How To Fix Wifi Calling Error Code ER082?

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Wifi Calling Error Code ER082

Wifi calling is a great development in the calling industry where you can establish calling connections with people anywhere in the world as long as you have a Wifi connection.

However, the service is still under development and there are many instances when the users try to use the service but their request is met with an error code instead.

Here, we will discuss Wifi calling error code ER082.

This error code shows up with the prompt that says, “Unable to Connect”. At this point it is self-explanatory what the issue is, let’s discuss the reasons behind this issue and how we can solve them, in the next section.

How to solve the error code ER082 during Wifi calling?

Trying to make a Wi-Fi call especially when this is the only option you have at the moment and getting an error code can be really infuriating.

In this section, let’s discuss the issues behind the error code and what can be done on your part to get rid of the issues i.e., the solutions.

Fix 1: You have a service provider issue

Many users have reported that when they use Wi-Fi calling through certain service providers it works better as compared to other providers.

This is the case when people compare the service of T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling with other networks. The service seems to work seamlessly for the users of T-Mobile but it is not going too well for other networks so far.

If you are facing the error code ER082 frequently while trying to make Wi-Fi calls, you might want to look into the service provider’s history with the service.

If any other users are reporting that your service provider is not good with Wi-Fi calling, it is time that you switch your service provider.

Fix 2: You have not yet activated the Wi-Fi calling service

It is possible that the service provider and your service plans are both appropriate for Wi-Fi calling but it requires an extra step of activation that you have not completed yet.

For certain service providers, you need to take specific steps to activate the Wi-Fi calling service. This might include getting on the website and following certain procedures or calling the service provider to activate the service on your plan.

You might also need to buy a specific plan that includes Wi-Fi calling service before you try to activate the service on your mobile.

Fix 3: Your Wi-Fi connection is working but the internet connection is not working

It is possible that you are only looking at the Wi-Fi icon to judge if the Wi-Fi is working for the Wi-Fi calling to work.

However, the other requirement that needs to be fulfilled is that the internet connection should also work. The internet connection should also be stable and fast to be able to connect to a Wi-Fi call.

Check your internet connection and power cycle the router and modem if the internet connection is not working.

Fix 4: Temporary glitch on your phone

When the phone memory gets clouded or the phone is overheated, many processes of the phone will not work the way that they are supposed to.

This is a bummer but it can be easily solved. These are the times when the phone needs a break and refresh.

Turn off the phone and wait for a few minutes before turning it on. This eliminates the temporary glitches that the device must be facing. Also, the phone gets some time for the overheating to go away.

When the phone is restarted, the network connection is also automatically reset and this might also help with the temporary network glitches on the phone.

Fix 5: Check that the phone is not on airplane mode

On certain devices, you can still use Wi-Fi even when airplane mode is on. This means that you will be connected to the internet but not be able to make any calls.

Even though your Wi-Fi might be on you will still not be able to make Wi-Fi calls in case the airplane mode is turned on for your phone.

Check to see if the airplane mode is on and turn it off before you make any more attempts at Wi-Fi calling.

Fix 6: The issue with your SIM card

Even though you are calling people through a Wi-Fi connection, the connection is still made through the SIM card.

The SIM card that you are using needs to be functional and needs to have an active plan for you to make a Wi-Fi call. There are certain cases in which due to a temporary glitch the phone does not recognize the SIM card entered.

In this case, you can remove the SIM Card and reinsert it after a couple of minutes. This makes the phone revisit the connection with the SIM card and your issue might be solved.

Fix 7: Call the Service Provider for help

If none of the above solutions have helped you to get rid of the error code ER082 on Wi-Fi calling and you are still unable to use the service, you need to contact the cell service provider that you are using.

The cell service provider will let you know the specific requirements for Wi-Fi calling through their network which will help you identify the issues that might be present on your connection or device.

If you are facing this issue for a long time and the service provider is not able to help you then you will need to switch the service provider. When you choose a new service provider, choose the one that has great reviews for the Wi-Fi calling service.

To conclude

The error code ER082 during Wi-Fi calling is attributed to the issue where the Wi-Fi call is unable to connect.

There are many reasons for this error code to show up. We have mentioned all of them with the solutions. 

Hopefully, we were able to help you with the error code ER082. Keep following for more technical advice.

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