What’s Difference Between Facebook Lite And Facebook? A Unbaised Comparison


Although both Facebook and Facebook Lite are the branches of the same tree, certain distinguishing features that named them so. 

Facebook is an application developed by Zuckerberg and its company in the late 2004’s. The sole aim of developing the application was to enhance the connectivity among the people. Facebook supports a lot more features in its app including voice, and video calling; the fast and easy transmission of messages via Messenger; auto-play of videos; new designs, and graphics for its users’ interface. 

Now, to enjoy these impeccable features of Facebook, you just need to install this application onto your mobile device after downloading it from the Play Store. 

But, now the questions are: 

  1. What if, your mobile device can’t support such a huge application of around 58-60 MB?
  2. What if, your device has not a sufficient RAM to go for Facebook?
  3. What if, your internet connectivity is poor that restricts you to enjoy the features offered by Facebook?

Don’t worry! Facebook has something for you at these worse conditions too. 

This is called “Facebook Lite”. 

Facebook Lite was developed in 2015 for Android users only. Initially, it was limited to a few countries but now, it has expanded its growth to the extent that Facebook Lite has become a sensation in mobile phones with low RAM and poor connectivity issues. 

Facebook VS Facebook Lite

• The Facebook app weighs around 58-60 MB in a smartphone but Facebook Lite is only of around 2 MB hardly. One can see the difference between their applications’ weights that let you decide which application you should go for, for your smartphones. If you possess a smartphone with low RAM, use Facebook Lite instead of Facebook. Facebook Lite has the same features such as liking, commenting, visiting the timelines, watching videos, and similar to that you can get at 58 MB application.

If you are dealing with connectivity issues, it’s better to choose Facebook Lite because of its low data consumption. Unlike Facebook, it does not auto-play the videos and download high-fidelity images. Facebook Lite is compatible with your device even you reside in an area where the internet connectivity is not that strong. Therefore, it is good to go with Facebook Lite if the internet is an issue with you or you are using 2G/3G connections.

• Facebook Lite has a built-in messenger in it. Unlike Facebook, you don’t need to install a separate app for messaging. Otherwise, the Messenger app from Facebook would alone occupy around 37 MB of your storage. So, do you think to go for Facebook (57 MB) and Messenger (37 MB) on a low storage and low power phone?

• The interface of Facebook Lite is pretty much outdated as compared to the original Facebook app. Facebook Lite has a stripped-down interface with broad and wide icons which is sometimes not well entertained. Therefore, if you have a mobile phone with good RAM and remarkable internet speed, it is recommended to stay with the Facebook app.

• While surfing and loading things in Facebook Lite, the application takes a few seconds to load the interface for you, again reminding you of the traditional Facebook app. Whereas this is not the case with today’s Facebook recent app, there is quick response and cool graphics in the Facebook app.

Should You Stick To The Facebook App Or Turn To Facebook Lite?

There are multiple perspectives on this question. After reading all the above mentioned five points, it will be best to decide in which direction you should sail your boat. 

But as a quick review, if you have a smartphone that supports less internet usage and low data applications, you should turn your head to Facebook Lite. 

But, if you have a decent smartphone with epic features such as excellent RAM, impeccable hard-disk, then you should only stick to Facebook. Otherwise, if you want to give a try to Facebook Lite, go for it. It’s just a 2 MB buddy!

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