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Recently, we have seen that the term ‘Chocoeukor’ has surfaced up in a lot of online discussions and forums related to android OS and products. Although, it is not a very new thing in the android world.

Still, was not very popular during the earlier period. However, with the recent development in the Operating systems as well as the other related firmwares and softwares. The term Chocoeukor has flashed up in a lot of people’s android systems.

What Is Chocoeukor

So, what is this thing called Chocoeukor? Is it an app? Is it some kind of virus? Or, is it simply a bloatware?

Many people thought of it to be simply an app, while others were convinced that it was some kind of malicious virus and affected their smartphones. Some even thought it to be some kind of ransomware trojan which could hack into your system and take all your vital information. All these were some of the concerns or queries that many android users had.

Hence now, let us have a look at what is ChocEukor and everything that is there to know about it. But, again to understand ChocoEukor and the things related to it. A good idea would be to first get an understanding of a few prior things.

What Is A Bloatware?

So, when we are talking about Chocoeukor, it is very important first to understand what a Bloatware is and what are its functions.

If you are an Android user than you have most probably come across apps pre-installed in your devices. Be it just a weather app or an annoying unnecessary news app. All such apps which are pre-installed which may or may not have any necessity for an end-user may be known as bloat wares.

Hence, bloat wares are nothing more than unnecessary apps which come pre-installed in your devices. Also, the reason such apps are called bloat wares, is because these apps cannot be un-installed from one’s device like other apps. Due to this reason these apps are seen as a menace by most users which are unnecessary and annoying at the same time.

Why Are Bloatware Required?

Now that we have seen what exactly is a bloatware. You might ask, why such an app is required, if it is never required at all. At this point hence, you have to understand that a pre-installed app which might be annoying or unnecessary for you can very well be important from someone else at some other end of the world. In a similar way the Chocoeukor app or package may be seen unnecessary to many but may still be somewhat important to a few.

But then again, we must know and understand the risks and drawbacks such Bloatwares bring us or to our devices. Although, in the short run bloatwares possess no immediate threat. In the long run however, such bloatwares can play a major role in slowing down your device or eating up your battery life.

And thus, let us have a look at the drawbacks of such bloatwares and the risks associated to them.

What Are The Disadvantages Of BLOATWARE Apps?

When we discuss about the pros and cons of Bloatwares. Then, it clearly seems that the number of Cons or Drawbacks overpower any pros that such apps might have.

  • The first and foremost drawback or risks that is associated with such bloatwares is that such apps eat up a lot of Storage Space as well as RAM space.
  • The usage of RAM memory space greatly reduces the speed of the device in the long run.
  • Another important drawback about such apps is that, many a times they automatically update themselves. As a result of which they become bigger in size and acquire more storage and RAM memory. Thus, greatly hampering your device speed.
  • Since most of these apps always run in the background. The battery life too decreases by a greater quantity. And thus, affecting the working potential and battery life cycle of the device in the long run.
  • Last but not the least, the in ability to be able to un-install such apps may very well be the biggest reason of risks such apps possess.

What is ChocoEukor?

Now, since we have seen and discussed what a bloatware is and how does it affect our devices. It will now be easier to understand what is Cocoeukor and whether it has any importance or not.

  • Firstly, the ChocoEukor is an app or package which contains alternative font. Specifically, it consists of Korean Fonts. This allows the user to view Korean texts and write them on their android devices.
  • Secondly, it may be assumed to be a Bloatware app, since it comes pre-installed and cannot be un-installed at will.
  • Lastly, similar to any other bloatware, the ChocoEukor apk or package too consumes unnecessary memory space and battery.

Thus, by going through all the points it is very clear what the ChocoEukor apk is and why is it necessary or unnecessary.

How To Remove Or Uninstall ChocoEukor App?

In the end, the most important question would be on how to remove such a bloatware app from one’s android device.

Solution: In order to uninstall such bloatwares, one must completely root their android devices. Once rooted, it will be possible to delete such apps or packages away from one’s devices.

Is there any risk?

There is absolutely no risk with deleting the ChocoEukor app from one’s android device. Instead it will greatly help to curb out the memory space consumed by it.


However, when it comes to rooting one’s android device. It is advised that you wait for your device’s warranty to expire and then root your device. If you root a device before its warranty expires, then the services which comes under the warranty can in no way be availed.

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