved advance keymapping: It contains a brand new game control widows which divided into categories. You can use default control or according to your preference you can make your own controls in easy steps.

Multi-Instance: it is one of the coolest features where a user can play multiple games from multiple play store accounts at the same time.

Bluestack Store: This is the first time when they added this feature where a user will earn points of playing games. And in the Bluestack store, they can redeem their earned points for gifts.

How To Download Bluestack 4

It is simple and easy, you just need to go to the official website where you can download Bluestack 4 for free in a few clicks.

Top Games You Can Try On Bluestack 4

The all-new Bluestack 4 comes with an updated architecture which offers uncompanionable gaming experience. Before Bluestack 4 there were many games which cannot be played on PC, and even if they run they crash after some time or trouble in other ways. But this time with the Bluestack 4 version you can try any big game which needed much speed and stability.

If you still not try it yet so here is our best picked high performing games you can try on it.

PUBG: Mobile Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

In 2018 if you google for the most popular battlefield game for Android then you are surely going to find the recommendation to play the “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds” which is popular with the name of PUBG. The game is played by millions of gamers and it is still growing to touch the records.

Unreal 4 engine is used by the game which offers visual feast if there is enough hardware left. The most crucial thing about the game is aiming and response time without it game can be not be enjoyed.

The biggest issue with the phone while gaming controls, it is a very dificcult to fully control the game confotablly on the phones. In the game, 20 areas on the phone screen needed to be “touched” and also aiming with the touchscreen on a small screen size of the phone is not easy.

But if you play the same game on the BlueStacks 4 you can add mouse and keypad for the better control. Now you can move much quicker and can aim better with less response time.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends is one of the popular game of a popular category MOBA which stands for multiple online battle arena or we can understand it as strategy games. strategy games are very popular and if you loved it then you will defiantly love to play Mobile Legends undoubtedly.

In the game, you have to Control the lanes on the given map, have to attack & kill enemy heroes & minions. And after have to destroy their base to win the game.

Destroying the towers of the enemy are also important because they can lead you to a great harm. BlueStacks 4 includes a separate MOBA control options where control all of these are much easier than before.

MARVEL Strike Force

If you are too a MARVEL heroes fans like me than this game is for you to try. The game can lead you to an adventure with all of your favorite MARVEL superheroes of your childhood. There you can also find some superheroes characters from the latest released MARVEL movie.

The game is much like the film where you have to make your own team of superheroes against the enemies. It is officially released licensed game so here you can meet to all of your MARVEL heroes. In the game, as it goes further you can strengthen your superheroes and earn new equipment with unique powers.

Guns of Glory

Guns of Glory is also a good option for high performing games to try on the Bluestack 4. The game brings you to the steampunk universe which is ruled by the rulers and they have some powers. The rulers are having an airship.

In the game you have to solve a gruesome murder, then go and build the city and make your troops to attack the other with the help of your airship to meet the victory. It is like, first you have to make your own city and you will be the ruler of there, then make your team who will fight with you and then the last attack and win.

Lineage II Revolution

Lineage II Revolution is an Action role-playing game (ARPG) where you have to spend hours to win. Playing games for hours bored you but this game is very interesting and you are not going to be bored for sure at any stage. On every new stage, you will unlock some new features.

And with the advanced key mapping option in the BlueStacks 4 the Lineage II Revolution game if going to be easier. To win the game you have to end all quests in the given map one by one. As the game proceeds, it becomes more and more interesting.

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