Why Downloaded Videos Are Disappearing On Amazon Prime Video?

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Amazon Prime Video is a paid online streaming service started by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. The section of the company first started by providing movies on rental. Now the service has expanded to streaming Movies, TV shows, Live Sports, etc.

The company was called Amazon Unbox initially, which changed into Amazon Instant Video and later became Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video became a significant streaming service in the last 3-4 years, with the pandemic hitting the world around us, the service has developed into an essential streaming platform for all entertainment seekers.

Why Downloaded Videos Are Disappearing On Amazon Prime Video?

The service has now transformed into a production house too. There are many TV shows, and movies which are produced by Amazon Prime Video called “Amazon Originals.

The streaming service also offers an option to download content which the user can access without the internet. This article will answer the question of “Why Downloaded Videos Are Disappearing On Amazon Prime Video?”

Reasons for Downloaded Videos Are Disappearing On Amazon Prime Video

There can be many reasons why the downloaded videos disappear on Amazon Prime Video. Listed below are some most probable reasons for this cause:- 

  • Check your library to make sure that you are not missing the title
  • Video may be deleted from the Prime Video
  • You crossed your download limit
  • Make sure you properly finished the download
  • Your Subscription has Ended
  • Your Viewing Period Is Over
  • You shared your account with anyone and he/she deleted the video
  • Your account may be hack

1. Check Your Video Library

Make sure you check your video library thoroughly for the Video you are looking for in your downloads. Sometimes, due to the presence of many titles in the download section, one can miss out on videos if not checked properly.

2. Video has left Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime acquires Movies and TV shows on a contract basis. Most Movies and TV shows that are available on the service are acquired for a limited amount of time, mostly yearly.

It is a possibility that the Video you downloaded is no longer part of the Amazon Prime Video catalog. Go online and check for the title which you are searching for if it is still available on the Amazon Prime Video server.

3. Download Limit

Most people don’t know this, but there is a limit to the number of videos that one can download using an Amazon Prime Video subscription. Usually, the number is 15-25 across all devices using one Amazon Prime Video account.

4. Connection Interrupted 

Please ensure after every Download that the title is added to the library. Sometimes, the internet connection gets interrupted, and the file is not downloaded completely.

Although Amazon Prime Video offers the option to resume downloading, it may get lost due to some glitches.

5. Your Subscription has Ended

Check whether your Subscription has ended or not. When your Subscription is over, videos will not show up in one’s video library.

6. Viewing Period

There is a viewing period for every video one downloads. The Video stays in the Download section for about 30 days. Also, the Video disappears if one started watching the Video and did not complete it in 48 hours.

7. Account Hack

There is a slight possibility that your account is hacked by someone. Make sure to log out whenever using a public device or a device that does not belong to you.

How to Download Videos on Amazon Prime Video?

It is very easy to download videos on your Amazon Prime Video App. No matter what device you are using, these simple steps will guide you through a safe and secure download.

Step 1: Install Amazon Prime Video App and log in

First and foremost, you will need an Amazon Prime Video subscription. You can buy it directly by navigating through the official website.

Now after acquiring a subscription to the service. Go to, verified App provider for your operating device like the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS. Simply search for the “Amazon Prime Video” app and install the app. The app itself is free of cost. After the installation is complete, log in with your details to access the app.

Step 2: Select the Video 

Amazon Prime Video has one of the widest catalogs of all the other streaming services out there. The total number of TV shows and movies are said to be over 20,000+.

Now select the Video you want to download. For Movies, you will find a button labeled “Download” on the Movie detail page.

For TV Shows, you can download the entire season by clicking the “Download” button on the top of the TV show detail page or download individual episodes by clicking the “Download” button available next to episodes on the detail page.

Step 3: Choose where to Download

Note: This option will only appear if you are using a device that has external storage attached to it like an SD card.

After clicking the “Download” button a pop-up window will appear stating where you want to download this item. Select the option from external storage or internal storage, wherever you prefer to have your downloaded Video.

Step 4: Choose Quality

Amazon Prime Video offers a range of qualities named “Best, Better, Good and Data Saver”.

You can choose to download in any quality depending upon the space available on your device and your internet connectivity. “Better” quality videos provide a satisfying experience on small screens, although for larger screens the “Best” quality videos are advised.

Step 5: Check your Download

Amazon Prime Video service provides fast downloads by its app optimization. Once your file is downloaded, make sure to double-check your downloaded Video in your library.

Step 6: Disconnect your Internet Connection and Try to play Video

Once you find your downloaded Video in your video library, try to disconnect the internet connectivity and play the Video. If the Video plays without an internet connection, you have successfully downloaded your Video.


We hope we have covered all the reasons “Why Downloaded Videos Are Disappearing On Amazon Prime Video”. We are sure that you will find this article very helpful. Thank you for reading this article.

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