How To Fix WhatsApp Error “No valid QR Code Detected”?

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Last Updated on July 30, 2023

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WhatsApp Error "No valid QR Code Detected"

With the immense popularity of the platform, WhatsApp also improved the services they offer. They have launched the desktop version of the app and now you can just scan a QR on your desktop through your phone and you can experience WhatsApp on your PC without any delay.

This is great for users who do not want to keep their phones with them when they work but still need important updates from WhatsApp. 

However, a very common issue on the platform is, “No valid QR detected WhatsApp”. The QR code that you need for the authentication of the account on your PC is not recognized by the platform and you get to see this error. 

We will discuss the different probabilities of why this happens and what you can do to get rid of the issue, in the next section.

How to solve “No Valid QR code detected” error on WhatsApp?

If WhatsApp is telling you that no valid QR code was detected, this means that there is some issue with the QR code that you’re trying to scan. 

This can be if the QR code has been damaged, is invalid, has expired, or is not in the correct format. There can be many other device or browser-specific reasons that we will also discuss in the list of solutions here. Let’s dive right in.

Fix 1: Check your phone camera

To connect to WhatsApp on your computer, you need to scan a QR code that is displayed on your computer screen through your phone’s camera.

If you are not able to scan the QR code, it is possible that your phone camera is experiencing issues. These issues can be dirt on your back camera that is preventing the QR code to be scanned effectively. They should also be with the functionality of the software of the device camera.

To make sure that the camera is working fine exit WhatsApp and go to the normal camera. Try to take a picture. If it is hazy, this means there is something on your back camera that you need to clean. 

If you’re not able to click any image, this means that there is a problem with the firmware of your device camera. 

In case of small problems like something being stuck on your back camera, you can clean it yourself and in case of bigger problems like the firmware problem of the device camera, you can try some troubleshooting steps related to your phone device or take it to the support center.

Fix 2: Make sure that you’re using the latest version of WhatsApp

Using WhatsApp on your PC is a recently launched feature and there are many new updates that are provided to make sure that this feature keeps working seamlessly.

Users generally report many works that are then taken to the developmental team and they remove these bugs in the next update that they provide you.

You need to make sure that the WhatsApp version on both your PC and your phone is the latest one. If you’re using an older version on any of these devices, the compatibility of both devices will not match. This is when you will face different errors while trying to connect to WhatsApp on your PC.

The QR code not getting detected can be one of these problems. When you face the QR code problem, check for new updates on the WhatsApp version on both your PC and your phone. If you find a new version, install it.

Fix 3: Take a look at the QR code to see if it is damaged or invalid

The QR code that you’re trying to scan through your phone remains valid for a limited period of time.

If you do not scan within this video then lick your code expires and you have to start the process all over again. If you’re not able to scan the QR code, take a look at the time when you first launched the QR code and when you’re scanning it. If it has been a long time, we will suggest that you refresh the page and ask for a new QR code.

Sometimes a QR code that is displayed on your PC screen can also be damaged. We all know the format of a standard QR code. If you see that the QR code is missing in certain places or some corners of the QR code are not complete, then the QR code is damaged.

In this case, you should ask for a new QR code.

Fix 4: Try to scan from a different angle or distance

Scan the QR code. It is to be made sure that the QR code is in the focus of the phone’s camera. 

The issue that most users face when they open WhatsApp and try to scan the QR code is, they do not exactly have the right grid lines to make sure that the QR code is in focus. This is because the QR code scan does not exactly happen from the phone’s camera app. The user who is used to taking pictures from the phone’s camera app does not really understand how to focus when they do the same thing on WhatsApp with limited features.

To make sure that the QR code is in focus, try to scan from a different angle or a different distance. Sometimes, this simple fix helps many users get to WhatsApp by getting their QR code approved.

Fix 5: Restart WhatsApp on your PC

The version of WhatsApp on your PC still has many bugs. At least we can be sure of one thing it has more bugs than the mobile version of WhatsApp.

Many users report that it regularly hangs up and then they have to exit and come back later. This is a WhatsApp version problem. 

Technical snags on the version of WhatsApp on your PC can force an invalid QR to be in existence, and you might not be able to get on WhatsApp even if your QR code is scanned and approved.

To solve this issue, exit WhatsApp, restart your device, and then try to launch it again. Now try to scan your QR code and see if it goes through this time.

Fix 6: You have an unstable network connection

To connect to WhatsApp both on your phone and your PC, you have to make sure that your phone has regular Internet access. This does not mean that the PC does not need Internet access, it does.

The point here is, even if your PC has a stable Internet connection, you still need to maintain a connection on your phone as well.

Take a look at your network connection and make sure that your Internet is fast and stable. Also, check that the Internet is available both on the desktop and the mobile. Switch your Internet plan or talk to your Internet service provider if you feel that the Internet connection is not stable.

Fix 7: Contact the WhatsApp support team

If you are facing any other code on WhatsApp that you are not sure how you can solve, You can always contact the WhatsApp support team.

The WhatsApp support team will generate a support ticket and help you through the error code until it is solved. Do not hesitate to get in touch with the support team, they are really helpful.

To conclude

If your WhatsApp QR code is not getting approved then there can be many issues that are behind it. It can be a problem with WhatsApp, your device, or the QR code itself.

We have mentioned the solution to all of these issues.

We hope that this was helpful and you are now able to connect to WhatsApp on your PC. Keep following for more technical updates.

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