Which Popcorn Time Is Real? Where To Download Genuine Popcorn Time APK File?

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It is really important to know that you are downloading the Popcorn Time from the real source or not.

Because there are soo many mirror sites available online, which can trick you to download the fake Popcorn Time APK.

So here I am going to tell you that which popcorn time to use and which is the official Popcorn Time website to download the official APK file and to get future updates & information.

PopcornTime Official Site

Currently, popcorn-time.tw is the official domain of the app.

Popcorn Time official Site
                                                                                  Popcorn Time official Site

Previously Popcorntime.sh was the official site but a few times before cybersecurity suspended this domain so the developer redirected the whole domain to the new one which is “popcorntime.app”.

It is the official Popcorn site from where you can get the real Popcorn Time APK file. Also, be careful while using the app and if possible use a VPN while using the Popcorn Time it will be safer for you because torreting is always not safe.

Mirror Sites

Mirror Sites are those sites which completely looks like the official site. And there are soo many mirror sites of Popcorn Time.

Popcorn Time Mirror Sites
                                                        One Of The Popcorn Time Mirror Site

I am not telling you that all of the mirror sites are a trap. But there may be chances that some of the mirror sites can trick you to download fake Popcorn Time APK.

So we will recommend you to download the APK file from the official site.

Which Popcorn Time Should I Download?

Download the APK file from the official source, just follow the instructions below

  1. Go to the https://popcorn-time.tw/
  2. Tap on the download button
  3. And it will automatically start downloading the file
  4. Now tap on the downloaded APK file and install it

You can download the Popcorn Time APK from Popcorntime.app for Android, Windows, MAC, Android TV, and Firestick, and it is completely safe and secure. if you are facing any issue with the app just check out this post where you can find how you can fix the errors with the Popcorn Time App.

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