What Is DCB Association? Uncover The Truth And Avoid Being Scammed

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First of all, to understand what DCB Association is, we need to first have a look at what it stands for.

DCB is basically an abbreviation for Direct Carrier Billing, and when you add Association to DCB, it basically becomes Direct Carrier Billing Association. 

Although both are two branches of the same tree, still keep in mind that they are different branches. Now let me explain what that means.

What Is DCB Association
  • In short – When you bill something from the google play store to your wireless bill.

From the term DCB (Direct Carrier Billing) itself, we can have a pretty good guess of what it can actually be since there is Billing in it.

Obviously, it will have something to do with service and bills.

As for the Carrier part, it basically means that there has to be something to do with mobile network operators

Lastly, when we talk about Direct, it is here that the whole picture is much clearer.

And to understand all that a little better, I think it would be better if we had a look at a simple example – Let us assume that you opted for a service or chosen to pay for content in the Google Play Store.

So, at the time of payment, either you can pay it from your bank account or simply opt for payment directly through your cell network operator and pay the bill directly at the time of payment of your network bills. 

That is how the name comes to Direct Carrier Billing.

Now, coming back to the Association part or the text, you receive with the “DCB_Association” followed by a series of numbers.

What it actually means is that at the time you opt for paying through your mobile network, you are sent a confirmation message of telling you that your number is bounded with your Google Play Store account.

And henceforth, whatever you purchase in Play Store, it will be added up to your network bill to be paid later. 

There are lots of people already discussing these issues in best android forums hoping to get a cure of it.

But there is however one thing you should be aware of or be careful of.

If you have not ever opted for any such service or option in the past and still, such kinds of messages do show up. 

Then it would be a very good idea to inquire about it to your network operator as soon as possible.

Since there are occasions where many people are even scammed or hacked through such unknown or confusing texts and links, so in any such situations, please be quick and be extra careful about fixing it.

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