Wiflow Overview: A streaming video platform for Entrepreneurs & Makers

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Wiflow Overview

Wiflow is a new streaming platform where you will find a set of selected videos on the hottest topics of the moment.

Here you can find videos about Technology, Startups, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Innovation, Speechnnnes, Podcasts, Biographies; Interviews; Workshops, and more.

You will be able to watch videos of the most influential people in the world and learn from them.

Wiflow was created by Teamfounder, which is a startup that connects people to create new projects together. It’s a place to find cofounders and launch new projects based on everyone’s skills.

The handpicked videos on Wiflow will enhance your knowledge about business, technology, investment, personal growth, etc, and fill you with motivation. The main goal of Wiflow is to motivate entrepreneurs and help them to create their projects. 

What Will you watch on Wiflow?

At Wiflow they bring the videos that are released around the world to a single place.

If you are interested in innovation and technology then Wiflow is a hub of videos of the most innovative people in the World.

  • Genius talks: Wiflow provides you with speeches and various interviews with the most influential minds in the World. Every video is handpicked especially for the particular innovative audience.
  • Speakers and Interviews: At Wiflow, you can find a bulk of inspirational talks by influential speakers. Such videos will not only fill up your motivation but brief descriptions will also make it easier to apply.
  • NFTs| Crypto| Blockchain: You can learn from millions of people who have access to new opportunities in the new age o the internet. 
  • Podcasts: You can take advantage of the knowledge shared in conversations that take place daily with influential people around the globe. 
  • Startups & Entrepreneurs workshops and many more: Grasp the major trends in investment, startups, and business development through popular investors and entrepreneurs. 

Pros and cons of Wiflow


  • All the videos are hand-picked.
  • One hub for innovative and motivational videos.
  • The videos can be seen on the direct channels of their creators but on Wiflow you can see a small description of the video you are going to watch and by categories, as in traditional Streaming platforms.
  • The descriptions will make the concept more clear and easy to apply.
  • Wiflow is free to access


  • Wiflow cannot be accessed on Smartphones. 

How to use Wiflow?

Signing up is free, but to gain months of free access, you need to invite friends. You can watch the videos directly on the platform, but access must be done via a laptop or desktop

FAQs about Wiflow

What videos I will watch?

On Wilflow, you can watch Podcasts, Entrepreneurs’ speeches, video content about cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, NFTs, Biographies, Technology, Personal Development, Money, and many more.

Why do I need to watch these videos?

These handpicked videos will enhance your knowledge about business, innovation, technology, personal development, and entrepreneurship and fill your motivation.

Can I find these videos elsewhere?

Yes, on the internet every enormous video is shared. But, on Wiflow you will find the handpicked videos from the most influential personalities in a well-organized manner.

Where can I see the videos?

Wiflow is accessible on a Desktop, Laptop, or Smart TV. At present, it cannot be accessed on Smartphone because you are more likely to be distracted by social networks. And nobody builds empires on Smartphones. On a PC or Desktop, you will have more chances to learn and apply.

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