What Is Lo-Fi Player? A Brand New Google Magenta Project

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Here we are going to explain about Lofi Player developed by the Google Magenta Team for the Lo-Fi Hip Hop lovers to create Lo-Fi Music on their own.

What Is Lo-Fi Player?

Lofi Player is an open-source virtual room which can be accessed through your web browser. You can use this virtual room to create Lo-Fi Hip Hop music by yourself according to your mood.

What Is Lo-Fi Player

This virtual room contains various objects in the room, like musical instruments, a study table, a TV, and much more. You can use all of the objects to create, customize, and control your Lo-Fi music.

Lo-Fi Player is an open-source project so anyone can use it for free from their web browser.

How Does It Work?

Using the Tool is very easy, you just need to open the Lo-Fi Player in your web browser, tap start play, and it will start playing Lo-Fi Music for you.

  • Open the Lo-Fi Player to a web browser
  • Tap on start & it will start playing
  • You can use the objects visible in the room to customize or control the music

Objects & Their Work In Room

  • Man: Tap to lower to volume to the minimum
  • Bookshelf: To know about the Lo-Fi Player
  • Study Table: For master settings
  • Ceiling Lamp: To stop the music
  • Pet: Tap to change the pet. You can pick between Dog & Cat
  • Window: To change the music mood
  • Pot On Window: For background Sound
  • TV: Represents MusicVAE (another tool by the Magenta team)
  • Radio: Represents MelodyRNN (another tool by the Magenta team)
  • Pots On Wall: To change the color of the wall
  • Guitar On Wall: To set bass
  • Photo Frame: Add anything you like
  • Drums (Beside Sofa): To enable drums
  • Guitar: Tap to enable
  • Piano: Tap to enable

The Role Of Machine Learning In Lo-Fi Player

Lo-Fi Player incorporates some music machine learning models developed by the team Magenta to show the world that with machine learning, we can create some cool new music in a very easy way without any kind of expertise.

The Magenta team also explained that the Aim of developing this Lo-Fi Player is not to complete with the music producers or challenge them that Machine Learning can replace their art & talent. Lo-Fi Player is developed just for fun & being a little creative.

What exactly team Magenta said: “The design goal is not to replace existing Lo-Fi Hip Hop producers or streams. Think of it more as a prototype for an interactive music piece or an interactive introduction to the genre to help people appreciate the art even more.”

Lo-Fi YouTube Interactive Streaming

Team Magenta Not just released the Lo-fI player for the web browser where any individual can make Lo-Fi music and share it with others.

They also released the Lo-Fi YouTube Interactive Streaming, and it is the first attempt at Machine learning-powered interactive YouTube streaming.

This ML YouTube Streaming is controlled by the listeners. In Youtube Streaming, you have to comment commands into the live chats to control the music, instead of tapping on the objects in the room.

With every beat loops, the Tool automatically picks random commands from comments from live chats & implements to the music.

So here how Lo-Fi YouTube Interactive Streaming works.

  • Open the stream
  • Comment the command to the live chat like play drum, change the scene, etc
  • The Tool will randomly pick the commands from comments from the live chat and will implement it.

About Team

  • Vibert Thio: Summer 2020 Magenta intern, major work done by him.
  • Douglas Eck: Researcher at Magenta Team
  • And other team members

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