WordAi Review | Is It Any Good? & Should You Buy It Or Not?

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If you are out here reading the following article, then I am pretty sure you are looking for ways to generate good quality content in huge numbers. Something, which conventional methods take a really long time to achieve. 

In addition to that, for a writer, it is not always possible to create quality content without facing some hurdles on his or her way.

WordAi Review

Surely, there are issues like deciding which niche to go with, what kind of headlines to use, or where to find the right resources to write the best content.

But, out of all such hurdles, one such issue which haunts every writer out there, be it a complete beginner or a veteran is when they face a writer’s block. 

Writer’s block is the worst enemy for any writer out there. It doesn’t matter whether you are a content writer, a scriptwriter, or a blogger.

When one faces a writer’s block, it may take days, weeks, or even months before he or she can come back to writing content which stands out according to them.

And thus, to tackle such problems and hustle your way into perfection, the world of AI and technology has a few solutions for you to choose from.

One such solution which has become quite popular among the world of writers and content creators is an AI Copywriting Tool

What Is WordAi?

Coming to our tool at hand, WordAi just like any other AI Copywriting tool out there works on the same AI principles, where based on data and information provided to it, the program generates its very own authentic sets of data, which here refers to genuine content pieces. 

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For those of you who would like to know more about AI copywriters as well as how they work, you can refer to the following article on, “What is an AI & How it works” by Nick Duncan.

Here, the writer has explained in simple terms how an AI copywriting tool works as well as what are some of the processes every user must go through in almost all such similar AI copywriting tools out there.

The article is a pretty comprehensive one so you get a general idea of how any similar AI copywriting tool works as well as the procedures involved behind generating an article with such tools. 

Who can use WordAi?

Generally speaking, WordAi is meant for anyone and everyone who wants to generate content easily and effectively. From freelance writers, independent content creators to small and big businesses, WordAi can be used pretty much by all. 

What can WordAi be used for?

As with the case of any typical AI copywriting tool out there, WordAI too can be used to generate quality content automatically and easily.

Additionally, the other best part of using such tools is that you can very easily generate multiple variations of a single topic with the same set of inputs, giving you more options to choose from as well as use.

This greatly helps increase your SEO performance and rank higher in SERP results based on organic traffic. 

Overall Rating – WordAi

Overall Assessment – 3.75

  • User Experience – 3.3
  • UX Interface Design – 4.0 
  • Ease of Using – 3.7
  • Performance – NA
  • Responsiveness – 4.0 
  • Features – NA

WordAi Pros & Cons

Our overall Assessment and Review on WordAi

After having used the AI tool for more than a week now and testing out each and every feature extensively, I have finally been able to come up with a comprehensive overview which should give our readers enough information and ideas to decide whether WordAi would work best for them or not. 

WordAi Key Features

Before we go on discussing our findings, let us first have a look at a few key features and functionality which WordAi has to offer its users.

This way while going through our review, it will be easier for you to know what to expect as well as decide whether the features offered by the tool suits you.

1. Bulk Rewrite

This feature enables users to upload more than one article all at once. This way the user needs to waste less time uploading content one by one and generate content in abundance without much hassle.

2. API Integration

If you own a website or are a web developer, and looking for ways to provide your audience with services similar to that offered by WordAi. Then for such instances, the API integration feature can be of great help to let your users generate content directly and automatically with WordAi’s API.

3. HTML Compatibility

If you are a web developer and are into SEO, then you very well know how important content is in bringing up the SERP rankings of your website. And given that the tool supports HTML content, it makes it easier for users to directly work on content in HTML format.

4. Bulk Download

This function allows users to export their generated content directly to their system in spintax format to enhance efficiency.

5. Article Forge Integration

This feature gives users the ability to import entire articles without having to write any kind of description. ………After using the app………

WordAi Overview

WordAi Pricing

It is not always the case that the costlier a product, the better its performance. Sometimes, an app can just cost more, but not have the services or features you might be looking for or need.

Also, there are many times when an app might have a number of features and at the same time cost you more.

However, if you are unable to use them or might never need them, then overpaying for such features and services are useless altogether. Right?

Similarly, even in the case of WordAi, while looking at its pricing, I personally felt it to be a little too high for my budget.

Being a freelance writer, I like my apps and tools to be reasonable and within a range which is affordable and at the same time comes with functions that help me make a profit. 

Let us have a look at the following comparison table. 

