What Is VZ Media? And What does VZ Media help you with?

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What Is VZ Media

As more and more of our world is moving online, the use of the internet and internet-related services has touched an all-time high. 

Many internet service providers are in the market going through cut-throat competition to lure customers. Very few have been successful.

One of the successful ones is Verizon. Many users worldwide claim that their services are the best and highly reliable. Why so? Because they are in a constant bid to improve their services and innovate.

Verizon has not just backed up and stayed in a corner when it came to communications. They have also tried their hands in the field of cloud computing.

VZ Media is a brainchild of Verizon corresponding to the same cloud computing arena. It provides the users with space on the internet to store their data.

The data to store is increasing day by day but the space on the phones is not increasing at the same speed.

So, what is VZ Media? In simple words, VZ Media is a cloud space provider where you can store media. In this article, we will discuss in detail what are the applications and benefits of VZ Media and how you can use it for the best efficiency.

What does VZ Media help you with?

VZ Media is an extension offered by Verizon communications to store media files. It could be music, pictures, and videos including many other things.

VZ Media is an independent venture of Verizon. This service needs to be used as a different entity rather than just being clubbed with the connection you purchase.

People prefer VZ Media because of its unique applications when it comes to storing media. Also, it offers a different folder to keep all your media files on the device. It is labeled as the VZ Media folder.

There are hardly any space limitations and almost all types of media files are supported. There are many more features that make it a fan favorite but we will discuss them in the subsequent sections.

Where does the media stored in VZ Media go?

People are often troubled when they first start using VZ Media for their media files. They cannot find the files in their usual location. This sometimes concerns the users and they begin thinking they have lost their media files due to a glitch in the system.

You may not experience this problem but this is a pretty common problem that many users report.

So, where are your media files after all? They are in the VZ Media folder. You will not find your files in the places that they were before they were assigned to this folder. For example, if you are trying to find the photos that you uploaded to the VZ Media folder, you will not find them in the usual place that is the phone gallery.

What are the benefits that the VZ Media folder offers you?

So, what does VZ Media have in store that you should give a try? What are the special features that make the VZ Media folder as advanced as we first described it to be?

Let us understand that in this section.

1. Your files receive automatic backup

Do you like to hoard everything on your phone because you are worried that it might get lost if you transfer it elsewhere?

Well, with Verizon’s VZ Media folder, you will receive automatic backups of all your files. This also comes in handy when you have to get a new device and you have a mountain of data to transfer since you refuse to get rid of anything.

As soon as you download the VZ Media folder on your new device, you can get your hands on all the files that were backed up on your earlier device.

If you just want to leave the data on the cloud now that you know that it is in safe hands, you can choose to do that too as unlike other cloud services, you get a lot of free space to store your files.

2. Your files are saved with encryption

You never know who has an eye on your data and it is always important to take security measures to keep your data secure. 

The world has surely become more convenient because of the internet but now it is also easier to conduct a theft without even getting into your house. Data theft is one of the most terrifying and this needs to be prevented at any cost.

VZ Media allows you the option to save your files with encryption so that even if someone gets your data, they cannot open the files.

This is just an added second layer to the security of your files though as it is even hard to get into the VZ Media cloud in the first place.

3. There are dedicated folders to keep your stuff organized

If you are someone obsessed with file cabinets and keeping files in their separate assigned places in the real life, it is a probability that this organization follows you to your files online too.

With the help of the VZ Media folder though, you do not have to do all the organization on your own. The application takes care to separate each file according to its specific type.

The sorting in this way allows for files to be kept in different organised folders and you can always find what you need without having to look through every file.

4. You save phone space

As we have already discussed, the storage space on phones has not drastically increased if we compare them with the data that has increased.

Everyone has a truckload of files to store and all of them cannot be accommodated on your device. This is where cloud storage becomes extremely important.

You can choose to lessen the load on your device by transferring all or some of your data depending on the amount of space that you need to be cleaned.

VZ Media takes over other cloud services in the fact that it offers much more free space.

VZ Media has taken care of all the tools that you might need to have a great experience with your data storage. The advantages above are just a peek into the features that this application from Verizon offers you.

The most outstanding achievement for Verizon here is, that many other companies do provide cloud-based storage for media but there is hardly any internet service provider trying their hands in this field. This makes Verizon way ahead of its competitors in the communications market.

Where is the VZ Media folder located?

Now let us discuss the question most users ask after switching to Verizon’s VZ Media. Where is my stuff? As we have mentioned above, once you start using the VZ Media folder, you will not be able to find your files in their usual places. You can only find them in the VZ Media folder.

So, where can you find the VZ Media folder?

Well, it is easy. We will let you know how you can locate the folder from the gallery itself.

  • Launch the gallery app on your device
  • Now switch to the Album mode.  
  • In the various albums, now you will see the folder labelled VZ Media
  • This is the folder where you will find all your data.

What can you do in case of data loss?

Any data or file loss with VZ Media is absolutely rare and if you are scared about that, then you can call the customer care team at Verizon.

They will help you with the retrieval of any files that you might be missing due to a simple glitch at the server or some other trouble.


Verizon takes the cake when it comes to being the internet service provider with the most innovations. Although VZ Medis functions as a separate entity it is still a brainchild of Verizon.

This feature from Verizon has helped many individuals with their file storing needs and rid them of the worries that come with storing all the data on their devices.

Storage space, encryption, high-class security, almost no data loss, automatic backups, you name it and the service is provided by VZ Media.

If you feel that your phone has also been lately cluttered with too many files, you should also look into transferring your files online with the help of VZ Media.

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