why do You burn less calories than others apple watch?

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Are you getting different calories stats on the Apple Watch? And confused about why do you burn less calories than others as per the apple watch then in this post we are going to answer it.

why do You burn less calories than others

Why do you burn fewer calories than others As Per the Apple watch?

Reasons: 1 Different people have different bodies

Calorie burns don’t work the same in everybody, because everyone has different body types so depending upon the age, size, gender, height, weight, etc everyone will burn different calories for the same type of workout.

This’s how your body works and you can’t do anything. So if the other person is bigger than you then you will burn fewer calories in comparison to the same kind of workout. But if the other person is smaller than you then you will burn more calories in comparison.

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Reason 2: The Apple Watch Is Not 100% Perfect

Please keep this thing in mind that Apple Watch’s calories burn data is not 100% accurate, and there is always some margin of error if you compare results on different devices.

So if there is a small difference in the calorie burn data between two or more devices then it’s not any error, and you have to keep this in mind that the Apple Watch is not 100% perfect.

Reasons 3: depending on Activity Apple Watch May Rely on arm motion

Depending on the physical activity the Apple Watch may depend on your Arm moment to calculate your calories.

Suppose you are running then it’s possible that for some reason Apple Watch is unable to track your Arm moments and as a result, you run but the Apple Watch will show less calories.

Reasons 4: You Or The Other Person Have Mentioned Wrong Physical Information

If the other person is the same size, weight, age, and level of physical fitness as you then it’s possible that you or the other Person have mentioned wrong physical information.

Apple Watch shows the physical activity result on the basis of the physical data which you put. So if anyone puts the wrong physical data then the Apple Watch will not show accurate results.

We will advise you to check the physical data which you put in the Apple Watch. If there is any wrong information then please consider correction.

Reasons 5: Your Apple Watch Is Calibrating

If for some reason your Apple Watch is not showing the right result even if you are doing everything right then we will recommend you to calibrate your Apple Watch.

If you don’t know how to calibrate Apple Watch then visit here.

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