Why Popcorn Time Is Not Working? Popcorn Time Errors & Solutions

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I recently saw soo many posts related to Popcorn Time error that it stopped working or it is freezing and stopped working automatically.

So in this post, I am going to tell the possible reason which may cause the error in your Popcorn Time App.

Also, we are going to let you know How you can fix these errors to smoothly enjoy movies over popcorn time APK App?

Popcorn Time Just Changed Its Domains

If you notice the App changes its domain to Popcorntime.app from Popcorntime.sh. So it means the cyber team blocked or suspended their domain recently and that is the developer redirected the whole site to the new domain.

So there may be chances that the app may be also be affected by the cybersecurity or due to any other reason.

But now things are on track and the new website is also working well.

 Popcorn Time In Android

I am using popcorn time from soo long in my Android smartphone and it always works well and never faced any issue.

If your videos are buffering a lot then please make sure that your internet connection is working good, by the way, Popcorn Time works perfectly with a medium speed internet connection.

Also, make sure that your phone has enough storage left. If your phone does not have enough storage it may cause the problem.

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Just go to the phone setting and check for phone storage, if there is not much storage left. Just go to the phone cleaner app and deep clean your app.

If still the problem comes just uninstall the app and reinstall it.

Popcorn Time In MAC

I think Popcorn Time is the only free streaming app that is officially available for MAC and windows too.

Streaming movies on a 5-inch display in your Smartphone does not give that much movies watching experience.

So I use the app in my Macbook Air and it works perfectly. I do not think you may be facing any issue in your MAC while using the Popcorn Time.

Sometimes the app automatically freezes and does not work. It may be the error of your MAC, you may be using lots of things at the same time and it can freeze the app.

So make sure you are not performing too many applications at the same time. If using then please close the other applications.

What To Do When The App Freeze?

First, try to force quit the app, it may take a few time.

If the app does not force quitting then, please shut down the MAC by pressing the power button for a few seconds and open it again.

Popcorn Time Subtitles Error

Yes sometimes I face the subtitles error, but this is the issue with some particular videos. It is not the error of the entire app. Some movies have subtitles error. You can check the subtitles setting, it works sometimes.

Popcorn Time Media Player Error

Sometimes it will show you that the default media player does not support some particular video. And it happened a lot more time.


  • Just download and install the VLC player on your device.
  • Open the app and tap on the movie or TV series you want to stream
  • Just right of the watch now button you will see a white arrow, just tap it
Why Popcorn Time Is Not Working?
  • Select the VLC player
  • Tap on the watch now
  • The Media Player Error is fixed now 

Popcorn Time Error In Windows

Popcorn Time Windows version user interface is a little messy and many times it works a little slow but it streams movies perfectly.

If you are facing any issue then please check your device for error. There may be the following possibilities.

You may be using soo many pirated applications in your Windows device. It causes your device to slow over time.

You may be using pirated windows, original windows work much better than the pirated windows. So if possible please switch to the original windows, if not then please re-install the pirated windows and turn off the auto-update.  

Your device may be little storage left. Your device’s storage has a direct effect on your device speed so check your windows PC storage and if enough storage is not left, delete the unnecessary data.

May be your device needs to clean up. Our devices stores a lot of caches and junk file on a regular basis and after some time they cause slow down your device. So check for cache and junk file and delete these files.

Popcorn Time Error In Android TV

Popcorn Time Android TV version is not much advanced, still, they need a lot more improvements. So you may face some error while using the app on Android TV.

Do not think there is any issue on your Android TV.

Why Is Popcorn Time Asking For VPN?

When I use the Popcorn time in my mac it never asks for the VPN to use. But when I use the app on my windows PC, it always asks for the VPN to use.

But it is not necessary to use the VPN, just tap on the continue to ignore the pop-up message and it will start streaming your video without VPN.

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