What Is Web Stories For WordPress? All You Need To Know

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Google recently released a WordPress plugin called Stories For WordPress for the content creators. It is not the final release; they just released the beta version so users can test and figure out any bugs if it has.

It is an Amp powered WordPress plugin that lets you make some amazing Web Stories in simple steps to get more user attention and traffic.

The plugin sounds complicated, but it is not in reality. It is similar to the stories on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube, with some little different features and motives.

Google also tried to make the plugin very easy to use; you just need to be a little creative to create some really amazing Web Stories for your websites. 

What Is Web Stories For WordPress?

It is a drag & drop AMP powered plugin for WordPress, which will help you create stunning Web Stories like Instagram & Facebook without any kind of coding.

As I told you, it is an AMP powered plugin, so your website must be enabled with AMP in terms of creating and publishing content.

Also, content creators have the option to monetize their Web Stories so they can earn out of them.

What Can You Do With Web Stories For WordPress?

  1. Easily create Web Stories (Kind of graphical content with information)
  2. You can add your own media files or can use given media in the plugin
  3. You can monetize it to make money out of it
  4. Also, support Affiliates links
  5. You can create your own Web Stories or embed other’s

Thing You Can Do With Web Stories For WordPress

Still Curious: Know More Thing You Can Do With Web Stories For WordPress

How To Install The Stories For WordPress Plugin?

The plugin is in the Beta phase, so you can not find it in the WordPress Plugin Section. You have to download the zip file from their official websites.

How To Install Web Stories For WordPress

To install the plugin, follow the below steps.

  • Download the plugin zip file from their official website
  • Login to your WordPress dashboard
  • Go to the plugin section
  • Tap on upload
  • Select the downloaded zip file
  • Click on install now button
  • As installation will be done, tap on activate
  • You are done

What To Do If You Find A Bug?

There are chances you may find some kind of bug while using the app because the plugin in the beta phase.

If you find any bug while using the Stories for WordPress, you have the option to submit your feedback to the developers.

What To Do If You Find A Bug On Web Stories For WordPress

In order to submit your plugin feedback visit here

When The Final Version Of Stories For WordPress Will Be Released?

Beta versions do not contain all of the features; developers are still working on other features like animation and page attachment support. We will be able to use these features with the final release.

The final version will come with some other existing features, and according to the information on the official website, you can expect the final release later this summer.

What Are The Key Benefits (Features) Of Stories For WordPress Plugin?

  • Easily create stunning graphical content with information with drag & drop
  • Use their own media or upload from your local storage
  • Web Stories belong to the open web, and they are shareable & embeddable
  • Supports analytics, so you track stats
  • Focus on mobile browning, so they are fast
  • A great way of storytelling & sharing information
  • Text-based informative content with Images, videos, and GIFs
  • Support ads & affiliates links
  • Support audio
  • Support Animations and interactions (will be the part of the final release)

Still Curious: Know More Key Features Of Web Stories For WordPress

How To Monetize Web Stories?

Yes, users have the option to put full screen or single page story ads within the stories. These Stories ads support ads from Google Ad Manager and Google DV360.

According to the official website soon, they will add additional ad server support.

Below you can see in the screenshot, how your Story ads will look like.

How To Monetize Your Google Web Story

Story ads are similar to web stories. Also, you can add affiliates links or any other kind of promotional link.

Still Curious: Know More How To Monetize Web Stories For WordPress

How To Use Web Stories For WordPress?

  • Once the plugin is activated, go over stories from your dashboard and click add new.
  • You will get a blank template; here you can add media and text in order to create visual graphics
  • You can also put links here
  • Your stories must be at least five pages, and you can go up to 30 pages
  • Once your web story is finished, just click publish
  • You are done

You can embed this story to your post, Or you can leave it as an individual story

Google Guidelines For WebStories

  1. Your story must be complete, which means you cannot tell the user to go to another page to get the complete information about the story. In simple words, if the content creator uses the web stories just to get click to their another piece of content, then it will be a negative sign.
  2. Users are just allowed to add one link per web story page
  3. Also, you can only add one affiliate link to the entire web story

What Are Web Stories?

Web Stories, also known as AMP Stories.

Web Stories is a new content format on Google, where content creators can create content in a visual storytelling format.

These Web Stories may appear in the Google Results, Google images, Discover, and the Google app.

What Are Web Stories

Soon they are going to blow up the Google SERP because they are completely user-focused, fast, and interactive visuals & information.

This new content format is the future, and it already attracting lots of content creators to create visual stories.

Also, Google created a new section in the Google Searp called “visuals”, and they are also appearing in main web results, which is a great sign for creators to get more user attention and traffic. 

FQS | Frequently Asked Questions

· What Is Web Stories For WordPress?

Web stories for WordPress is a plugin for WordPress based content creators which lead them to create visual contents for their websites.

· Is Web Stories For WordPress Free Or Paid?

It is free, and Google just released the beta version for user testing.

· Can We Make Money With Web Stories For WordPress?

Yes, users can make money with web stories by placing story ads, affiliate links, and other kinds of promotional links.

· Is Web Stories For WordPress Support Affiliates Links?

Yes it supports affiliate links

· From Where I can download the plugin?

To download the plugin, you have to visit the official website.

· Why Can’t I Find The Plugin In The WordPress?

Because plugin in the beta phase, soon after the final release plugin will be added to WordPress. 

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