Competitors Price Comparison Table

Tool NamePricing (Basic Pack)
Seo Content Machine $27/month

As you can see from the listings above, WordAi is one of the costliest AI copywriting tools out there. Moreover, unlike the other tools where more than a single plan is available for users. WordAi on the other hand only has one plan for its users, billed monthly at $57/month and annually at $27/month. 

There is also an Enterprise plan which can be customized according to the user’s needs and is suitable for large corporations and companies. 

Conclusion: Given that WordAi comes with just a single plan and is quite costly too at that. Until and unless the features are quite exceptional I would not really prefer spending such a huge amount on it on my own.

Login & Sign Up Process

Talking about my preference, I personally am no fan of long sign-up procedures. In a time where most websites and services offer quick access directly through a Gmail account or other social media accounts.

Having to fill in all your details and registering for a tool as such like the old times is just too much of a hassle.

WordAi Login & Sign Up Process

As you can see from the screenshot above, the Sign-Up process is quite similar to the old conventional ones and will need you to fill in all your details.

Moreover, you will also need to confirm your account by going back to your Gmail account, which I don’t know about you, but for me seems a little uncalled for.

Conclusion: Since I have never seen anyone enjoy a long sign-up process. I would say that this is where WordAi could have done a little better by providing a more easier and faster signing up process, similar to other AI copywriting tools out there.

WordAi Trial Version

Well, the trial period offered by WordAi is just for 3 Days. Once again this is a major turn-off for me since most of the other Copywriting tools I have used so far offer a good amount of free trial period with a minimum of 7 days for most of the tools out there.

WordAi Trial Version

Moreover, a user can only use the tool in the trial version once you fill in your card details. This again is something which personally I found quite unnecessary since the way I have always felt is that a trial version should always be something with no strings attached. 

Conclusion: Unlike most other AI copywriting tools out there on the internet, WordAi offers very less time for its trial period. Hence, for someone who is trying the tool for the very first time, it becomes quite difficult to try out all the features as well as figure out whether the tool is suitable for them or not. 

User Interface

Interface-wise, as far as I have read online and seen on a few videos out there using the said tool, it is not that bad. Quite responsive in nature and easy to navigate with features and functions distributed systematically.

The downside to this, however, according to many WordAi users out there, is that in trying to make the tool more simple for its audience, they have in turn wiped out most of the useful functions instead. 

User Experience

A heartfelt apology to my dear readers here. Since the tool does not allow users to access the features unless credit card or PayPal details are filled into it, I was unable to try out even a single function on my own. 

However, as compensation, I have tried to provide a walkthrough video or tutorial below. Here the host has explained well the steps as well as demonstrated how the tool generates content with the help of examples.

This should give you a good idea of what to expect from the tool in terms of User Experience or how suitable it will be for you as per your needs and requirements.

WordAi FAQ’s | Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is WordAi free?

Sadly, it is not. You do get a trial version for 3 Days, which again can only be accessible once you fill in your Paypal or credit card details. 

2. How do I delete my WordAi account?

It is pretty simple. You can either directly cancel your subscription from your Paypal account or go to the Settings option on your WordAi dashboard and cancel subscriptions or delete your account from there.

3. Is Article Spinning Legal?

In the case of Article Spinning, there is nothing much like legal or illegal. However, if you are working on your website’s SEO and are looking forward to increasing your ranks in SERP.

Then sadly, it might prove more harm than good. So, while spinning articles one needs to be very careful to not use such articles for SEO campaigns. 

WordAi Alternatives

1. Rytr

One of the cheapest alternatives out there would most certainly be the Rytr tool. Along with that Rytr offers quite a wide range of features fro

tone selection to type selection, with the help of which you can pretty easily create quality content without any hassle at all. 

2. Copysmith

Another quite useful ai copywriting tool out there would be Copysmith which allows users to easily create a wide variety of content samples easily and efficiently.

3. Anyword

This AI copywriting tool is ideal for content writers as well as SEO strategists who would like to generate content using real-time predictive performance analysis.

This explicit feature provided by Anyword helps you choose the best sample out of the many generated options and then use it to enhance your content altogether. 


Overall, if you ask me for my honest opinion, then there are far more better and cheaper tools out there offering similar and even better features as compared to WordAi.

And hence, depending upon how you weigh your requirements and whether the tool has to offer it all. It is up to you to decide whether investing such a huge amount would prove beneficial for you or not.

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