Why You Must Use VPN While Using Popcorn Time?

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Popcorn Time is a streaming app where you can watch and download movies as well as TV shows free of cost in a few clicks. And it is available for almost every device like Android, MAC, Windows, Android TV, Firestick and many others.

But you must know that How Popcorn Time works? It streams torrent file and when you are streaming any torrent file it is always safe to use a VPN.

Is Popcorn Time Works Without VPN?

Yes, you can use the app without any VPN and it works perfectly. They just suggest you to use a VPN while streaming or downloading on the app because torrenting is always suspicions. if the app is not working in your device, it is not because of the VPN instead there may be any error with Popcorn Time app.

Is Popcorn Time Works Without VPN?

So if you do not want to use a VPN while using the Popcorn Time then it is up to you.

But you must know why you must use a VPN while using the app. So below we are going to tell you the reasons.

Torrent Is Not Completely Safe

Torrent is a great place to get things for free, and it makes life much easier. And popcorn time is a place where it helps you to stream and download the torrent links.

Torrent Is Not Completely Safe

But nothing comes for free, Torrent is free but there are chances that trackers can log your IP and it is a serious threat.

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Torrent Is Not Legal

I do not know about all of the countries but most countries like India, the United States declared Torrenting illegal.

In any case, while torrenting any tracker logged to your IP and do anything thing else. You can not do anything.

Torrent Is Not Legal

VPN which means Virtual private network and it completely secures your device. If you are using a VPN then no one can track your real IP address.

Also, anyone can not track your activities so you can freely do anything without any concern.

Free VS Paid VPN Network

If you can not afford to pay for the VPN then it is ok. You can use the Popcorn time app without VPN but do not use any free VPN because they have no use.

A free VPN network slows down your internet connection. The app stream and download big torrents files so they need a good internet connection so if you are using any free VPN network then it will slow down your internet speed and as a result, your videos will load slow and buffer.

So if you can afford then use a paid VPN or otherwise enjoy the Popcorn Time without VPN.

Why is Popcorn Time Asking For VPN?

It is just a pop-up message if you are not interested then just ignore it by clicking on continue. Because the app is open source so selling VPN is one of their revenue sources and that is why they show you the pop-up message to use the VPN repeatedly.

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